David Celia -《This Isn't Here》[MP3]

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专辑英文名This Isn't Here
歌手David Celia

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资源格式:192K MP3
专辑风格:Folk, Indie Rock, Pop, Singer-songwriter
发行公司:Seedling Music


David Celia,来自多伦多。This Isn't Here简直就是一首制作精细、欢乐流行的民谣歌曲。 Celias的嗓音有力而朴实,抑扬顿挫,唱出了这些富有感染力的歌曲。 “Evidently True”概括他的调皮精神,“Best Thing Ever”展示了他迷人的个性,融合了一些个人的政治评论。在“Infinity”中 ,Celia则像一个老练的吟游诗人。 “Speak to Me”又展示了他柔软的一面 。同样的“She's a Waterfall”拥有一个清爽的开头,使人喜爱。整张专辑包含了一些富有想象力和流畅入耳的和声。David Celia 是一个吸引人的成熟男人,This Isnt Here使他成为加拿大一个充满前途的新生力量。Singersongwriter这一定义,放到他身上显得不言而喻。

Torontos David Celia is a beautiful songwriter and This Isn't Here is simply a joy a thoughtfully crafted pop/folk record that is timeless. Celias voice is forceful with a rootsy lilt and he crafts infectious songs with the gusto of early Matthew Sweet. "Evidently True" encapsulates his playful spirit while "Best Thing Ever" exhibits his charming earnestness. There's a weightiness to Celias writing as well, blending the personal with abstract political commentary. There are empowering aspects to songs like "Infinity", which Celia renders like a seasoned troubadour. "Speak to Me" reveals Celias tender side, which he displays unapologetically. Similarly, "She's a Waterfall" possesses a refreshing heart-on-his-sleeve openness that is endearing rather than hokey, and YC?contains some imaginative, ear-catching phrasing and harmonies. David Celia is an appealingly mature popsmith and This Isn't Here is evidence enough that he is a bright new force in Canadian songwriting. (Experience/Universal)

[This Isn't Here] really is gorgeous. Split evenly between the country-ish acoustic glide of Rubber Soul and the electric power-pop template of Revolver, it's like some missing Beatles album made in between. Like that band, Celia crafts supremely sophisticated chord changes, guitar licks and three-part harmonies that still sound so natural, you don't even notice. It's sheer musical alchemy that pop songs as beautiful, complex and emotionally resonant as "Best Thing Ever" are so radio-ready they would sound ideal on MIX99.9 or CHUM-FM[Toronto's mainstream Radio stations].
Although his knack for glorious harmonies came naturally, with the guitar playing, he worked it until he could do it naturally. Celia can run rings around your average guitar hero, but instead displays the maturity and taste to serve the song with solos that are captivating models of economy and grace, as on "She's a Waterfall."
The concerns in his songs are equally mature. Like how everything we see is an illusion, and everything we don't is what's real ("This Isn't Here"). How we might conquer fear and shut down disappointment in a world that constantly creates both ("Infinity"). How we deal with all it takes to maintain a long-term relationship, and can appreciate the process even in moments when we think our partners aren't worth the trouble ("Best Thing Ever"). Celia understands, and his words should encourage anyone who's ever been there. If, as Celia sings, "in a song you can find out where you belong," then many will find themselves in his.
"I don't write a lot of songs," he says. "But when I do, it's pretty much done in that sitting. The songs come ready with their own directions. I always found writing lyrics the hardest. I figured it was an illusion, because why should they be so hard? So I just started turning on the tap and letting it run. 'Best Thing Ever' was, line for line, written about how I felt at the moment." - Howard Druckman. EYE WEEKLY, Toronto




01. Evidently True
02. Best Thing Ever
03. Infinity
04. Cactus
05. This Isn't Here
06. Speak to Me
07. I Found You
08. She's A Waterfall
09. NYC
10. Plain to See
11. Tear Duct
12. Brothers






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