Trio Goya -《海顿:创意曲之心》(Haydn:The Heart Of Invention)[B&W][FLAC]

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专辑英文名Haydn:The Heart Of Invention
艺术家Trio Goya

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作曲家:Michael Haydn
发行版本:B&W / RealWorld (SoS17)
Maggie Cole - Fortepiano
Kati Debretzeni - Violin
Sebastian Comberti - Cello


这张作品选取的是海顿的4段奏鸣曲,乐曲特点为Invention(创意曲),类似于赋格的钢琴小调,其特点,区别等请参阅词条注释。 乐队Trio Goya由俩位大婶和一位大叔组成,分别用到古钢琴,小提琴以及大提琴。来自不同国家的这三人,演奏特点是轻快活泼,这个我们一听就能感受到,节奏跳跃不低沉。

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[以下引自Trio Goya官网介绍]Trio Goya play Classical chamber music on period instruments. Formed out of a collective fascination with the new colours and narratives that these instruments suggest, the group concentrates its repertoire on the trios by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Storace and Schubert. Each a leading player of their instrument, they come from three very different parts of the world – America, Transylvania and England.

Their music-making is marked by a very lively exchange in which the idea of a fixed way of playing the classical trio repertoire has been replaced by one in which the aim is to uncover new possibilities.

Why the name Trio Goya? The working lives of all these composers were encompassed by the lifespan of Goya (1746 - 1828): his place in the development of painting is comparable to that of Beethoven in music, and the trio repertory follows the same Enlightenment path, from Classical elegance to Romantic expression.

The trios of Josef Haydn, marked by wit, poignancy and a uniquely story-telling aspect, form a central part of Trio Goya’s repertoire. Trio Goya plan to record a double CD of the trios to coincide with the important Haydn year of 2009 - the 200th anniversary of his death.
"The trios of Josef Haydn, marked by wit, poignancy and a uniquely story-telling aspect, form a central part of Trio Goya’s repertoire"

American born Maggie Cole enjoys an international musical life playing and recording on harpsichord, fortepiano and modern piano. Resident in England, she is best known through numerous recitals on BBC Radio 3 and appearances at leading British festivals. Abroad, she has performed in venues from Seattle to Moscow, and from Finland to India.

In addition to a busy solo career, she enjoys duo partnerships with Nancy Argenta soprano, Michael Chance counter tenor, Mark Padmore tenor, Philippa Davies flute with whom she has recorded JS Bach flute sonatas, Steven Isserlis cello and Catherine Mackintosh with whom she has recorded the complete JS Bach sonatas for violin and harpsichord.

As well as Trio Goya, she also performs frequently with The Nash Ensemble, Britten Sinfonia and her Cambridge USA-based group The Sarasa Ensemble. With Sarasa she has been able to extend her love of teaching to the development of a program which brings music, improvisation and poetry into facilities for youth offenders. Maggie gives individual lessons and workshops from her home and is a member of the faculty of the “Cursos Manuel de Falla” which takes place annually in Granada, Spain.

Format: EAC, FLAC, CUE, LOG, Covers in PDF
Original Release by Leffe.

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01. Trio in C major - Allegro
02. Trio in C major - Andante
03. Trio in C major - Presto
04. Trio in E major - Allegro moderato
05. Trio in E major - Allegretto
06. Trio in E major - Allegro
07. Trio in F sharp minor - Allegro
08. Trio in F sharp minor - Adagio
09. Trio in F sharp minor - Tempo di Minuet
10. Trio in D major - Allegro
11. Trio in D major - Andante
12. Trio in D major - Allegro ma dolce






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