《Publisher 2010基础培训视频教程》(Publisher 2010 Essential Training)[光盘镜像]

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中文名Publisher 2010基础培训视频教程
英文名Publisher 2010 Essential Training

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Lynda.com 出品的时长3小时40分的 Publisher 2010基础培训 视频教程。由 David Rivers 演示了如何创建专业品质的出版物,如小册子、新闻稿和明信片。该课程包括了可用的Publisher出版物不同类型的概述,说明如何使用编辑工具编辑文本,对象和表格。如何自定义页面布局设计方案。本教程附带练习文件。


In Publisher 2010 Essential Training, author David Rivers demonstrates how to create professional publications, such as brochures, newsletters, and menus. Using real-world examples, the course includes an overview of the different types of publications available in Publisher, shows how to use Publisher's tools for modifying text, objects, and tables, and explains how to customize layout and design options. Tutorials on performing mail merges and preparing publications for the web and for print are also included. Exercise files accompany the course.
Topics include:
?Exploring the user interface
?Creating and saving publications
?Adjusting page and print setup options
?Working with bulleted and numbered lists
?Changing the appearance of typography
?Translating text into other languages
?Aligning, layering, and formatting objects
?Inserting pictures and graphics
?Working with tables
?Creating master pages
?Using Design Checker to fix design issues
?Preparing publications for the web
?Performing mail merges
?Preparing publications for commercial print
?Previewing and printing publications
?Sharing publications with Pack and Go


05:35 Introduction
Welcome 01:31
Exploring the possibilities with Publisher 03:14
Using the exercise files 00:50
41:12 1. Getting Started
Understanding the interface 06:54
Creating a new publication 03:30
Editing your business information 04:40
Considerations when saving publications 04:00
Adjusting page and print setup options 04:48
Zooming and panning a publication 04:45
Inserting pages and navigating them 08:25
Using Undo and Redo 04:10
41:02 2. Working with Text
Adding and modifying text in a frame 05:30
Creating bulleted and numbered lists 06:57
Setting line spacing 02:29
Using AutoFit and linked text 03:46
Using fine typography options 04:40
Using Find and Replace 04:11
Using AutoCorrect 04:48
Using proofing tools 06:32
Translating text 02:09
14:17 3. Working with Objects
Using the scratch area 02:53
Drawing and inserting shapes 06:02
Manipulating objects 02:49
Deleting objects and frames 02:33
22:04 4. Working with Graphics
Inserting pictures 01:52
Using picture frames 02:30
Adjusting picture appearance 03:29
Manipulating pictures 04:48
Adding captions to pictures 02:40
Inserting clip art 03:31
Using WordArt 03:14
12:45 5. Formatting Objects
Changing fill and line attributes 04:46
Layering objects 02:22
Selecting and grouping multiple objects 02:30
Aligning and distributing objects 03:07
15:34 6. Working with Tables
Inserting tables and choosing preset formats 04:17
Changing cell formatting and layout 03:46
Adjusting rows and columns 03:18
Working with text in tables 04:13
27:41 7. Customizing Layout and Design
Creating and applying master pages 04:49
Changing the page background 03:25
Using templates 03:54
Saving design changes to a template 03:19
Using the Design Checker 03:03
Using building blocks 04:19
Adding headers, footers, and page numbering 04:52
13:20 8. Designing Publications for the Web
Creating a publication for the web 01:43
Inserting hyperlinks 04:23
Inserting bookmarks 03:48
Running web site checks 03:26
12:05 9. Using Mail Merge
Creating a recipient list 02:29
Inserting merge fields 03:05
Performing a mail merge 02:13
Performing an email merge 04:18
14:34 10. Printing and Sharing Publications
Previewing and printing your publication 04:00
Setting commercial print options 03:03
Saving your publication for a commercial printer 02:35
Saving your publication for another computer 02:06
Saving your publication to other formats 02:50
00:22 Conclusion
Goodbye 00:22

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