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中文名巧学Excel 2010视频教程
英文名Lynda.com Excel 2010 Power Shortcuts

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Lynda最新出品的Excel 2010 Power Shortcuts视频教程. Dennis Taylor 主要讲解了很多快速、高效掌握Excel 2010强大功能的技巧、捷径.

教程时长: 3小时41分 教程难度:中级

主讲: Dennis Taylor


In Excel 2010 Power Shortcuts, Excel expert Dennis Taylor shares tips and shortcuts to vastly increase efficiency and get the full power out of Excel 2010. There are tips for working with the Ribbon and Quick Access toolbar, navigating workbooks and selecting cells, rapid data entry and editing, working with formulas, formatting data, working with charts, sorting data, and much more. Exercise files accompany the course.


Creating charts with keyboard shortcuts
Converting formulas to values by dragging
Repeating Undo and Redo actions
Displaying formulas instantly
Navigating quickly through worksheets and across workbooks
Formatting numeric, and date/time data in a flash with keystroke shortcuts
Inserting dates or times instantly
Grouping rows or columns to create collapsible regions
Building data-entry shortcuts with Auto-fill
Displaying unique items from large lists


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Introduction 01:37
Welcome 01:17
Using the exercise files 00:20
22:45 1. Top Ten Shortcuts
Entering data or formulas in non-adjacent cells simultaneously 02:28
Converting formulas to values with a simple drag 02:34
Copying data or formulas down a column instantly 02:56
Adjusting all or selected column widths or row heights in a flash 02:21
Instantly displaying all worksheet formulas 03:16
Two quick shortcuts for creating charts 01:18
Print Preview 01:07
Instant date or time entry 01:16
Undo/Redo/Repeat 03:19
Zooming in and out quickly 02:10
07:37 2. Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Tips
Expanding and collapsing the Ribbon and Full Screen view 01:23
Keyboard command access 02:22
Quick Access toolbar display tips 03:52
14:30 3. Display Shortcuts
Split screens and frozen titles in a flash 05:56
Repeating title creation and suppression 06:17
Customizing your display of Status Bar totals 02:17
11:31 4. Navigation Shortcuts
Navigation shortcuts 02:30
Tips for navigating between workbooks 03:48
Navigating within worksheets 05:13
11:12 5. Selection Shortcuts
Selecting an entire row, column, or worksheet 03:20
Selecting noncontiguous ranges and visible cells only 04:39
Selecting the current region and moving around region corners 03:13
22:16 6. Data Entry and Editing Shortcuts
Accelerating data entry 06:27
Auto-Fill techniques for entering dates 04:59
Auto-Fill techniques for entering times 02:37
Custom lists for rapid entry 05:54
Cell editing tips 02:19
12:38 7. Drag-and-Drop Techniques
Copy/Move acceleration tips 03:27
Worksheet Copy/Move shortcuts 02:29
Dragging and inserting variations 03:47
Instantly displaying Paste Special options 02:55
29:31 8. Formula Shortcuts
Rapid formula creation 03:48
Selecting all cells that depend on the active cell 05:24
Selecting all cells that can affect the active cell 02:38
AutoSum shortcuts 02:57
Rounding shortcuts 05:14
Generating random numbers 03:16
Counting unique entries 03:11
Performing calculations without formulas 03:03
17:04 9. Operational Shortcuts
Controlling rows and columns 05:50
Realigning imported text 02:27
Handling blank cells 04:20
Collapsing and expanding detail 04:27
28:08 10. Formatting Shortcuts
Formatting numbers 06:49
Aligning data 03:49
Adding background color for readability 03:43
Formatting data conditionally 01:54
Creating custom formats 06:23
Formatting periods over 24 hours 03:02
Applying strikethroughs and borders 02:28
23:43 11. Database Techniques
Sorting shortcuts 02:40
Cleaning up spaces 04:47
Identifying duplicates 04:07
Splitting columns 03:57
Ensuring unique entries 02:46
Forcing dates to be weekdays only 03:56
Displaying unique items from large lists 01:30
18:38 12. Charting and Visual Object Tips
Placing and adjusting charts 02:37
Creating chart titles from cell content 02:22
Creating and manipulating shapes 05:31
Linking and unlinking pictures 08:08
00:09 Conclusion
Goodbye 00:09

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