《Photoshop CS5一对一高级教程》(Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Advanced)[压缩包]

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    主讲人Deke McClelland
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中文名Photoshop CS5一对一高级教程
英文名Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Advanced
主讲人Deke McClelland

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Lynda最新出品的Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Advanced. Photoshop CS5一对一高级篇教程. 由高级讲师Deke McClelland通过演示若干不同实例. 由浅入深. 全面的讲解了这个强大软件的基础原理和各种高级应用.........

教程时长: 长达11小时25分 超大容量课时


主讲:Deke McClelland

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Photoshop is one of the world's most powerful image editors, and it can be daunting to try to use skillfully. Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Advanced, the second part of the popular and comprehensive series, updated for CS5, follows internationally renowned Photoshop guru Deke McClelland as he dives into the workings of Photoshop. He explores such digital-age wonders as the Levels and Curves commands, edge-detection filters, advanced compositing techniques, vector-based text, the Liquify filter, and Camera Raw. Deke also teaches tried-and-true methods for sharpening details, smoothing over wrinkles and imperfections, and enhancing colors without harming the original image. Exercise files accompany the course.

This course will be expanded with additional movies later this month.

Recommended prerequisite: Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Fundamentals.
Topics include:
Using blend modes, adjustment layers, and layer styles
Organizing a layered composition so it is fluid and editable
Creating and editing type in Photoshop
Using blur effectively
Using adjustment layers to add color
Combining layers into a clipping mask
Working with Camera Raw


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Welcome 02:01
Making Photoshop your default image editor 07:43
Installing the dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts 08:10
Remapping OS shortcuts 07:37
Installing the Best Workflow color settings 04:31
The color settings explained 06:54
Loading the CS5 color settings in Bridge 03:06
01:05:25 13. What Photoshop Can Do, Pt. 2: The Eyes
What you can do with Photoshop 01:46
The mission-critical eyes 02:44
Copy Merged and Paste in Place 06:52
Sharpening details to match 04:34
Masking eyes 09:22
Working with clipping-mask layers 09:05
Shading with layer effects 08:10
Color and highlight effects 04:02
Refining layer masks 05:43
Fabricating the highlights in the pupils 07:33
Using a merged copy to sharpen 05:34
02:14:27 14. Levels and Curves
Highlights, shadows, and midtones 01:16
Introducing the Auto commands 07:23
Adjusting Cache Level settings 06:08
Reading a channel-by-channel histogram 06:21
How the Auto commands work 05:22
Auto Tone, Auto Contrast, and Auto Color 07:07
Blending the Auto results 04:04
Introducing the Levels command 06:15
Using Levels as an adjustment layer 03:12
Applying custom Levels adjustments 06:08
Understanding the gamma value 07:39
The futility of Output Levels 02:56
Selections and adjustment layers 05:48
Opening up the shadows 03:40
Previewing clipped pixels 04:51
The black, white, and gray eyedroppers 05:07
Gray card tips and tricks 06:05
Making channel-by-channel adjustments 07:29
Introducing the Curves command 07:44
Curves dialog box tricks 07:16
Curves adjustment layer tricks 05:45
Correcting an image with Curves 05:32
Filling in the highlights 05:42
Neutralizing casts and smoothing transitions 05:37
01:46:01 15. Sharpening Details
The art of enhancing edges 01:26
How sharpening works 06:02
The single-shot sharpeners 06:07
Introducing Unsharp Mask 06:19
Radius and Threshold 06:24
Sharpening colors vs. luminosity 05:56
Gauging the ideal settings 08:59
Unsharp Mask vs. Smart Sharpen 07:01
Using the Remove settings 09:30
The More Accurate checkbox 06:08
Saving your Smart Filter settings 05:31
The Advanced sharpening settings 07:52
Accounting for camera shake 06:18
Sharpening with the Emboss filter 06:43
Sharpening with High Pass 09:23
The new and improved Sharpen tool 06:22
01:34:15 16. Noise and Texture
Edge's evil twin: noise 01:12
Color vs. luminance noise 07:21
Reducing color noise 07:45
Reducing luminance noise 04:59
Relegating an effect to the shadows 06:27
Switching between layer and mask 06:59
The Dust & Scratches filter 04:56
Adjusting shadow saturation 05:52
Combining High Pass with Lens Blur 06:57
Masking a layer of Lens Blur 07:34
Painting away High Pass sharpening 08:22
Building up a noise pattern 06:40
Converting noise to texture 04:24
Bleeding colors into paper 06:16
Matching different noise levels 08:31
01:32:16 17. Shadows, Highlights, and Contours
We are the stuff of light 01:24
Applying automatic lens correction 05:53
Introducing Shadows/Highlights 03:44
Shadows/Highlights in depth 07:59
Creating a "bounce" with Gaussian Blur 04:43
Sharpening on top of blur 07:03
Sharpening the merged composition 06:16
Grouping and masking layers 05:40
Adjusting the density of a mask 07:14
Creating a Shadows/Highlights shortcut 05:47
Restoring detail with Shadows/Highlights 06:23
Changing the Shadows/Highlights defaults 06:21
Smoothing skin details with Gaussian Blur 03:56
Smoothing with High Pass 05:44
Lowering contrast with Gaussian Blur 07:04
Inverting a sharpening effect 07:05
02:32:36 18. Black & White and Colorize
Color becomes monochrome 01:31
Converting an image to grayscale 06:49
Extracting luminance information 07:37
Introducing the Channel Mixer 10:23
Aggressive channel mixing 09:42
Proofing CMYK colors 07:49
Color settings and intent 07:06
Practical Channel Mixer variations 04:30
Saving variations as layer comps 07:57
The default grayscale recipe 08:55
Creating a custom black-and-white mix 06:59
Shadows/Highlights in black and white 04:58
Introducing the Black & White command 05:55
Adjusting Black & White settings 09:39
Mixing a Black & White portrait 06:32
Black & White vs. Channel Mixer 09:21
Adding tint and color 08:00
Introducing the Gradient Map 07:10
Loading custom gradients 04:32
Editing gradient color stops 09:58
Colorizing with blend modes and Opacity 07:13

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