《使用XML的InDesign CS5动态出版工作流视频教程》(Lynda.com InDesign CS5 Dynamic Publishing Workflows in XML)[光盘镜像]

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    主讲人Jim Maivald
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中文名使用XML的InDesign CS5动态出版工作流视频教程
英文名Lynda.com InDesign CS5 Dynamic Publishing Workflows in XML
主讲人Jim Maivald

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中文名:使用XML的InDesign CS5动态出版工作流视频教程
英文名:Lynda.com - InDesign CS5 Dynamic Publishing Workflows in XML
视频/音频编码:AVC1 960x540 | MP3 128 Kbps

在本视频教程中,Jim Maivald向我们介绍了,XML工具如何改进InDesign的页面设计流程。内容包括如何使用Structure面板和Tags面板,理解和编写集成到InDesign和外部编辑器的代码,以及使用XML为页面添加动态内容。(文:life_is_good@YDY)

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In InDesign CS5: Dynamic Publishing Workflows in XML, Jim Maivald explores how XML tools can enhance the page design process in InDesign. This course covers using the Structure pane and Tags panel, understanding and writing code for integration into InDesign and external editors, and ultimately, adding dynamic content to pages with XML. The skills learned in this course will be applied directly to two real-world projects that are included in the final chapters: building a product sheet and a longer book. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

* Understanding XML terminology
* Identifying XML elements, attributes, and comments
* Adding, moving, and deleting elements
* Tagging and styling
* Creating tables with XML
* Building frame and flow layouts
* Ordering with XSLT
* Using the Document Type Definition in an XML workflow



02:15 Introduction
Welcome 01:19
Using the exercise files 00:56
10:05 1. Introduction to XML
Introduction to XML technology 01:28
XML terms and rules 06:23
Comparing XML with HTML 02:14
22:58 2. Creating XML
XML creation basics 03:16
Creating XML in Microsoft Office 13:25
Creating XML in Adobe Dreamweaver 03:40
Creating XML in XML editors 02:37
14:52 3. Creating and Editing Project-Based XML
XML editing basics 05:23
Creating new elements and structures 02:57
Using Find and Replace to modify XML 06:32
02:04 4. InDesign's XML Features
Revealing the Structure pane 00:56
Revealing the Tags panel 00:24
Revealing tag markers and tag frames 00:44
24:38 5. The Structure Pane
Importing XML using the Structure pane 02:04
Revealing XML content 01:14
Identifying XML elements, attributes, and comments 01:50
Adding, moving, and deleting new XML elements 01:39
Untagging elements 01:12
Mapping tags to styles 02:37
Mapping styles to tags 06:01
Adding untagged items 02:31
Understanding and modifying tagging preset options 00:57
Exporting XML 04:33
25:05 6. The Tags Panel
Working with the Tags panel 02:27
Tagging, retagging, and untagging text 06:12
Tagging and untagging text/graphic frames 03:52
Creating a parent and child (nesting) element structure 06:01
Mapping tags to styles and vice versa 02:53
Specifying tagging preset options 03:40
15:43 7. Importing XML
Importing XML into InDesign 03:16
Moving elements into a layout 02:22
Importing XML into tables 04:32
Creating tables with XML 03:29
Importing CALS tables as InDesign tables 02:04
51:48 8. Creating an XML Layout
Overview of XML-based layout strategies: Frame vs. Flow 04:39
Identifying structure from imported XML 03:58
Building Frame layouts with imported XML 05:17
Building Frame layouts from scratch 03:55
Building multipart Frame layouts from scratch 04:19
Understanding the Flow layout method 08:49
Building Flow layouts with imported XML 10:05
Building Flow layouts from scratch 07:22
Building multipart Flow layouts from scratch 03:24
08:20 9. Using XSLT in an XML Workflow
Applying an XSLT to change the order of XML elements on import 04:24
Applying an XSLT to change the order of XML elements on export 03:56
16:34 10. Document Type Definition (DTD)
Overview of DTD technology 03:29
DTD terminology 03:51
Overview of DTD syntax 03:30
Using a DTD in an XML workflow 05:44
12:49 11. Product Sheet Project
Sequencing product sheet data 04:33
Creating product sheet placeholders from imported XML 04:59
Importing XML into the completed product sheet 03:17
05:44 12. Books and Manuals Project
Setting up your file for XML 03:18
Importing a file into a completed layout 02:26
00:42 Conclusion
Goodbye 00:42






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