Angel Tears -《神秘之旅》(Way of the Mystic)CUE tagged within[WV]

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专辑英文名Way of the Mystic
艺术家Angel Tears
版本CUE tagged within[WV]

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发行厂牌:Master Production (MP10003)
专辑风格:Ethnic Fusion, Electronic


Angel Tears是一支神秘的集人声,乐器融合的民俗乐团,他们擅长各类演奏,打击乐器,更以原始的唱腔凸显其神奇的地域音乐文化,目前已发行的有四张专辑,<Way Of The Mystic >(aka Vol. 1) <Harmony> (aka Vol. 2) <The Dreaming>(aka Vol. 3) <Vision >(aka Vol. 4), 作品基本都以电子配合乐器的演奏形式,其中增添了诸多自然的声音,使其具备了更多氛围音乐的特色.是一类非常独特的世界音乐.

不过外国朋友将其归类为meditative chill-out, 也许也是有一定道理的,所谓世界民俗,如果如这张碟般,以电子,打击为主线,多少会感觉有点象什么Trance,舞曲,休闲之类.


Each Angel Tear's album is similar yet unique. The group’s music can be found on many global fusion compilations, including Buddha Bar 2, and has also been heard on popular TV shows including Sex in the City, Third Watch and The West Wing. Perfect for everything from yoga to fitness to lounging on the couch, when you listen to angel tears, you can expect to be moved—physically and mentally.

Angel Tears are Momi Ochion & Sebastian James Taylor (Shakta / Digitalis).

This is ethnic/tribal chillout music and will transport you to an enhanced journey of sounds from every corner of the globe. It is a prayer to harmony that integrates cultures, races and people, a prayer that plucks on the heartstrings of listeners across the universe.

Angel Tears 1 and 2 are albums that integrates dozens of instruments from East and West: the Bedoiuin dharbouka, Tibetan flutes, grand pianos, the Indian sitar, tabla, electric guitar, Arab violins and more. The instruments are accompanied by Eastern and Western songs, African voices in traditional tribal religious ceremonies, ancient Indian hymns and Gregorian chants.

Momi Ochion, the leader of the ensemble, has been creating ethnic-electronic music for some years and is considered to be a talented artist on the ethnic and electronic music scene around the world. Momi is the principal artist of Angel Tears and the brains behind the melodies, the sounds and editing of the album. Momi's message is freedom, naturs, love and music.

Sebastian James Taylor is one top producers in the psychedelic trance scene, recording as Shakta and also Digitalis. Seb is a desciple of Tai Chi and is enchanted by the middle east.

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01. Angel Tears
02. Midbar Sinai
03. Ashram
04. Olida
05. Shlomit
06. Inshalla (Ya Salam)
07. Tout Le Monde
08. Way Of The Mystic
09. Wardance
10. Global Minstrel






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