《劲爆美国棒球11》(Out of the Park Baseball 11)完整硬盘版/更新v11.2.28[压缩包]

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    游戏类型SPG 体育运动游戏
    制作发行OOPT Developments
    Viva Media LLC
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英文名称Out of the Park Baseball 11
游戏类型SPG 体育运动游戏
制作发行OOPT Developments
Viva Media LLC

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v11.2.28 Update
Here is the list of fixes/additions:
- The message panel and the league news article reports should show
Facebook and Twitter buttons now. Please try to post news articles to
your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
- Fixed issues with awards not going to deserving players when they
are not on a team
- Fixed projected payroll calculation when extension offers exist
- Fixed rare crashes when enabling the DH prior to a game
- Fixed some PbP issues
- Fixed issue that resulted in duplicated players when manually
activating minor league players from the DL and asking for AI minor
setup afterwards
- Fixed rare instances when players have no demands listed in the free
agent list but asked for a major league contract in the offer screen
- Fixed a bug which caused bad fielding ratings when importing a
historical league with custom CSV files and neutralized stats enabled
- Fixed a bug which causes bad injury ratings in non-recalc historical
leagues for imported rookies
- Fixed a bug during expansion draft which caused drafted players to
cause expenses on the old team
- Improved trade AI
- Fixed problem where story line messages did not contain person names
- Ongoing stories will now be saved in world.dat instead of an extra file
- Added several baseball card features
- File version of english.xml file displayed on database info page
- Fixed multiple small bugs, mainly cosmetic ones
This is the last patch for OOTP 11, work on OOTP 12 has already begun
Install Notes:
1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
2. Install by running ootp11setup.exe
3. Copy content from included Unleashed folder
4. Start game
5. Enjoy!
System requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
1024×768 display
1GHz processor
256 MB RAM
英文名称:Out of the Park Baseball 11
制作厂商:OOPT Developments
游戏发行:Viva Media LLC
游戏类型:Simulation, Sports, Baseball


《劲爆美国棒球》(Out of the Park Baseball)系列,是目前所有职棒模拟游戏中,获得各家网站、杂志评分最高,推荐最多的职棒模拟游戏,本系列获得GamesRadar 9/10、Gamespot 8.5/10、Operation Sports 9.5/10、Gamespy.com 4/5、IGN 8.3/10等各大游戏网站的超高分评价。游戏细致地将球场上最真实的动作呈现在游戏中,如各个大联盟球员的击球时对各种球路、进垒点的对应、投手的控球能力、球速以及各球路的变化幅度…等等。不仅如此,球队的门票定价、商品贩售、球场建设,也都巨细靡遗地呈现,提供玩家最真实的职业棒球气氛。


- 收录1871至2009年大小联盟数万球员与球队资料,不管是刚转队的天价胜投王或最夯的火球小子…资料都是最新
- 完成不可能的阵容,让死对头建仔、拉米瑞滋;松阪、阿不瑞尤…等强打豪投任君挑选齐聚一队
- 球团总经理(GM)你来当,要打造钻石级打线还是用豪华投手群来称王,悉听尊便
- 练就伸卡、滑球、曲球、变速球…各种球路变化,成为胜投最多的魔球投手
- 「化身旅美球员,大展小小郭的K功,胡的守备美技或阿辉的最后一击,来帮「台湾之光」更上层楼
- 「棒球是数据的球赛!」,独创线上百科系统囊括各类数据巨细靡遗,让你成为棒球博士
- 每场赛事自由选要当球员下场投打、当教练下达攻守战术还是做总经理现场监督,还能随时切换
- 从球员交易、攻守阵容、投打战术到门票与热狗售价一手打造您的球队迈向数年连霸,建立王朝


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P R E P A R E  T O  B E  U N L E A S H E D ! ! 

                        Out of the Park Baseball 11 RIP
   Release Date  :  15/04/2010                Protection  :  ESellerate/Activation
   Release Type  :  RIP 40x5.00MB             Company     :  Viva Media
   Release Notes:

   Out of the Park Baseball 11 ("OOTP") is the most sophisticated baseball
   simulation game on the market. The series has improved continuously
   since its inception in 1999, winning countless awards along the way,
   including multiple Sports Game of the Year awards. Now in its 11th
   incarnation, OOTP 11 offers everything a baseball fan can ask for in a
   computer baseball game.

   One of the strengths of OOTP series, is that it offers multiple ways
   to play the game. You can create your league and simply watch it
   evolve by simulating long periods of time. Maybe you want to act as a
   general manager and build your franchise via trades, contract
   negotiations, or through the first-year player draft. Or you can dive
   deep into managing and call the strategy for every pitch and at-bat
   from the dugout. And of course, you can tailor all of this to your
   individual style of play.

   Manage your own baseball franchise

   2010 Opening Day Major League rosters, including full minors

   Play any historical season from 1871 through 2009

   Create your fictional leagues, adjust rules & options

   Solo or online play with no season limits

   Most realistic baseball simulation engine available

   Manage individual games on a pitch-by-pitch basis

   Scouting, trades, contracts, drafts, free agency...

   Experience the ultimate baseball managent game

   RIPPED: Nothing
   Install Notes:

   1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
   2. Install game with ootp11setup.exe
   3. Copy content from included Unleashed folder into game folder
   4. Enjoy!

   Remember to support quality games!

     Unleashed salutes all friends of the family, contacts and competition!

                            " Prepare to be Unleashed! "






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