Rihanna -《Music Of the Sun》[iTunes Plus AAC]

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专辑英文名Music Of the Sun
版本[iTunes Plus AAC]

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唱片公司: 2005 The Island Def Jam Music Group
音乐类型: Pop
压缩比率: 256K iTunes Plus AAC
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正版iTunes Plus AAC (256Kbps).若想了解AAC格式音频.请点我跳转.

北美年轻的R&B/Soul女歌手Rihanna,1987年出生于加勒比海的小岛Barbados。年幼时的她就在一些场合表演以娱乐家乡大众。她的出道颇具传奇色彩,传说适逢纽约着名音乐制作人Evan Rogers和妻子在Barbados小岛上度假,Rihanna的朋友把她介绍给Evan Rogers,听完Rihanna的声音后,Evan立即就被Rihanna的演唱天赋所震惊,马上给她录制样片寄给各大唱片公司,最后,Rihanna签至Def Jam唱片公司旗下,并推出第一首成绩很不错的单曲“Pon de Replay”。而她的首张专辑Music of the Sun也于2005年8月30日上市。

Rihanna2010新砖来袭,补下老砖哦。首张专辑Music of the Sun获得Billboard节奏蓝调专辑榜第六位,同时获得流行专辑榜第十位,首支单曲Pon de Replay也在欧美两地获得很好的成绩.

Album Review
Given the proliferation of young and beautiful urban dance-pop divas dominating the radio and music video airwaves in 2005, it initially was tempting to discount Rihanna as yet another Beyoncé-Ciara-Ashanti cash-in. But like her Def Jam labelmate Teairra Mari — another young and beautiful urban dance-pop diva who emerged out of nowhere in 2005 — Rihanna is winsome rather than wannabe, thanks in no small part to her producers. Just as Teairra Mari benefited greatly from irresistibly shrewd beat-making on her debut album, Rihanna benefits from the knowing production work of Syndicated Rhythm Productions, aka Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, who together produced a laundry list of contemporary teen pop sensations during the prior decade. What these guys do that's so irresistibly shrewd is synthesize Caribbean rhythms and beats with standard-issue urban dance-pop: Caribbean-inflected urban, if you will. So while a song like "Pon de Replay" — to pick the most obvious exhibit — is driven by booming dancehall-lite beats and a reggae vocal cadence (and title spelling), it's a simple dance-pop song at its core, with standard English-language singing as well as a can't-miss singalong hook (and a glitzy, urban-style MTV video to boot). The best songs on Music of the Sun follow this appealing template, including the similarly catchy few songs that follow the aforementioned album-opening smash hit: "Here I Go Again," "If It's Lovin' That You Want," and "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)." As with most albums of this ilk, Music of the Sun descends into faceless slow jams after a while, overall consistency not being among its attributes, but thankfully it picks up the pace toward the end of its 13-song run and concludes on a fun note, with a remix of "Pon de Replay" featuring Elephant Man. The result is one of the more engaging urban dance-pop albums of the year (and one of the most infectious summer jams, for sure), as well as a nice Caribbean primer for those not ready or willing to jump on the increasingly trendy dancehall and reggaeton bandwagons concurrently sweeping through America's more fashionable cities.

歌曲试听: ♩♪♫♬ If It's Lovin' That You Want

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01. Pon De Replay
02. Here I Go Again
03. If It's Lovin' That You Want
04. You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)
05. That La, La, La
06. The Last Time
07. Willing To Wait
08. Music Of The Sun
09. Let Me
10. Rush
11. There's A Thug In My Life
12. Now I Know
13. Pon De Replay (Remix)






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