《动物星球频道 驱蛇专家 第一季》(Animal Planet SnakesKin Season 1)全6集[HDTV]

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中文名动物星球频道 驱蛇专家 第一季
英文名Animal Planet SnakesKin Season 1
制作发行Animal Planet

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本节目中,夫妻组合Jason和Sarah Clark的工作是驱逐并收养影响居民生活的爬行动物,如响尾蛇,鳄鱼,蜥蜴,和鬣蜥等。(文:life_is_good@YDY)

The husband-wife team of Jason and Sarah Clark run the family business -- Southeastern Reptile Rescue (SRR) in Orchard Hill, Georgia -- where they are licensed for nuisance wildlife removal, reptile adoption and wildlife education. This series follows the Clarks as they take 20 calls a day to roundup copperheads, cottonmouths, rattlesnakes, gators, lizards, and iguanas. The Clarks have one simple goal: "Preserving Nature One Snake at a Time."

Source: Animal Planet

Come face-to-face with a snake in your kitchen? Been bitten by a venomous creature? Lose your 14-foot python? The Clarks have seen it all. If you live in Georgia and call 911, chances are good you'll be directed to Jason; and he, Sarah, or Dad will respond within an hour. Every day is unpredictable, and the calls range from bizarre to extremely dangerous. See what's coming up on this new show.

Ep 1: "Face Your Fears"
Jason and Sarah know that the best way to get rid of snakes in your backyard is to add more snakes. But try telling that to a woman who's just been bitten by a Copperhead! Then, with Jason's help, Sarah has been able to overcome her fear of snakes, but will she be able to overcome her bigger fear of public speaking? Or will she coil up under the pressure?

Ep 2: "Snake Bite"
Bad luck bites twice! Sarah rushes to the hospital to aid a man bitten twice by a Copperhead, while Jason rushes to the aid of the snake. And later, watch as our snake catching duo rescue two terrified men from their sneaky, slithering houseguest.

Ep 3: "Caiman Capture"
What do you do when you have to give away your beloved pet of 5 years -- that just happens to be an illegal Caiman Crocodile? You call Jason and Sarah. And although this same feisty croc tries to make a meal out of Jason's arm, Sarah decides to use him in an educational segment on the local news later that night. Will our cold-blooded gal be able to handle the spotlight?

Ep 4: "Watch your Step"
In this episode watch as Jason's star pupil, his wife Sarah, shows off her snake hunting ability by finding 1 harmless snake and 2 deadly snakes before anyone else! The fearless duo also rescues a disgruntled and malnourished snapping turtle that wandered out of the pond and into the concrete jungle.

Ep 5: "Homeless Gator"
Just another typical day! If your typical day, like Jason and Sarah's, happens to involve taking sick turtles to the vet, saving a terrified farmer from a rattlesnake-plagued property and building a pond in your front yard for the alligator you just rescued.

Ep 6: "Rattlesnake Island"
Grab your snake catchin' boots because the Clarks are going on vacation! Jason and Sarah round up the whole family for a trip to the Gopher Tortoise State Park and Rattlesnake Island. Watch as Jason pulls off the most exhilarating snake capture of his entire life.
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Release name: SnakesKin.S01E01.HDTV.XviD-OMiCRON
Show Title: SnakesKin
Source: HDTV
Resolution: 624x352
Release Date: May/16/2010






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