《《命令与征服4:泰伯利亚的黄昏》官方游戏指南》(Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Official Game Guide PC)[PDF]

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    制作发行Prima Games
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英文名称Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Official Game Guide PC
制作发行Prima Games

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             P R E P A R E  T O  B E  U N L E A S H E D ! ! 

            Command & Conquer 4 Official Game Guide (c) Prima Games
   Release Date  :  24-04-2010               Format   :  pdf
   Release Type  :  Game Guide               Platform :  PC
   Release Notes:

   The Introduction section of the guide helps you get started by detailing
   the game抯 options and settings.

   The Basic Training section of the guide provides an overview of how to
   play C&C4, with useful tips sprinkled throughout. A lot has changed since
   the Tiberian series?last installment, so don抰 fall in for active duty
   until you抳e completed Basic Training.

   The GDI, Nod, and Neutral sections that follow Basic Training give
   in-depth looks at the game抯 two major factions, GDI and Nod, revealing
   hard statistical data on their many different units and structures.
   Neutral (non-aligned) units and structures are also covered in their own
   chapter. Each of these dense chapters provides a host of vital
   information that抯 certain to give you an edge no matter which faction
   you prefer.

   Walkthroughs for the GDI and Nod campaigns follow the faction sections.
   Here you抣l find labeled maps and step-by-step walkthroughs for every
   solo mission in the game. C&C4 presents you with plenty of strategic
   options, of course, and your particular style of command may differ from
   ours. If that抯 the case, feel free to employ your own tactics, treating
   our walkthrough as a useful resource should you ever need a helping hand.
   The campaign walkthrough is written for Normal difficulty. You may notice
   subtle differences when playing on Easy or Hard, but nothing that will
   affect the manner in which each mission unfolds.

   Multiplayer Command & Conquer has never been bigger or better. With
   fast-paced battles and giant maps capable of supporting up to 10
   Commanders at once, you抣l need all the help you can get to keep up with
   the stiff online competition. Fortunately, the Multiplayer section of
   the guide reveals both basic and advanced multiplayer strategies,
   including tips that come straight from the pros at EA. We also detail
   every multiplayer map, providing insightful overviews that抣l help you
   dominate each battlefield and decimate your rivals. If you抮e looking
   for a leg up in the multiplayer arena, look no further.

   Flip to the Appendix section of the book to find quick-reference tables
   that reveal the most crucial unit and structure stats from the GDI and
   Nod chapters. These tables are perfect ways to quickly see how each
   faction抯 units stack up against each other. All game achievements are
   also covered here, with tips on how to best complete them.

   - Step-by-step walkthroughs for all solo campaign missions, complete with
    labeled battlefield maps and co-op tactics

   - Comprehensive faction overviews providing vital unit stats, potent unit
     pairings, and winning class strategies

   - Dedicated multiplayer strategies, from general tips to battlefield-
     specific tactics

   - Quick-reference appendix tables for swift faction comparisons

   1. Unpack with WinRAR
   2. Open with your favorite PDF tool viewer








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