《Channel 4 海上大战 胡德号vs俾斯麦号》(Channel 4 The Battle of Hood and Bismarck)全2集[DVDRip]

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中文名Channel 4 海上大战 胡德号vs俾斯麦号
英文名Channel 4 The Battle of Hood and Bismarck
制作发行Channel 4

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胡德号战列巡洋舰(英文:HMS Hood ,舷号:51),是英国建造的最后一艘战列巡洋舰,是英国皇家海军历史上第4艘以“胡德”(Hood)命名的军舰,属于海军上将级战列巡洋舰。该舰在战争紧急应对法案(Emergency War Programme)之下的1916年下令建造。尽管经过了日德兰海战的教训之后,英国人大量修改了设计方案,但英国人清楚由于舰种造成的限制是修改设计方案无法改变的。由于这个原因,胡德号的姊妹舰在1917年被停止建造随后取消,这导致胡德号为英国皇家海军建造完成的最后一艘战列巡洋舰。她的名字是由 18世纪英国海军上将塞缪尔·胡德命名的。

1941年5月24日,胡德号与威尔士亲王号战列舰一起拦截德国俾斯麦号战列舰,在丹麦海峡追踪到俾斯麦号。在随后的丹麦海峡海战中,胡德号与德舰交火6分钟后,胡德号上的指挥官霍兰中将下令本舰转向以便从侧射发扬全部火力,然而就在此时,一方面是德国海军优良的火炮射击技术,一方面可能是胡德号的噩运来到,这两者形成不幸的巧合以致于胡德号在14,870码的距离上被俾斯麦号的380毫米主炮炮弹直接命中并且遭到贯穿,引起舰艉“Y”主炮的弹药库发生爆炸,舰体断裂迅速沉没,全舰1,418名官兵阵亡,包括舰队指挥官兰斯洛特·霍兰海军中将,仅有3人获救,这三人为Ted Briggs、Bob Tilburn以及Bill Dundas,由英国巡防舰伊莱翠号救起。
Part 1 - The Mighty Hood & Part 2 - Sink The Bismarck

ITN Factual for Channel 4, 2002, Colour

Two of the world's mightiest warships are explored in the historical documentary The Battle of Hood and Bismarck. In 2001, American explorer David Mearns guided an international expedition that led to the discovery of these great ships. Narrated by Robert Lindsay, this feature-length Channel 4 documentary examines the rich history of the opposing ships during the some of the greatest sea battles of WWII. In May of 1941, the Hood and the Bismarck engaged in a fierce battle resulting in the destruction of both ships and over 3,500 casualties. Using archival footage, computer effects, and interviews with survivors, director Gary Johnstone explores the demise of the HMS Hood, once considered the best ship in Britain's fleet, as well as the mysterious sinking of Germany's battleship, the Bismarck

HMS Hood

Hood was a battlecruiser - one of a new breed of warships developed before the First World War. With more horsepower and less armour, they were faster than battleships and were designed to outrun and outgun enemy ships. Their vulnerability became clear in the Battle of Jutland in 1916, when three battlecruisers were lost. All three were struck by gunfire which penetrated their thin deck- and turret-armour. Despite this tragic loss, the Admiralty went on to build Hood. She was improved in a number of ways but still lacked armour protection. Launched on 22 August 1918, HMS Hood was the 13th and final British battlecruiser. Big, fast and powerful, for the population at home, she was a symbol of Britain's supremacy in the world. However, she was an old ship, due for modernization. The Navy knew that, like her predecessors, she would be vulnerable to plunging shell fire. But she was too urgently needed to be spared for a full refit.


Bismarck, in contrast, was a much more modern ship. The 1919 Versailles Treaty severely restricted Germany's ability to re-arm after the First World War. These restrictions were not lifted until Britain and Germany signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement in 1935. That allowed Germany to build a surface fleet of up to 35% of the size of Britain's, and up to 45% in the case of submarines. Five months later, Bismarck's design was complete. She was launched on 14 February 1939. One of the most significant characteristics of this new ship was her ability to withstand damage. The design of her armour meant she was very well defended against any potential adversary. Armed, too, with powerful 38cm guns, she looked invincible.

The Mighty Hood

Sixty years after the loss of two of the greatest battleships ever launched, Channel 4 mounted an ambitious expedition to locate and film HMS Hood and Bismarck. Both were sunk several miles under the sea - too deep even for nuclear submarines to reach. In the first of two feature-length documentaries, extraordinary evidence is provided by the expedition into the mystery of Hood's sinking.

Sink the Bismarck

After the loss of HMS Hood Britain is in a state of shock, its capital ship sunk by just one shell. Churchill has ordered every British warship or plane within striking distance to 'Sink the Bismarck!'. This second feature-length documentary reveals the expedition's findings about Hitler's dreaded battleship - the most powerful weapon of its day - and her historic first, and last, voyage.






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