Papa Roach -《To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach》[MP3]

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专辑英文名To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach
歌手Papa Roach

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专辑发行:Geffen Records


  Papa Roach(蟑螂爸爸)乐队最初来自美国北卡罗莱纳州的瓦卡维拉,由几名高中好友在 1993年组成,他们包括主唱Coby Dick(生于1976年)、鼓手Dave Buckner(生于1976)、贝斯手Will James(生于 1976年)和吉它手Jerry Horton(生于1975年)。这一四人乐组以Shaddix祖父的名字命名,选择了蟑螂作为乐队的象征。在演唱了《Faith No More》和《Rage Against The Machine》等歌曲之后,Papa Roach在北卡罗莱纳州逐渐成为一支受人欢迎的乐队,他们富有活力的现场演出与摒弃抒情的音乐风格吸引了一批忠实的乐迷。1994 年,Papa Roach乐队推出了他们的第一张专辑《Potatoes For Christmas》,此后在 1996年,Tobin Esperance替代贝斯手James加入了乐队。Papa Roach乐队的第二张专辑《Old Friends From Young Years》建立了乐队突出的 hip-hop音乐影响,主唱Coby Dick经常饶舌一样的演唱大段大段的歌词。这张专辑首先在当地取得成功,然后在 Suicidal Tendencies和Incubus等乐队的帮助下,Papa Roach乐队逐渐赢得了更多的观众。

   Ten years after exploding onto the music scene with Infest, its triple platinum, major label debut, Papa Roach can claim its first retrospective "To Be Loved: The Best Of Papa Roach." The CD features all eight of the band's Top 10 hits (including the #1s "Last Resort" and "Lifeline"), acoustic and live tracks, other favorites, and the never-before-released "Just Go (Never Look Back)." "To Be Loved: The Best Of Papa Roach" offers fans the ultimate embrace, from its nu metal beginnings through its alt metal and hard rock evolutions, of one of the most compelling groups of the 2000s. Formed in Northern California in 1993 and led by singer Jacoby Shaddix (aka Coby Dick), the band toured incessantly and issued a series of indie EPs and a full-length album. Finally, in 2000, "Infest" was released on DreamWorks (later Geffen). The album shot to #5 and spun off the #1 Modern Rock "Last Resort" and Top 10 Modern Rock "Broken Home." Suddenly the band went from the Warped Tour to the main stage at OzzFest in both the U.S. and U.K. 2002's "Lovehatetragedy" followed, soaring to #2 and gold status, buoyed by the Top 10 Modern Rocker "She Loves Me Not" and Top 40 Modern Rock "Time And Time Again." "Getting Away With Murder" in 2004 was next, charting in the Top 20 and going platinum. The album's "Scars" became the band's biggest hit, #15 Pop and #2 Modern Rock. "To Be Loved..." includes an acoustic "Scars" as a bonus track as well as the album's #4 Modern Rock "Getting Away With Murder." Culled from 2006's "The Paramour Sessions," which debuted Top 20, are "Reckless" and "...To Be Loved," the latter a Top 10 Mainstream Rocker that became the official theme song for WWE Raw from 2006 to 2009. The album also featured the #2 Modern Rock studio version of "Forever," heard on "To Be Loved..." in the form of the 2006 Live Session digital EP. In 2009, "Metamorphosis" peaked at #8, yielding the #1 Mainstream Rock "Lifeline" and Top 40 Mainstream Rock "Hollywood Whore." "To Be Loved: The Best Of Papa Roach" adds an acoustic take of the album's "Had Enough" selected from 2009's "Naked and Fearless" digital EP.

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01. Broken Home 3:42
02. Last Resort 3:20
03. Time & Time Again 2:59
04. She Loves Me Not 3:31
05. Scars 3:28
06. Getting Away With Murder 3:10
07. Just Go (Never Look Back) 2:56
08. ...To Be Loved 3:01
09. Reckless 3:33
10. Had Enough (Acoustic) 4:14
11. Forever (Live) 3:38
12. Hollywood Whore 3:55
13. Lifeline 4:28
14. Scars (Acoustic) 3:11






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