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中文名Excel for Mac 2011基础视频教程
英文名Lynda.com Excel for Mac 2011 Essential Training

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Lynda.com 出品的长达6小时32分的 Excel for Mac 2011基础培训 视频教程。由 Curt Frye 全面的概述了微软电子表格软件EXCEL的操作。包括熟练操作工作簿和单元数据,功能使用,自动化操作,打印工作表和与其他人合作。本教程附带练习文件。

简介翻译转自 xuehui@TLF 感谢


In Excel for Mac 2011 Essential Training, author Curt Frye gives a comprehensive overview of Excel, the full-featured spreadsheet software from Microsoft. The course covers key skills such as manipulating workbook and cell data, using functions, automating actions, printing worksheets, and collaborating with others. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
Customizing the Ribbon
Formatting worksheets, cells, and cell data
Sorting and filtering data
Working with formulas
Detecting formula errors
Creating charts
Importing data
Inserting objects and graphics
Using PivotTables
Recording macros
Sharing workbooks


Welcome 01:16
Using the exercise files 00:42
20:56 1. Getting Started with Excel
Exploring the Excel 2011 window 04:16
Introducing the Ribbon for Mac 04:44
Customizing the Ribbon 04:20
Setting program preferences 03:20
Getting help in Excel 04:16
20:04 2. Managing Workbooks
Opening, creating, and saving workbooks 05:23
Setting workbook properties 04:14
Creating and modifying workbook templates 04:18
Managing workbooks across multiple versions of Excel 06:09
01:02:44 3. Managing Worksheets, Cells, and Cell Data
Selecting cells and groups of cells 04:58
Copying and pasting cell data 02:39
Entering data using AutoFill and other techniques 04:32
Inserting symbols and special characters 05:03
Creating an Excel table 04:43
Locating and changing data using Find and Replace 04:57
Restricting input using validation rules 04:28
Using lists to limit data entered into a cell 02:32
Sorting worksheet data 03:02
Creating a custom sort order 03:54
Filtering worksheet data 04:06
Inserting, moving, and deleting cells and cell ranges 03:50
Splitting and freezing rows and columns 03:51
Managing worksheets 05:28
Creating, editing, and deleting headers and footers 04:41
01:17:30 4. Summarizing Data Using Formulas and Functions
Introducing Excel formulas and functions 03:17
Adding a formula to a cell 04:00
Introducing arithmetic operators 04:13
Using absolute and relative cell references 06:29
Controlling how Excel copies and pastes formulas 06:05
Referring to Excel table data in formulas 02:03
Creating an AutoSum formula 03:22
Summarizing data on the status bar 02:22
Joining text in cells with concatenation 03:59
Summarizing data using an IF function 06:21
Summarizing data using SUMIF and other conditional functions 05:37
Creating formulas to count cells 02:37
Rounding cell values up and down 04:55
Finding data using VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP 06:33
Auditing formulas by identifying precedents and dependents 03:25
Managing Excel formula error indicators 04:42
Managing scenarios 04:59
Performing Goal Seek analysis 02:31
45:48 5. Formatting Worksheet Elements
Applying fonts, background colors, and borders 06:07
Applying number and date formats to cells 07:01
Managing text alignment 03:56
Copying cell formats 04:02
Managing cell styles 03:16
Managing Office themes 03:31
Creating rule-based conditional formats 03:54
Defining Top 10 conditional formats 04:19
Defining data bar, color scale, and icon set conditional formats 06:06
Editing, ordering, and deleting conditional formats 03:36
37:00 6. Working with Charts
Creating bar and column charts 05:26
Creating pie charts 02:32
Creating line charts 04:34
Creating XY (scatter) charts 01:49
Creating stock charts 04:11
Changing chart types and layouts 02:22
Changing the appearance of a chart 04:25
Managing chart axes and numbering 02:51
Adding trendlines to charts 04:14
Creating sparkline charts 04:36
18:39 7. Working with External Data
Importing data from comma separated value (CSV) or text files 04:20
Connecting to an external data source 02:22
Using hyperlinks 06:01
Including an Excel workbook in another Office document 03:05
Linking to an Excel chart from another Office program 02:51
26:21 8. Working with Objects
Creating and formatting shapes 03:10
Adding and adjusting images 05:38
Cropping, compressing, and removing image backgrounds 04:46
Creating SmartArt graphics 05:07
Creating WordArt 02:34
Aligning and layering objects 05:06
29:51 9. Exploring PivotTable Reports
Introducing PivotTable reports 03:47
Creating a PivotTable report 04:37
Pivoting a PivotTable report 03:18
Managing subtotals and grand totals 03:23
Summarizing more than one data field 01:34
Changing the data field summary operation 02:40
Changing the data field number format 02:27
Filtering a PivotTable report 02:46
Applying a PivotTable style 02:20
Creating and editing styles 02:59
26:47 10. Reviewing and Sharing Your Spreadsheets
Checking spelling 03:32
Setting AutoCorrect and automatic Replace options 03:59
Managing workbook comments 03:40
Tracking and reviewing changes 05:12
Printing a worksheet or workbook 03:44
Setting and removing print areas 02:31
Exporting to other formats 01:33
Protecting a workbook 02:36
23:52 11. Automating Workbooks Using Macros
Running an existing macro 04:56
Recording a macro 03:56
Recording a macro using relative references 06:15
Renaming, viewing, and deleting macros 02:58
Adding comments to a macro 02:43
Turning off screen updating in a macro 03:04
01:01 Conclusion
Additional resources 01:01


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