《布鲁斯吉他教程》(TrueFire 60-Day Fingerstyle Blues Camp)[光盘镜像]

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英文名TrueFire 60-Day Fingerstyle Blues Camp

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TrueFire 60天 布鲁斯吉他教程


TrueFire 出品的顶尖布鲁斯吉他教程,着眼于弹奏技巧及指法训练。


Not much sweeter to the ear or more pleasing to play than fingerstyle blues guitar. Pick up your box, play a few bars of a Muddy Waters tune and watch faces light up immediately. As popular music is rooted to the blues, blues is rooted to the original fingerstyle techniques of pioneers Robert Johnson, Big Bill, Leadbelly, Lightning Hopkins, Blind Lemon and many others. Contemporaries Ry Cooder, John Hammond, Leo Kotke, Chet Atkins and and a truckload of others keep this rare art form alive and very well.
Less is certainly more when it comes to fingerstyle blues. No brain-twisting theory and techniques to master. Just a few basic chords, couple of open tunings and a handful of simple picks to learn. So why such a mystery for so many players? Because effective fingerstyle blues instruction is real scarce -- our inspiration to produce the 60-Day Fingerstyle Blues Camp 10-CD Video Course. But first we had to find the best fingerstyle blues instruction on the planet ...
Sourcing top fingerstyle blues instruction was slam-dunk easy. Acoustic Guitar Workshop! We've been working with them for quite a few years now and their individual lessons are always in TrueFire's top rankings. Rick Payne and Steve Elliot formed a magical symbiosis known the world over as TheAcoustic Guitar Workshop, a world-class acoustic guitar web site based in England.
Rick's waters run deep -- brilliant composer/performer, world renown master of the fingerstyle blues form, with an uncanny ability to breakdown and communicate the essential elements of the style. Steve Elliot, founder of theAcoustic Guitar Workshop and recently hailed as a "British Master of The Blues", is also a successful songwriter and instructor. Together they've authored three highly praised fingerstyle blues courses and five CDs worth of classic and original fingerstyle blues tunes.
This 10-CD course features all three interactive Video CD courses on 5 CDs plus all five audio CDs.







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