Jean-Pierre Rampal -《韦瓦第的四季-朗帕尔》(Jean-Pierre Rampal Plays Vivaldi's Four Seasons)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Jean-Pierre Rampal Plays Vivaldi's Four Seasons
艺术家Jean-Pierre Rampal

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让•皮埃尔•朗帕尔 (Jean-Pierre Louis Rampal; 7 Jan 1922 - 20 May 2000) 法国长笛演奏家,是蜚声四海的大师级人物。他在二战结束后就开始在世 界各地巡演,也是法国管乐五重奏团和巴黎巴罗克合奏团的创始者。1947年朗帕尔在日 内瓦国际比赛获大奖,被聘为威 西歌剧院乐团的首席长 笛。后前往美 国,与美国许多知名的交 响乐团合作演出,博得一致讚赏。

1956~1962年任巴 黎国立歌剧院管絃乐团首席长笛。在著名的长笛大师中,朗帕尔具有几个最大的亮点,一是他为全面发展长笛演奏艺术作出了杰出贡献。除古典曲 目外,他也涉足爵 士乐、英国民歌、日 本和印度音乐等。

(born Jan. 7, 1922, Marseille, France — died May 20, 2000, Paris) French flutist. From 1947 he appeared widely in chamber music and solo recitals. In the 1950s he founded his own chamber groups, while also playing in the pit at the Paris Opéra (1956 – 62). Works were written for him by Francis Poulenc and others. His sweetness of tone and virtuosity in a largely Baroque repertoire, as evidenced on many admired recordings, made him the first flutist to attain international stardom.

As a conductor and soloist, Jean-Pierre Rampal has played with many orchestras, including the New York, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Indianapolis, Houston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, San Diego and Cincinnati Symphonies. He performs recitals coast-to-coast at all the major halls and colleges and universities across the United States. During the span of his career he has also performed at such festivals as New York's Mozart festivals, Ravinia, Tanglewood, Saratoga and Meadowbrook.

Two of Jean-Pierre's closest friends and collaborators, Isaac Stern and Mstislav Rostropovich, have performed with him at Lincoln Center and produced a disc of the trio on the Sony Classical label. Recording for Sony Classical, Jean-Pierre Rampal has released Vivaldi's The Four Seasons and In Concert with Kathleen Battle, Italian Baroque Flute Concertos and Music for Flute and Harp with Marielle Nordmann. Rampal's musical genius has not gone unnoticed, as contemporary composers Jean Francaix, Andre Jolivet, Jean Martinon, Francis Poulenc and Pierre Boulez have all dedicated works to the flutist.



Concerto in E Major, Op. 8, No. 1 (RV 269) "Spring" from The Four Seasons
01. I. Allegro(3:30)
02. II. Largo (1:56)
03. III. Allegro (3:35)

Concerto in G minor, Op. 8, No. 2 RV 315 "Summer"
04. I. Allegro non molto- Languidezza per il caldo (4:55)
05. II. Adagio- Mosche e mosconi (1:54)
06. III. Presto- Tempo impetuoso d'estate (2:45)

Concerto in F major, Op. 8, No. 3 RV 293 "Autumn"
07. I. Allegro- Ballo e canto de'vilanelli (4:36)
08. II. Adagio molto- Dormienti ubriachi (1:53)
09. III. Allegro- La caccia (3:18)

Concerto in F minor, Op. 8, No. 4, RV 297 "Winter"
10. I. Allegro non molto - Agghiacciato tremar tra nevi algenti (3:26)
11. II. Largo - La pioggia (1:57)
12. III. Allegro - Camminar sopra il ghiaccio (2:56)

Concerto for Flute, Strings & B.C. in E minor, RV 430 "Darmstadt Concerto"
13. I. Allegro (2:30)
14. II. Largo (2:45)
15. III. Poco Allegro (2:42)

Concerto for Flute, Strings & B.C. in D Major, RV 783
16. I. Allegro (2:42)
17. II. Largo (3:17)
18. III. Allegro(3:20)

Concerto for Flute (Violin), Organ, Strings and B.C. in D minor, RV 541
19. I. Allegro (3:35)
20. II. Grave (2:13)
21. III. Allegro (2:08)






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