《国家地理:非洲部落大观》(National Geographic: Tribal Secrets)更新完毕/共3集[720P]

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英文名National Geographic: Tribal Secrets
制作发行National Geographic

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◆频道:National Geographic:
◆片名:National Geographic: Tribal Secrets/国家地理频道:非洲部落大观系列



Real stories about real people.

This Tribal Odyssey collection of three episodes is based upon character led stories told in their own words. These are real stories about real human dramas, containing narratives repeated throughout every human community in the world. In the film the viewer has a strong sense of 'presence'. You feel that you are actually there and that the stories and relationships that intertwine with the characters are familiar even to Western audiences. The three primitive people in this series are the Dinka, the Hamar and the Wodaabe

1. National.Geographic.Tribal.Secrets.The.Dinka
国家地理 丁卡部落的秘密

Despite decades of civil war and tribal conflict in southern Sudan, the ancient ways of the Dinka have changed little. Discover the traditions at the heart of this tribe and their cattle-centric culture, including showering under urinating cows.


2. National.Geographic.Tribal.Secrets.The.Wodaabe
国家地理 乌达比部落的秘密


The area where the Sahara meets the southern grasslands of West Africa is called the Sahel. It stretches between Senegal in the west and Chad in the East. It is home to the Wodaabe, one of the most extraordinary tribes on earth. The Wodaabe are a nomadic tribe numbering perhaps 65,000 in Niger. They are among the last Nomads left in Africa. This film tells the story of three very important ceremonies. Betrothed at the age of seven a girl is finally to be married at 15. A boy is on the verge of becoming a man, learning how to wear Wodaabe makeup. And two young husbands look forward to the Geerewol festival where they will take part in a male beauty contest.

3. National.Geographic.Tribal.Secrets.The.Hamar
国家地理 哈马部落的秘密


The Hamar live among the bush covered hills of southern Ethiopia. This tribe built around livestock has their own customs, including cattle-leaping ceremonies. Now, the National Geographic Channel takes viewers to this remote land to show us two mens life-changing challenges at the very heart of their culture one faces the rite of passage to manhood while the other must put his fathers uneasy spirit to rest. OR: The Hamar live among the bush covered hills of southern Ethiopia. With their own language and unique ceremonies, the Hamar farm small crops and measure their wealth in cattle and goats. Now, the National Geographic Channel takes viewers to this remote land to show two life-changing challenges at the very heart of their culture. A boy faces the rites of passage to manhood where he must prove himself worthy by successfully completing the cattle-leaping ceremony while the other must put his father's uneasy spirit to rest five years after his death. OR: The Hamar of southwestern Ethiopia measure wealth in cattle and goats. But wealth comes only with risk and sacrifice. Now, the National Geographic Channel takes viewers to this remote land for an intimate look at the life-changing rituals of the Hamar. Boys become men with a perilous cattle-leaping ceremony. Girls and boys show affection with whips and scars. Husbands and fathers rule their herds and families long after death. Visit the land where offerings of cattle and goats bring one man a wife and another peace from the uneasy spirit of a long dead father.

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