John Mayer -《Continuum》[Special Edition][iTunes Plus AAC][incl. Battle Studies & Heavier Things]

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歌手John Mayer
版本[Special Edition][iTunes Plus AAC][incl. Battle Studies & Heavier Things]

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唱片公司: 2006, 2007 Aware Records LLC
音乐类型: Pop, Music, Rock, Blues-Rock, Adult Alternative
压缩比率: 256K iTunes Plus AAC
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在去年发行了一张现场专辑之后,John Mayer终于交出了他个人三年来的首张录音室专辑《Continuum》。在发行首周,《Continuum》以30万张的单周销量获得了本周 Billboard 200专辑榜的亚军。Mayer的上张录音室专辑是2003年的《Heavier Things》,曾获得当年Billboard 200专辑榜冠军,发行首周的销量达到31万7千张。虽然在本周的Billboard 200专辑榜中屈居亚军,但这张《Continuum》在本周的Top Rock专辑榜和Top Internet专辑榜中都如愿获得了冠军。

John Mayer这几年的进步是歌迷有目共睹的。在2003年的专辑《Heavier Things》之后,他不断的在一些Blues,Jazz大师级音乐人的专辑中出现,这其中包括布鲁斯吉他大师巴迪·盖(Buddy Guy),B.B. King和爵士融合钢琴大师赫尔比·汉考克(Herbie Hancock)。当然John Mayer在这些传奇音乐人的专辑中不只是仅仅助阵演唱那么简单,他还亲自演奏了吉他,与这些前辈音乐家切磋技艺,这对于John Mayer这一代的音乐人是十分难得的。

从一出道,才华横溢的John Mayer就被很多行家看好。但直到这张《Continuum》的面世,我们才真正感受到这位音乐才子的成熟。总的来说,《Continuum》是一张吉他出色,充满灵性而又非常悦耳的专辑。而无论是这张专辑的曲风,还是John Mayer的唱腔都能体现出他受Blues,Jazz和老式R&B音乐的影响都是非常重的。开场曲《Waiting On The World To Change》,民谣曲风的《The Heart Of Life》,慢版流行布鲁斯小调《Slow Dancing In A Burning Room》都是十分动听的曲目。其中,《Slow Dancing In A Burning Room》中的吉他演奏简直与这首歌曲的名字一样煽情。通过钢琴伴奏的《Dreaming With A Broken Heart》以及略带Jazz曲风的结束曲《I'm Gonna Find Another You》,很多以前不是John Mayer歌迷的听众或许都会被他所打动。此外,《Bold As Love》是John Mayer翻弹吉他巫师吉米·亨德里克斯(Jimi Hendrix)的名曲。虽然Mayer的版本在很多人心目中远不能同原版相比,但年轻一代的音乐人敢于尝试这种类型的曲子本身就是值得鼓励的,何况, John Mayer的演绎本身也是相当棒的。

在这张《Continuum》中,日趋成熟的John Mayer首次担任专辑的制作人。而无论从各方面来说,这张《Continuum》都是John Mayer最为出色的一张专辑,他也已经成为了他这一代音乐人中的佼佼者。

众人期待的这个Special Edition终于被亲爱的paco童鞋找到了,还等什么,快下吧!

Album Review
Anybody who was initially confused by singer/songwriter John Mayer's foray into blues with 2005's Try! John Mayer Trio Live in Concert could only have been further confounded upon listening to the album and coming to the realization that it was actually good. And not just kinda good, especially for guy who had been largely labeled as a Dave Matthews clone, but really, truthfully, organically good as a blues album in its own right. However, for longtime fans who had been keeping tabs on Mayer, the turn might not have been so unexpected. Soon after the release of his 2003 sophomore album, the laid-back, assuredly melodic Heavier Things, Mayer began appearing on albums by such iconic blues and jazz artists as Buddy Guy, B.B. King, and Herbie Hancock. And not just singing, but playing guitar next to musicians legendary on the instrument. In short, he was seeking out these artists in an attempt to delve into the roots of the blues, a music he obviously has a deep affection for. Rather than his blues trio being a one-off side project completely disconnected to his past work, it is clear now that it was the next step in his musical development. And truthfully, while Try! certainly showcases Mayer's deft improvisational blues chops, it's more of a blues/soul album in the tradition of such electric blues legends as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, and features songs by Mayer that perfectly marry his melodic songcraft and his blues-slinger inclinations. In fact, what seemed at the time a nod to his largely female fan base (the inclusion of "Daughters" and "Something's Missing" off Heavier Things) was actually a hint that he was bridging his sound for his listeners, showing them where he was going.

That said, nothing he did up until the excellent, expansive Try! could have prepared you for the monumental creative leap forward that is Mayer's 2006 studio effort, Continuum. Working with his blues trio/rhythm section of bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan, along with guest spots by trumpeter Roy Hargrove and guitarist Ben Harper, Mayer brings all of his recent musical explorations and increasing talents as a singer/songwriter to bear on Continuum. Produced solely by Mayer and Jordan, the album is a devastatingly accomplished, fully realized effort that in every way exceeds expectations and positions Mayer as one of the most relevant artists of his generation. Adding weight to the notion that Mayer's blues trio is more than just a creative indulgence, he has carried over two tracks from the live album in "Vultures" and the deeply metaphorical soul ballad "Gravity." These are gut-wrenchingly poignant songs that give voice to a generation of kids raised on TRL teen stars and CNN soundbites who've found themselves all grown up and fighting a war of "beliefs." Grappling with a handful of topics — social and political, romantic and sexual, pointedly personal and yet always universal in scope — Mayer's Continuum here earns a legitimate comparison to Marvin Gaye's What's Going On. Nobody — not a single one of Mayer's contemporaries — has come up with anything resembling a worthwhile antiwar anthem that is as good and speaks for their generation as much as his "Waiting on the World to Change" — and he goes and hangs the whole album on it as the first single.

It's a bold statement of purpose that is carried throughout the album, not just in sentiment, but also tone. Continuum is a gorgeously produced, brilliantly stripped-to-basics album that incorporates blues, soft funk, R&B, folk, and pop in a sound that is totally owned by Mayer. It's no stretch when trying to describe the sound of Continuum to color it in the light of work by such legends as Sting, Eric Clapton, Sade, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Steve Winwood. In fact, the sustained adult contemporary tone of the album could easily have become turgid, boring, or dated but never does, and brings to mind such classic late-'80s albums as Sting's Nothing Like the Sun, Clapton's Journeyman, and Vaughan's In Step. At every turn, Continuum finds Mayer to be a mature, thoughtful, and gifted musician who fully grasps his place not just in the record industry, but in life. [Sony issued a CD/DVD edition in 2007.]

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01. Waiting On The World To Change
02. I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
03. Belief
04. Gravity
05. Heart Of Life
06. Vultures
07. Stop This Train
08. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
09. Bold As Love
10. Dreaming With A Broken Heart
11. In Repair
12. I'm Gonna Find Another You

Battle Studies (Deluxe Version)
01. Heartbreak Warfare
02. All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye
03. Half of My Heart
04. Who Says
05. Perfectly Lonely
06. Assassin
07. Crossroads
08. War of My Life
09. Edge of Desire
10. Do You Know Me
11. Friends, Lovers or Nothing
12. I'm On Fire

Heavier Things
01. Clarity
02. Bigger Than My Body
03. Something's Missing
04. New Deep
05. Come Back To Bed
06. Home Life
07. Split Screen Sadness
08. Daughters
09. Only Heart
10. Wheel

Continuum (Special Edition)
01. Waiting On The World To Change
02. I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
03. Belief
04. Gravity
05. The Heart Of Life
06. Vultures
07. Stop This Train
08. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
09. Bold As Love
10. Dreaming With A Broken Heart
11. In Repair
12. I’m Gonna Find Another You
13. Say
14. Vultures (Live)
15. Belief (Live)
16. Waiting On The World To Change (Live)
17. Dreaming With A Broken Heart (Live)
18. I Don’t Need No Doctor (Live)
19. Gravity (Live)
Digital Booklet – Continuum I
Digital Booklet – Continuum II






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