Rihanna -《A Girl Like Me》[iTunes Plus AAC]

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专辑英文名A Girl Like Me
版本[iTunes Plus AAC]

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唱片公司: 2006 The Island Def Jam Music Group
音乐类型: Pop/R&B/Soul/Dance
压缩比率: 256K iTunes Plus AAC
相关链接: iTunes


正版iTunes Plus AAC (256Kbps).若想了解AAC格式音频.请点我跳转.

北美年轻的R&B/Soul女歌手Rihanna,1987年出生于加勒比海的小岛Barbados。年幼时的她就在一些场合表演以娱乐家乡大众。她的出道颇具传奇色彩,传说适逢纽约着名音乐制作人Evan Rogers和妻子在Barbados小岛上度假,Rihanna的朋友把她介绍给Evan Rogers,听完Rihanna的声音后,Evan立即就被Rihanna的演唱天赋所震惊,马上给她录制样片寄给各大唱片公司,最后,Rihanna签至Def Jam唱片公司旗下,并推出第一首成绩很不错的单曲“Pon de Replay”。而她的首张专辑Music of the Sun也于2005年8月30日上市,这张专辑全球销量已超过1百万张.

Rihanna2010新砖来袭,补下老砖哦。A Girl Like Me是来自加勒比岛国巴巴多斯歌手Rihanna的第二张专辑,首波主打歌曲S.O.S(Rescue Me)已经在欧美各国单曲榜上榜,并取得了一些好成绩.

Album Review
Versatile urban dance-pop singer Rihanna gracefully avoids the sophomore slump with A Girl Like Me, a less tropical-flavored, more urban effort than her sun-and-fun debut. Then again, it's hard to be an effervescent island goddess 24-7 when your love life has suffered a crushing blow, something inferred by the numerous heartbreaking ballads included, all of them elegant, mature, and displaying artistic growth. Fans of her brilliant single "Pon de Replay" need not worry, though, as the album kicks off with its equal. Bursting out of the speakers, "SOS" is a sexy club tune that bites the bleepy riff from Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" in a very modern, very exciting mash-up fashion. The crunchy reggae of "Kisses Don't Lie" offers a less revolutionary alternative to Damien Marley's "Welcome to Jamrock." Then the album gets bolder and seamlessly bounces from genre to genre. Attempting things that would make lesser artists crumble, Rihanna goes from a film noir song that elegantly uses murder as a metaphor for cheating ("Unfaithful") to an easy-flowing weekend cruiser ("We Ride"). Even more stunning is the jump from the 2006 prom-song candidate "Final Goodbye" to the totally juiced "Break It Off," where she gives guest star and dancehall king Sean Paul some serious competition. The good but not great redo of "If It's Lovin' That You Want" with Corey Gunz is the only track approaching filler, but it's clearly marked "bonus," so it's a wash. Executive produced by Jay-Z, A Girl Like Me is unsurprisingly polished, yet a richer experience than you'd expect from a singer responsible for the summer jam of 2005, arguably 2006.

“This album is way better than the previous one (Music of The Sun), it has the blend of pop, r&b, rock and hip-hop. I’ve always been a fan of Rihanna and its nice to see a artists (including Ciara) who don’t have to curse or sing about sex in every song.

1- SOS – The lead single that peaked at #1 in many many countries. It was originally supposed to be recorded by Christina Milian but she wouldn’t (maybe to poppy for her?). It has the music from Tainted Love with it, it’s a great pop song to dance too. 10/10
2- Kisses Don’t Lie – I hope that this is single #3. It’s a blend of pop and rock and is very catchy. It’s a nice fun loving summer track. It’s about a girl who is “caught between yes and no” because kisses don’t lie! 10/10
3- Unfaithful – The 2nd single. It’s a ballad and I believe the song should sell well. It’s about a girl who is cheating on her fella and doesn’t wanna do it anymore because it’s killing him, and she doesn’t wanna be a “murderer”. The song shows another side of Rihanna. 9.5/10
4- We Ride – Another potential single. Very much mainstream r&b. About a guy who doesn’t fell the same way about a girl and she is trying to accept the fact that they both “ride” and nothing more will become of it. 9.5/10
5- Dem Haters – This song is a good collaboration between Rihanna and Dwane Husbands (who?). A lot of artists these days sing about people who hate them and how they don’t care, but this track is more sophisticated and fun. Very much pop. 7/10
6- Final Goodbye – I didn’t like this song at all at first, but it does grow on you. The song is about a girl finally telling a guy how she honestly feels for the first time before they part ways. 7/10
7- Break It Off (With Sean Paul) – This is a great club track, I think it’s going to be a single (or is has been released?). It’s more of a Sean Paul track, oppose to Rihanna, she has more of a feature bit. Great to dance too…7/10
8- Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Rihanna goes back to her island roots with this track. I’d call it more of a filler track as the song doesn’t build up to anything, maybe a track that was left off the previous album? 3/10
9- Selfish Girl – Another island track, sounds familiar to the previous song, a filler track. 3/10
10- PS (I’m Still Not Over You) – A ballad, it’s not the best song but it’s not all that bad. I would say it is one of the weaker ones but still its bearable. Rihanna sings about a previous love that she still has strong feelings for. 5/10
11- A Girl Like Me – I love this track! At first I thought it was very bland but its cool. Rihanna sounds a lil like Beyonce here, and I love the way she holds “Inside” during the last Bridge before the Chorus. Very classy, popish song. 8/10
12- A Million Miles Away – It was very ironic because when I bought this album I could so relate to this track. Many of us have been in relationships were you drift away from each other and you cant understand what went wrong and how it happened. Well that’s the feeling that Rihanna is singing in this track. Great way to close the album. 9/10
13- If It’s Lovin That You Want (Part II) – I never really liked this song to begin with hence not liking this remix version. 4/10
14- Pon De Replay (Remix) – Very bass remix, its alright but its more about instruments than vocals here. 6/10

Overall I’d recommend this album highly. Its one of the best pop albums Ive heard in a while.

Best tracks:
Kisses Don’t Lie
We Ride” ~ By Destiny

歌曲试听: ♩♪♫♬ SOS

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01. SOS
02. Kisses Don't Lie
03. Unfaithful
04. We Ride
05. Dem Haters
06. Final Goodbye
07. Break It Off
08. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
09. Selfish Girl
10. P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)
11. A Girl Like Me
12. A Million Miles Away
13. If It's Lovin' That You Want, Pt. 2






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