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主讲人Todd Perkins

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In ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training, Todd Perkins shows Flash designers how to incorporate ActionScript code into their projects and create interactive presentations and applications. The course includes a review of ActionScript language basics and the object-oriented programming (OOP) methodology, a tour of those Flash Professional CS5 features designed for developers, such as code hinting and the Code Snippets panel, and instructions on interacting with objects in the Library and placing code on the Timeline. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:

* Understanding the building blocks of ActionScript
* Working with the display list
* Using dot syntax
* Navigating the Timeline
* Creating document classes
* Linking classes to Library objects
* Adding drag/drop functionality to objects
* Creating a slide show
* Loading and running code in an external SWF
* Working with text
* Accessing XML data
* Playing audio and video with ActionScript


Introduction 03:22
Welcome 01:23
Using the exercise files 01:17
Using the function keys 00:42
23:38 1. Understanding ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Professional
Adjusting preferences for ActionScript fonts, colors, and formatting 03:25
Changing Flash Player and ActionScript versions in the Publish settings 01:35
Reading and solving errors through the Compiler Errors window 02:49
Using the Actions panel buttons to add and remove comments 02:33
Using the Actions panel to format code 01:49
Using the Actions panel Toolbox 02:04
Seldom-used but helpful functions of the Actions panel 03:14
Understanding code hinting 02:03
Reviewing the Code Snippets panel 03:07
Using help 00:59
45:50 2. Becoming Familiar with ActionScript 3.0
Understanding how ActionScript 3.0 code is processed in the Flash Player 03:22
Understanding variables 04:56
Understanding functions 09:01
Understanding events and event listeners 05:47
Working with conditional statements 09:49
Creating arrays and vectors 06:50
Using the For command to create a loop 06:05
49:15 3. Working with the Display List
Reviewing the display list 03:00
Understanding instances referenced through ActionScript 02:27
Using dot syntax to modify properties in an instance 03:25
Placing objects at the center of the stage 04:02
Placing objects at the edges of the stage 05:53
Using the methods of an instance 03:44
Accessing the parents, children, and grandchildren of objects 05:50
Creating instances from Library movie clips using ActionScript 04:23
Adding objects to the stage and changing parents with the addChild method 05:51
Removing objects from the stage with the removeChild method 04:17
Using the numChildren property to loop through a container's child objects 03:17
Using the getChildByName method 03:06
56:20 4. Working with Timelines
Understanding timelines 04:15
Using common timeline navigation methods 05:34
Using the currentFrame and totalFrames properties 08:02
Controlling the timeline of an instance 06:41
Detecting and navigating frame labels with ActionScript 07:57
Solving problems when timelines and ActionScript animation collide 04:16
Condensing a multi-frame timeline into one frame 08:33
Creating a simple slide presentation app in the timeline 07:51
Using one event handler with multiple buttons 03:11
36:05 5. Working with Classes and Object-Oriented Projects
Creating a class using Flash templates 04:43
Setting a document class 06:51
Preparing a class to be connected to a symbol 04:31
Using the Symbol Properties menu to connect a symbol to a class 04:55
Resolving problems with instances in a linked class 07:53
Understanding packages 03:17
Working with ActionScript source paths 03:55
44:32 6. Using Symbol Linkage to Build a Simple Drag-and-Drop Game
Viewing the finished game 00:51
Viewing the FLA file 02:09
Creating the DragDrop and Map classes 02:51
Linking the draggable class to Library symbols 02:47
Adding drag-and-drop functionality 03:38
Saving and resetting an object's position 03:33
Giving a target drop object to the draggable objects 13:16
Showing a Win screen 07:03
Resetting the game 08:24
29:06 7. Working with Bitmap Images to Create a Slideshow
Loading bitmap images from the Library 04:06
Loading bitmap images from external files 05:22
Adding mouse functionality to bitmap images 03:31
Using a loop to load multiple images 06:14
Creating a simple slideshow 08:37
Using Flash Player 10 color management 01:16
27:06 8. Loading and Working with External SWF Files
Loading an external SWF 04:14
Running ActionScript code in an external SWF from its parent 05:23
Running parent code in a child SWF 05:07
Creating a timeline-based preloader to load an external SWF file 05:03
Displaying playback progress of a loaded SWF file 07:19
40:03 9. Working with Text
Creating plain text files 02:08
Loading text from an external text file 06:26
Loading multiple text files 06:43
Rendering simple HTML in a text field 05:51
Creating a scroll bar for a text field 05:36
Scrolling a text field 05:55
Scrolling movie clips and other objects using masks 04:40
Modifying TLF text properties through ActionScript 02:44
23:40 10. Using XML with Data-Driven Components
Reviewing XML and E4X syntax 03:29
Loading an XML file 03:26
Using dot syntax to access XML data 04:02
Using XML data to populate a DataGrid component 07:04
Using XML data to load image files 05:39
23:33 11. Creating an Audio Player
Loading audio from the Library 01:41
Loading audio from external files 03:41
Playing, pausing, and stopping sounds 05:39
Muting all audio with the SoundMixer.stopAll method 01:28
Tracking load progress 02:38
Displaying sound position 05:05
Adjusting volume 03:21
19:54 12. Working with Video
Touring the FLA file 05:57
Controlling video playing and pausing with ActionScript 01:56
Working with ActionScript cue points to add closed captioning 03:35
Displaying video playback position 03:44
Adjusting video volume 04:42
00:16 Conclusion
Goodbye 00:16






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