Bette Midler -《情比姐妹深》(Beaches)[APE]

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艺术家Bette Midler

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*全美三白金亚军原声带,Bette Midler主唱、主演,主题曲「Wind Beneath My Wings」获葛莱美奖及排行冠军双重肯定

  曾在1980年以电影「歌声泪痕」获奥斯卡最佳女主角提名,并以电影主题曲「The Rose」囊括Billboard单曲季军的影歌双栖巨星Bette Midler,三年前走出酗酒、消沉及婚姻失败的人生阴影,藉著一系列叫好叫座的喜剧片「家有恶夫」、「悍妞万里追」、「四个千金二个妈」重获肯定。甫获奥斯卡最佳艺术指导提名的新片「Beaches」,是Bette继「歌声泪痕」后的第一部非喜剧作品,依据Iris Rainer Dart的原著小说改编,叙述两个女人(贝蒂蜜勒、芭芭拉荷西)间长达30多年的坚韧友谊,由Gary Marshall(「对头冤家」)出任导演。Bette在片中饰演一位叛逆却深富野心的女孩,经奋斗、成功、消沉与再出发而终为成就辉煌的女歌手,颇具自传色彩。原声带专辑中收录数首三O年代到八O年代的作品,并由Bette担任所有的演唱,Bette高雅优柔的清亮嗓音将重唱「The Drifters」82年的旧作「Under The Boardwalk」,及已获成人抒情榜亚军、流行榜冠军的「Wind Beneath My Wings」等歌詮释得不慍不火,恰到好处。无疑地「Beaches」已为Bette缔造了演艺与歌唱事业的第二高峰。

This may very well be the saddest movie I have ever seen in my life, but it is also one of the best. If you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do. It tells the story of two young women who meet when they are 11 years old. At a glance, they seem like two
completely different people, but in the end, it's their strong devotion to their friendship that make them so close. Bette Midler does an excellent job in her portrayal as CC Bloom, a feisty redhead who is determined to succeed in music and will do almost anything to do so. Hilary Whitney, played by the talented Barbara Hershey, is a quiet, reserved woman who often finds herself jealous of CC's rising success. CC and Hilary may be very different, but they grow even closer when Hilary gives birth to a child--a beautiful little girl named Victoria. When Hilary becomes diagnosed with a fatal disease, she is forced to search her soul and strengthen her relationships with CC and Victoria. Throughout the movie, CC and Hilary go through many difficult times, but in the end, their friendship prevails. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone, but don't expect to have dry eyes at the end! It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will touch every piece of your heart. It really does show that even though two friends may be very different from one another, and even though they may go through a lot of rough times, it is the strength of their friendship that will be the decisive element. Go see this movie--you won't be sorry!

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01. Under the Boardwalk - Resnick, Arthur
02. Wind Beneath My Wings - Henley, Larry
03. I've Still Got My Health - Porter, Cole
04. I Think It's Going to Rain Today - Newman, Randy
05. Otto Tisling - Blatt, Jerry
06. I Know You by Heart - Merrill, George
07. The Glory of Love - Hill, Billy [1]
08. Baby Mine - Churchill, Frank
09. Oh Industry - Midler, Bette
10. The Friendship Theme - Delerue, Georges



alanfish 2010/06/22 15:42:48 补充
Quite touching, when the song "Wind beneath my wing" near end of the movie, the song becom...




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