《追求完美》(In Search Of Perfection)全两季[TVRip]

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英文名In Search Of Perfection

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名厨Heston Blumenthal在节目中试图创造全国最美味的菜肴。Heston Blumenthal被誉为烹饪炼金术士,为了获得最美味的菜肴,他甚至探究起菜肴的分子化合物。(文:life_is_good@YDY)

Heston Blumenthal sets out to create some of the nation's favourite dishes.

Chef Heston Blumenthal has been described as a culinary alchemist for his innovative style of cuisine. His work researches the molecular compounds of dishes so as to enable a greater understanding of taste and flavor. His restaurant The Fat Duck, in Bray, Berkshire, was awarded three Michelin stars in 2004, and voted the Best Restaurant in the World by an international panel of 500 culinary experts in Restaurant Magazine’s list of the World’s Best Restaurants 2005. Heston Blumenthal lives in Berkshire with his wife and three children.

Series 1
1 :01x01 - Bangers and Mash, Treacle Tart (Oct/31/2006)
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2 :01x02 - Black Forest Gateau (Nov/07/2006)
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3 :01x03 - Steak (Nov/14/2006)
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4 :01x04 - Fish and Chips (Nov/21/2006)
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5 :01x05 - Pizza (Nov/28/2006)
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6 :01x06 - Roast Chicken (Dec/05/2006)
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7 :01x07 - Spaghetti Bolognese (Dec/12/2006)
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Series 2
8 :02x01 - Chicken Tikka Masala (Oct/16/2007)
In an effort to make the perfect Chicken Tikka Masala Heston checks out his local curry house and also makes a trip to Delhi in India.

9 :02x02 - Hamburgers (Oct/23/2007)
Heston attempts to create the perfect hamburger.

10 :02x03 - Peking Duck (Oct/30/2007)
This week Heston attempts to make the perfect Peking Duck.

11 :02x04 - Fish Pie (Nov/20/2007)
To create the perfect fish pie Heston takes a trip to Glasgow University. When he returns home to Bray, him and his team put what they have learned into practice.

12 :02x05 - Baked Alaska (Nov/27/2007)
Heston takes a trip to new year New York to meet the inventors of the dessert Baked Alaska. He also makes a trip to Bristol University in his quest to make the perfect dish.

13 :02x06 - Chili Con Carne (Dec/04/2007)
His takes a trip to the Washington DC Chilli Cook-Off competition where tastes some of the meals being made. When he creates his own dish back home it includes bourbon and beef short ribs with a sour cream sorbet and sweetcorn muffin.

14 :02x07 - Risotto (Dec/11/2007)
Heston meets up with two Italian chefs in his attempt to make the perfect risotto.

15 :02x08 - Trifle (Dec/18/2007)
Heston talks to food historian Ivan Day about making a trifle and they attempt make one together. He also makes a trip to Spain to find the perfect sherry.

Heston Blumenthal's Perfect Christmas Dinner (Dec/19/2007)
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