Julieta Venegas -《Otra Cosa》[MP3]

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专辑英文名Otra Cosa

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Julieta Venegas Percevault, Julieta Venegas的全名, 是一位墨西哥歌手, 乐器家以及作曲人。Julieta Venegas能够非常流利地说英语, 葡萄牙语以及西班牙语。Julieta Venegas主要演唱的是西班牙语的流行摇滚风格的歌曲。Julieta Venegas在墨西哥的蒂华纳长大,她还有一个双胞胎姐妹,目前是一位摄影师。Julieta Venegas八岁的时候就开始学习音乐,曾经加入过许多的乐队,包括Tijuana No!乐队。Julieta Venegas也曾夺得过两项拉丁格莱美奖和一项(美国)格莱美奖。[酱油小子编译自维基百科]

Singer -songwriter and Grammy winner Julieta Venegas, will release her new album Otra Cosa ( Something Else ) this March. Otra Cosa showcases 12 songs filled with acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, various percussion instruments, cavaquinhos, woodwinds, subtle pianos (played by herself) and, of course, unmistakable accordions, a trademark of the Mexican artist. This is an even and cheerful album with catchy melodies made to be heard at home. “Otra Cosa” encourages the listener to let the record play without changing it or skipping songs. As she explains, it’s a very “homely” album. In this new work, Julieta participates not only as a singer but also as the Producer. She gradually directed each of the processes required to make a quality record. From the song selection, songwriting, and arrangements, to scheduling various collaborations from different musicians and artists. “I began the songwriting and arrangement process at home, composing on the piano, and later going to my music room, where I started recording with the idea of trying things. Many ended up on the album, which I love, because it was something very homely, without the pressure of being in the studio, but instead in the quiet of my home,” says Julieta. Julieta wrote the 12 songs included in this album, in which she reflects her maturity as an artist and her strong wish to take her music to the next plateau. Some of the songs feature the collaboration of important musical figures such as Ale Sergi (Miranda!), Dárgelos Adrián (Babasonicos) and Cachorro López (also producer album). The album was recorded during the fall of 2009 and continued through the first weeks of 2010. “I came to write about 40 songs, among which I did in my house, and later in Buenos Aires, where I got together to write with Ale Sergi and Adrian Dárgelos. Two of the songs made it in the album: “Bien o Mal” (“Right or Wrong”), written with Ale, and “Under my Tongue”, written with Adrian. Ale also sang background vocals on “Bien o Mal”, I think he is a genius at arranging vocals, and I invited him to participate in the album,” says Julieta. Why the title “Otra Cosa”? Julieta reveals the question everyone is asking her: “I think every moment we live is something different. Different from the previous one because everything happens is different times, and we are different from every moment of our lives. Therefore nothing is repeated: even if things happen as we are not the same. This is another thing, is another time of my life where I’m not the person I was before, nor I will be more forward.” The new material comes after 12 months without touring or live shows, time that Julieta devoted to write songs. This is why this record is a relief for the thousands of screaming fans that have requested new songs through the different websites “I started with the idea of this album around in March 2009. Not so much on the concept of the entire album, but I started writing songs, locked in my house in total tranquility. For several years I spent time touring so this time was important to me, mostly to relax, read, listen to music, and write in peace.” Due to her global success, “Otra Cosa” will go on sale in March in all countries of Latin America, U.S., Spain, Switzerland and Italy. Julieta Venegas is one of Mexico’s most acclaimed artists in the music business. Keep in mind; this album is something else …


01. Amores Platónicos
02. Bien O Mal
03. Despedida
04. Debajo De Mi Lengua
05. Revolución
06. Otra Cosa
07. Original
08. Ya Conocerán
09. Duda
10. Si Tú No Estás
11. Un Lugar
12. Eterno
13. Bien o Mal (Versión Remix)






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