《Photoshop CS4 Extended视频应用》(Photoshop CS4 Extended for Video)[压缩包]

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    主讲人Chad Perkins
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中文名Photoshop CS4 Extended视频应用
英文名Photoshop CS4 Extended for Video
学校Lynda.com Online Training Library
主讲人Chad Perkins

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For those who want to make great videos, but don't have a full-scale video editing application, Photoshop CS4 Extended can save the day. In Photoshop CS4 Extended for Video, Chad Perkins shows how Photoshop can be integrated into a video development process. Chad applies his video production know-how to the software's feature set in order to complete intermediate and advanced video tasks, including working with 3D objects and making slip edits. He also presents a real-world project demonstrating the popular technique of isolating and animating the components of a still image. Exercise files accompany this course.
Topics include:
Setting and editing start and end times for video
Applying filters to an entire video clip, or just a single frame
Removing objects using stack modes and cloning tools
Creating 2D cel animation
Cutting up and animating a photo in a final project
Working with After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Adobe Encore


1. Introduction
Introduction 00:58
Who is this title for? 01:08
New video features in CS4 01:39
Installing QuickTime 00:46
Using the exercise files 01:04
2. Getting Started with Video in Photoshop
Why use video with Photoshop? 02:55
The video workflow at a glance 02:09
Importing video 02:02
Importing image sequences 02:34
How video is stored 02:00
Playing back video 02:08
Playing back audio 01:40
Working with video layers 02:57
The two sides of the Animation panel 01:17
Using the new Video workspace 01:01
3. Editing Video in Photoshop
Editing start and end times 02:35
Splitting video into segments 02:58
Using work areas 02:49
Working with "B-roll" 02:22
Adjusting timeline duration 01:35
Understanding and adjusting frame rate 02:17
Adding timeline comments 01:59
Benefitting from frame skipping 01:59
4. Adding Special Effects to Video
Using filters on video layers 01:29
Creating Smart Object video 02:58
Distorting video with Liquify 02:41
Using lighting effects on video 03:02
Painting on video 02:30
Working with altered video 01:58
Restoring altered video 01:57
Rasterizing video 02:26
5. Fixing Video with Image Editing Tools
Using the cloning tools on video 01:19
Using the healing tools on video 04:16
Color-correcting footage 04:28
Using color management 01:48
6. Intermediate Video Editing Concepts
Removing objects with stack modes 03:13
Lifting and extracting video 02:38
Making slip edits 02:18
Relinking footage 01:57
Interpreting footage 01:38
Flattening layers into frames 02:14
Flattening frames into layers 02:17
Using favorites 01:56
Creating new video documents 03:40
Exporting video from Photoshop 06:21
7. Animating in Photoshop
Changing object position over time 04:39
Animating opacity 03:37
Animating layer styles 02:38
Copying and pasting keyframes 02:18
8. Intermediate Animation Concepts
Faking time lapse 04:03
Animating layer mask enable 02:51
Animating vector mask position 02:37
Animating text warp 02:23
Using hold keyframes 02:51
Using the keyframe navigator 02:32
Animating with frames 03:18
Creating 2D cel animation 01:13
Using onion skinning 02:58
9. 3D Animation
Importing 3D objects 02:41
Animating 3D objects and cameras 02:13
Animating cross sections 02:53
10. Project: Isolating and Animating Objects
Overview of the project 01:15
Isolating the characters 03:51
Filling holes with cloning 11:19
Animating the characters 05:05
Animating the lights 04:08
Adjusting the color02:57
Animating the project in After Effects 03:35
11. Intro to Compositing
Compositing basics 02:16
Compositing with blend modes 03:35
Improving composites with color correction 03:31
Exporting PSDs with an alpha channel 04:10
12. Adobe Bridge for Video Users
Previewing video with Adobe Bridge 02:23
Opening video in Photoshop from Bridge 01:24
Creating stacks from image sequences 01:24
Previewing image sequences in Bridge 03:07
Changing Bridge video settings 00:59
13. Integrating with Professional Video Applications
Why use After Effects? 03:08
Animating Photoshop objects in After Effects 03:17
Removing colored backgrounds faster in After Effects 01:49
Working with Premiere Pro 02:07
Using Photoshop files in Flash 01:21
Creating DVD menus for Adobe Encore 01:48
14. Getting More Efficient
Using the new keyboard shortcuts 02:36
Utilizing actions for video 01:54
Previewing video on an external monitor 01:27
15. Conclusion
Where to go next 00:35
Goodbye 00:13






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