Dorena -《Holofon》[MP3]

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资源码率:>192K VBR
专辑流派: Experimental/Post-Rock/Ambient
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/dorenamusic
Band HP: http://dorena.webb.se/



It’s been tough finding anything written in English about these guys, but if you’re into beautiful, well constructed post-rock then you should check this out. Dorena is a Swedish post-rock band formed in 2007 by 5 guys spread around the city of Gothenburg. The members have played together in various constellations since they were in middle class. Before starting Dorena in the fall of 2007, four of the five members were in a screamoband. When the singer decided to leave Kim started to play guitar and Simon took over the bass.
For every devastating moment that Holofon holds within its watery depths is an equally blissful moment of magnificence just waiting to follow. Without even the briefest of portents, the musical waters can change leaving you potentially being tossed around like you were nothing but a piece of insignificant flotsam caught in the frothing giant which fills the seascape around you. Seconds later the water becomes still and silent, completely static apart from a passing wind which stirs the surface just a fraction.
Dense, musical waves rise up to unspeakable heights and crash remorselessly upon the listener, forcing them underneath its swirling surface, sometimes for minutes at a time. The percussion creates an undercurrent which grabs hold of the submerged listener and batters their limbs to-and-fro. Give the record another six minutes and the atmosphere would have completely changed, heading in a less aggressive direction which contrasts the scene painted previously. In this sonic territory there are no waves or undercurrents that batter and bruise but instead a scene of placidity and calm. The listener bobs lazily in docile waters where above, an eerie haze lingers in the still, salty air. Ita€?s both peaceful and slightly unsettling at times but ita€?s also equally as captivating as the first scene and utterly absorbing to experience.
Sigur R?3s and Explosions In The Sky are two bands that dwell within the same sonic landscape but attempt two differing styles; Sigur Ros are as epic as they are beautiful and sound as cold as the country they inhabit whereas Explosions In The Sky are epic and beautiful but take the quiet/loud dynamic of the genre and utilise it in a handful of increasingly unique ways. Dorena have almost flawlessly taken the beauty and ice-tinged atmospherics of Sigur R?3s and fused them with the epic quiet/loud mechanics which make Explosions In The Sky so enchanting. Ita€?s remarkable to see this level of talent on a debut album: a band only formed in 2007.
The music rises above just being mere sound and becomes something you can almost feel. It encapsulates the listener, enticing them to go deeper. The muffled sound of distant instruments thicken the lucidity and the slow build-up only quickens the heart; things are about to get rough. The moment when music inculcates itself into our very person is a moment when it transcends the traditional definition of music.
Each song retains its own unique majesty and never once does the album repeat itself. Tracks remain within certain terrains throughout, yet you never see the same horizon twice. This fact alone is worth a huge amount of kudos considering the genre the band has chosen to reside within.Whilst this album isna€?t as memorable or as life altering as Sigur R?3sa€? Agaetis Byrjun or Explosions In The Skya€?s The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place it certainly echoes their genius in a host of different ways. From its dramatic intensity to its isolated ambience, this record is more than just music, ita€?s a force to be reckoned with.


Solen Har Forblindat Mig这首听到眼泪哗啦啦啦~


听着Solen Har Forblindat Mig,心一下子散开安静下来,这首曲子就像温柔的一刀,然后把你推入泥浆,依旧一直深深地往下陷,等待最后爆发!

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01. Fantasia
02. Till Våning Tretton
03. Solen Har Förblindat Mig
04. Tiden Gick, Men Utan Oss
05. I Huset Jag Växte Upp
06. En Tonårsromans
07. Dagsländan






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