《走向中文》(Easy-peasy Chinese: Mandarin Chinese for Beginners)[MP3]

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英文名Easy-peasy Chinese: Mandarin Chinese for Beginners

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作者: Dk



Learning Chinese is really difficult, right? Wrong! Follow "Easy Peasy Chinese" and you'll be able to start speaking, writing and understanding this No.1 lingo in no time. Look out for the special headphones symbol and listen to the CD, so you can get the pronunciation exactly right. Give yourself a Chinese name, see how to haggle in the shops and test yourself to see if you know the key characters. Got them right? Learning Chinese is easy peasy!

I thought learning even basic chinese would take ages but i learnt the majority of this book in only a couple of weeks( doing an hour a day mind you). This is not a depreciation of the book, far from it, it covered all the basic things you need to get started, and you could get by on holiday without having to speak english once with this. Easy Peasy chinese is laid out perfectly to stop you feeling intimidated by all the new words, and the cd helps you get pronounciation perfect. It is also full of intresting culture facts about china, and also helps you learn characters. I would recommend this to everyone who is starting brand new with chinese, as it is the best book I have seen yet.

Firstly I'd like to say that I have studied Mandarin before and I bought this because I have recently started studying again, so a lot of what is covered in the earlier stages of this book I already knew. However that takes nothing away from this book, for a complete beginner this book is worth twice what you pay for it! The way it's laid out is good, the illustrations make it fun to read, it gives you characters and PinYin from the start which is essential, the CD is useful and the topics covered are also great for building your "Chinese Language Foundations". My one criticism is that it doesn't cover degree or school subjects and that the vocabularly is still a little thin, sure you could probably go to China for a short stay and knowing all the vocab in this book would probably get you through. But if you're planning on going there for longer, for studying, immigrating or business then this should only be used as a quick start accompanied by other books. In saying that however my sister (who has been studying Mandarin for 7years) learnt one or two words from this book. To round off, this book is exactly what it says in the tin really, an easy-peasy book that teachers you the Chinese you need to be a solid beginner and advance into intermediate territory. "You must be really brave to start learning Chinese"...is the comment I usually get when i tell people I'm learning Chinese. This book makes it not exactly easy but at least possible. Colourful and attractive, the book explains why Chinese is how it is. The CD helps master the tones and sounds. There is lots of insight into Chinese culture like the horoscopes. Ideal for beginners.

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