《CBT Nuggets CompTIA Server+ 2009认证考试培训教程》(CBT Nuggets CompTIA Server PLUS 2009 Edition)[光盘镜像]

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    主讲人Michael J. Shannon
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中文名CBT Nuggets CompTIA Server+ 2009认证考试培训教程
英文名CBT Nuggets CompTIA Server PLUS 2009 Edition
主讲人Michael J. Shannon

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CBT Nuggets 出品的 CompTIA Server+ 2009 Certification Series. 认证考试培训视频教程.

教学时长:15个小时 . 共28个小节教学内容.

主讲人: Michael J. Shannon


该Earning Server+认证考试教程演示了服务器管理员基本要素.学习Michael Shannon 培训教程,会让你成为一个服务器管理员或者系统操作员的同时准备好Server+ 考试.

Michael 会讨论如Flash RAM的尖端技术. 通过Flash的形式来解释如“RAID”等概念.用实际操作来演示服务器操作系统(比如Windows server 2008). 会学到作为一个系统专业人员每天用到的详细内容.......

Earning Server+ certification shows you've got your server admin basics down pat. This Michael Shannon video training prepares you for the Server+ exam, while building the skills and confidence you'll need to become a server administrator or systems operator.

Michael discusses cutting-edge technologies like Flash RAM, uses flash presentations to explain cool concepts like "RAID," and demonstrates server operating systems like Windows server 2008 in action.

This training maps to the CompTIA Server+ certification exam. Plus, it gives you detailed information you'll use every day as a systems pro.


What You'll Learn
Video 1: Introduction to Server+ 2009|09:06
This introductory nugget to the CompTia server+ series covers an exam and certification overview, exam objectives, and best practices for the getting the most out of this Server+ CBT Nuggets series.

Video 2: Server Roles|25:24
This nugget addresses the differences between workstations, desktop systems, and servers. We look at the shut down and start up sequences and a survey of server roles.

Video 3: System Board Types|39:11
Here is a survey of the components of the server system board: boards, dip switches, jumpers, processors, busses, on board components, expansion slots, BIOS, riser cards, backplanes, and storage connectors.

Video 4: Server Chassis Types|37:37
Learn all about server cooling, server form factors, power issues, diagnostic LEDs and server expansion bays.

Video 5: Memory Features|26:07
This module covers features of memory including terminology, memory types, compatibility, on-board cards and riser cards, and Hardware Compability Lists (HCLs).

Video 6: Processor Features|34:24
Here we cover processor features such as multiprocessor and multicore, caching, stepping, and speed; VRMs; XD versus NX; hyperthreading; VT versus AMD-V; AMD versus Intel; and architectural differences.

Video 7: Expansion Cards|32:25
This is a nugget about server expansion cards. Topics include: fax, pbx, camera, VoIP, HBA, NIC, Video, Audio, storage controllers, and port expansion.

Video 8: NOS Installation and Deployment|45:45
This is the first lesson of four on network server operating systems. Here we learn about installation methods from optical media, USB, network shares, PXE, imaging, and RIS/WDS. File systems are also discussed including: FAT, FAT32, NTFS, VMFS3, ZFS, and EXT3.

Video 9: NOS Configration and Update|46:32
This module addresses the topics of server planning, driver installation, NOS configuration, and patch/update management.

Video 10: NOS Security Software|26:16
Security software and features are discussed like file versus share permissions, software firewalls, anti-x features, and AAA services.

Video 11: NOS Management Features|53:41
Learn all about the fundamentals of user management, resource management, and monitoring tools.

Video 12: Server Virtualization|28:33
This is a very exciting and fast-emerging technology. Here we get an overview of virtualized computing; resource utilization and configuration; interconnectivity; and management.

Video 13: Networking Essentials|43:52
This is a fundamental overview of networking as it relates to server implementation including the ISO OSI model and underlying network infrastructure.

Video 14: Server RAID|20:45
This is a fantastic flash presentation of all of the different types of server RAID including RAID 0, 1-6, 10, 50, and 0+1.

Video 15: Internal Storage Technologies|37:55
Internal storage technologies are covered here including hot-swappable versus non hot-swap storage; SCSI, Ultra SCSI, Ultra 320, SA, SATA; Optical, flash, and USB; and controllers.

Video 16: External Storage Technologies|29:39
This knowledge-packed nugget covers NAS, SAN, tape libraries, WORM, optical jukeboxes, and transport media.

Video 17: Documentation and Best Practices|37:13
It is a known fact that documentation is one of the most ignored critical processes in IT administration. Here we learn about pre-install planning and labeling, diagrams and logs, baselining, documentation, and industry best practices.

Video 18: Environmental Controls and Location|25:44
It is a known fact that documentation is one of the most ignored critical processes in IT administration. Here we learn about pre-install planning and labeling, diagrams and logs, baselining, documentation, and industry best practices.

Video 19: Server Access Methods|26:02
Various server access methods are covered in this lesson including KVMs, direct connections, remote management and control, software deployment from servers, and dedicated management ports.

Video 20: Physical Security Measures|30:18
The first line of security defense is physical security and here we learn about server physical security, access control devices, security procedures, defense-in-depth, and securing documentation.

Video 21: Backup and Restore|46:13
This lesson covers backup methodologies, backup media types, backup security, testing, reporting, and restoration.

Video 22: Replication, Retention, and Disposition|35:17
It's time to learn about replication methods, data retention, data destruction and disposal, and the disaster recovery plan (DRP).

Video 23: Disaster Recovery Steps|33:32
Every Security Policy should have a disaster recovery domain which includes server disaster recovery testing, emergency procedures, fire suppresion, emergency escalation documentation, prioritization, and classification.

Video 24: Troubleshooting and Methodology|29:31
This nugget explores an eight phase troubleshooting methodology as a logical preparation to the next four nuggets on specific server troubleshooting.

Video 25: Hardware Troubleshooting and Tools|27:17
Here we discuss common hardware issues and common causes. Also covered is server environmental issues and hardware tools.

Video 26: Troubleshooting Software Issues|37:30
This lesson addresses common software issues and root causes along with important software tools.

Video 27: Troubleshooting Network Issues|45:00
This is a discussion of common network challenges and common root causes. Common network troubleshooting tools are covered as well.

Video 28: Troubleshooting Storage Issues|27:13
In this final nugget we cover common troubleshooting of storage issues and common root causes. We finish up looking at common storage tools and how they relate to troubleshooting servers.


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