《《细胞分裂5:断罪》官方游戏指南》(Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction Official Game Guide XBOX360 PS3 PC)[PDF]

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英文名称Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction Official Game Guide XBOX360 PS3 PC
制作发行Prima Games

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Ubisoft公司正式发表人气游戏《细胞分裂》系列最新作《细胞分裂:断罪》。人气作品《细胞分裂》系列已经在全世界万家中确立了其不可动摇的地位,游戏由Ubisoft公司蒙特利尔工作室开发,目前已确定推出PC版和XBOX360 版。新作仍然支持联机模式。本作是系列的第五款作品,在积累了之前几作的经验后相信《细胞分裂:断罪》将会再次大放异彩。
  《细胞分裂》系列制作人Mathieu Ferland日前在接受记者采访时表示,育碧现在对该系列在设计思路上的革新非常满意,并相信这种新的游戏方式能够吸引玩家的兴趣。他同时强调,育碧在游戏开发上会尽可能尝试各种新的方向,但是在得到广大玩家充分认可的基础之上。


在系列最新作《分裂细胞:断罪》中,山姆为调查隐藏于3E甚至整个情报体系内部的威胁而展开了独立调查,迫不得已走上了法律和公众的对立面。 Ferland透露开发小组在游戏设计上大幅简化了操作难度,以前后相联系的进攻、隐蔽等互动式操作来代替原先复杂的组合按键操作。


  游戏制作人兼艺术总监Dany Lepage在最近接受采访时说:“《分裂细胞:断罪》绝不会出现在PS3及Wii平台上”,他表示这是一个理性的、合乎逻辑的决定。

 P R E P A R E  T O  B E  U N L E A S H E D ! ! 

   Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction Official Game Guide (c) Prima Games
   Release Date  :  24-04-2010               Format   :  pdf
   Release Type  :  Game Guide               Platform :  XBOX 360 PS3 PC
   Release Notes:

   Sam Fisher wants revenge. Revenge against the organization Third Echelon,
   that has taken too much from him. Revenge against the man who forced him
   to kill his best friend. Revenge against the wheelman who ran down his
   daughter. And with your help, Fisher will lay his vengeance upon all who
   have wronged him.

   Use this guide to get the drop on every enemy, master all weapons and
   gadgets, and complete every single mission in both Fisher抯 main mission
   and the co-op campaign. With our full walkthroughs, you will survive
   every trial and come out not just alive, but laden with special points
   that can be traded to upgrade guns and gear. You will be unstoppable. You
   will be as feared as Fisher himself.

   Just who is Sam Fisher? The Fisher Files section details Sam抯 previous
   missions so you know what drives Fisher and what is at stake in his latest

   You need Third Echelon杚uality training to keep up with Sam Fisher. The
   detailed Training chapter explains all of Fisher抯 stealth techniques so
   you can slip into the shadows and dispense justice unseen. It also covers
   interrogating suspects for intel and a complete rundown on all of Fisher抯
   gadgets. Fisher抯 new Mark and Execute skill is also detailed, which lets
   you select targets and take them out before they even know what hit them.

   Completing P.E.C. objectives within the mission results in points that you
   trade for upgraded weapons and gear. Every challenge is listed in the
   P.E.C. Challenges section, plus tactics for completing each objective.
   You抣l have a killer arsenal in no time!

   Fisher抯 quest to seek revenge for his daughter抯 death takes some
   astonishing twists and turns. Our Walkthrough sections will guide you
   through every mission, offering both stealth and guns-blazing tactics for
   many situations. Full maps of every area reveal enemy locations, armories,
   and important objectives.

   In the Co-op Story chapter, grab a friend and play through a special co-op
   experience that sets the stage for Fisher抯 mission. This walkthrough is
   loaded with tips and tricks for fighting off mercenaries and soldiers, and
   the comprehensive maps detail enemy locations.

   Playing Tom Clancy抯 Splinter Cell Conviction?on an Xbox 360? The
   Achievements section will teach you to complete every achievement and
   bolster your gamerscore with tips for every single objective.

   The Splinter Cell Conviction eguide redefines the way you search for
   information. Embedded links allow you to skip directly to the content you
   need with one simple click of the mouse. In addition, the keyword search
   functionality gives you the freedom to search the entire guide for
   specific words, helping you find exactly what you're looking for instantly
   and painlessly. If you've never tried an eguide, then now is the time to
   see what you've been missing.

   - Full walkthrough for Fisher's mission, complete with tactics for
     stealth players and guns-blazing gamers.

   - Complete maps with strategies for the co-op campaign that sets the stage
     for Fisher's revenge.

   - Maps of every single area in the game including the new Deniable Ops
     extra missions.

   - Bank every weapon upgrade by nailing all P.E.C. Challenges in
     single-player and co-op.

   - Bolster your Gamerscore with tips and tricks for earning all Xbox 360

   1. Unpack with WinRAR
   2. Open with your favorite PDF tool viewer








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