《艰难时世》(Hard Times)[MP3]

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英文名Hard Times

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原著:查尔斯·狄更斯 Charles Dickens

播讲者:Martin Jarvis




播放长度: 10 hrs and 38 mins

出版公司:BBC Audiobooks Ltd.


艰难时世(Hard Times)是英国作家狄更斯的长篇小说作品,发表于1854年,故事描写某工业市镇的生活。此时狄更斯已42岁。

纺织厂厂主、银行家庞得贝(Josiah Bounderby)和退休的五金批发商人、国会议员兼教育家汤玛斯·葛莱恩(Thomas Gradgrind)是好朋友,他们一起控制著市镇的经济体系与教育机构。他们注重实利而且不讲情义,自命不凡,以功利主义作为生活原则。负责侍候庞得贝的是寡妇史巴斯特太太。   

葛莱恩对子女的教育主张“实事求是,脚踏实地”,他们在学会走路时,就被赶进教室,终日和数字打交道,他们不允许阅读诗歌和故事。葛雷梗把年轻的女儿露意莎(Louisa)嫁给了年龄比她大得多的庞得贝,寡妇史巴斯特太太嫉妒她,使她受尽痛苦,导致女儿婚姻破裂。她责备父亲:“你的哲学和教育都不能救我了。”在葛莱恩自己的教育主张下,他的儿子汤姆(Tom)被迫协助庞得贝工作,他生活放荡且负债累累,偷了庞得贝银行的钱逃跑,躲到马戏团里,扮演一名小丑的角色。经过了一连串的惨痛教训,又受到马戏团的女孩西丝·朱浦(Sissy, Cecilia Jupe)的感化,逐渐的改变了生活态度,被父亲送到美洲。但病死在省亲的途中。庞得贝喜欢吹嘘自己白手起家,诬蔑工人由于妄想过奢侈生活才产生不满情绪。五年后庞得贝中风猝死在焦煤镇的街上,露意莎再嫁了人。


查尔斯·狄更斯(Charles Dickens,1812--1870)是英国批判现实主义文学的奠基人与杰出代表,是继莎士比亚之后对世界文学产生巨大影响的小说家。


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Martin Jarvis (born 4 August 1941 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) is an English actor.

Early life
Jarvis is the son of Denys Harry Jarvis and Margot Lillian Scottney, and grew up in South Norwood.

Jarvis was educated at Whitgift School, an independent school in Croydon in south London, and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA).

Jarvis trained at RADA, where he won the Vanbrugh Award and the Silver Medal.[1] He has acted in many stage productions in London and abroad, most recently starring alongside Diana Rigg and Natascha McElhone in Joanna Murray-Smith's Honour at London's Wyndham's Theatre until May 2006.

He read Charles Dickens' A Tale Of Two Cities for the Chivers Audio Books production on cassette, later released on CD by Barnes and Noble Audio Classics.

Radio work
Jarvis has had a long association with the BBC, particularly BBC Radio 4. In the 1980s Michael Frayn's columns for the Guardian and the Observer, described by some as models of the comic essay, were adapted and performed in many voices for BBC Radio 4 by Jarvis. He performs regularly in radio dramas and readings, both comic and serious. In David Mamet's Mind Your Pantheon he played the actor Strabo. He is probably best known for his long series of readings of Richmal Crompton's Just William stories, which show his characteristic and flexible reading voices. He has also narrated the Billy Bunter series, by Frank Richards. As a result of this extensive work Jarvis is satirised by the radio show Dead Ringers by Mark Perry, highlighting his seeming ubiquity on Radio 4 programmes and as a guest in Dictionary Corner on Countdown.

In America, Jarvis and his wife Rosalind Ayres perform frequently in audio drama with the L.A. Theater Works and Hollywood Theater of the Ear.

Television work
Jarvis's first television appearance was in 1965 in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, playing a giant butterfly in "The Web Planet".[2] He became a familiar face on television when he played Jon in the BBC's landmark 1967 adaptation of The Forsyte Saga, the lead in a BBC serialisation of Nicholas Nickleby (1968), Uriah Heep in the 1974 BBC version of David Copperfield and the male lead in the sitcom Rings On Their Fingers (1978-80) with Diane Keen. He also appeared in the 2002 BBC children's miniseries Bootleg.

Jarvis has made several guest appearances in Doctor Who, including the serial "Vengeance on Varos" in 1985 as the beleaguered governor of the planet Varos. He has also appeared in "Jubilee", a Doctor Who spin off audio drama by Big Finish Productions alongside his wife.

His appearances on American television include such series as Murder, She Wrote, Walker, Texas Ranger, and, more recently, Stargate Atlantis and Numb3rs.

Jarvis has also voiced various characters in animated series such as Billy and Mandy (where he voiced Nergal) and The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. An interesting note is that in the former's case, he inherits the role of the character Nergal from his Titanic co-star David Warner. In 2000 he voiced "John Dread" in the TV series Max Steel.

He has also voiced all the characters in the children's stop-motion animted series Huxley Pig and narrated an episode of Shakespeare: The Animated Tales.

Martin appeared in ITV 1's The Bill in July 2008. In March 2010 it was announced that he would appear in the BBC soap opera EastEnders playing journalist Harvey Freeman.

Lists of miscellaneous information should be avoided. Please relocate any relevant information into appropriate sections or articles. (January 2009)

Jarvis was the subject of BBC television's This Is Your Life in 1999.

He has also published a book of memoirs titled Acting Strangely: A Funny Kind of Life (ISBN 0413728501 hardback, ISBN 0413745503 paperback).

Together with his wife, Jarvis runs the radio production company "Jarvis & Ayres Productions", frequently used by Radio 4.

Jarvis has also appeared in an episode of Colin Dexter's adapted for TV series Inspector Morse.

He has also worked as an ADR Loop Group in the computer-animated film Flushed Away and as a voice director for the BBC Radio 4 series Something Fresh.

In 2007, Jarvis has voiced in video gaming for the first time and plays the role of The Chronicler in the Spyro the Dragon video game series.

Personal life
He married Rosalind Ayres on 23 November 1974 in Ealing and has two sons by a previous marriage. He met Ayres when playing in Hamlet together, where she played Ophelia. He was awarded the OBE in 2000. He has houses in London and Los Angeles.

Doctor Who (1965) (TV)
Secrets of a Windmill Girl (1966)
The Forsyte Saga (1967) (TV)
Jackanory (1967) (TV)
Breakaway (1980) (TV)
The Bunker (1981) (TV)
The Reluctant Dragon (1987)
Buster (1988)
Huxley Pig (1988) (TV) (voice)
The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship (1990) (voice)
Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (1992) (TV) (voice)
The Tick (1994) (TV) (voice)
The Queen's Nose (1995) (TV)
Richie Rich (1996) (TV) (voice)
Testament: The Bible in Animation (1996) (TV)
Space: Above and Beyond (1996) (TV)
A Touch of Frost (1996) (TV)
Titanic (1997)
Extreme Ghostbusters (1997) (TV) (voice)
Max Steel (2000-2003) (TV) (voice)
Jackie Chan Adventures (2000) (TV) (voice)
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2003-2008) (TV) (voice)
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown (2003) (Video game) (voice)
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (2005) (TV) (voice)
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (2007) (Video game) (voice)
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (2008) (Video game) (voice)
Dragon Age: Origins (2009) (Video game) (voice)
EastEnders (2010)






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