《硬盘加密软件》(SecurStar DriveCrypt Plus Pack)加强型v3.97/x32/x64/含注册机和补丁[压缩包]

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英文名SecurStar DriveCrypt Plus Pack

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软件类型:安全相关 - 数据加密
应用平台:Windows NT /2000 /2003 /XP/ Vista 32/64 bit/ Windows 7
问题反馈: http://www.securstar.com/support.php
网站链接: http://www.securstar.com/products_drivecryptpp.php

软件简介:SecurStar DriveCrypt 是一个计算机数据安全保护工具,它可以为你提供高达1344 Bit军用硬盘加密技术,加密速度快,加密强度高,而且非常容易安装和使用,最大限度的保护你的私人数据,并把风险降的最低,程序支持隐形加密技术,支持对磁盘单独分区进行加密,内置完善的密码权限管理功能,而且程序采用了特殊的技术可以防止密码被黑客或者木马程序所窃取,并可以防止密码被用黑客用字典或者用暴力破解。程序支持系统热键,使得操作和管理更加简单方便,程序还可以对一些敏感数据进行彻底删除操作。如果你无意之中忘记了密码,程序也可以通过预先设定的管理密码进行恢复数据或者找回丢失的密码,非常安全。

Full Disk Encryption (Encrypts parts or 100% of your HardDisk including the operating System)
Pre-Boot authentication (BEFORE the machines boots, a password is requested to decrypt the disk and start your machine)
Allows secure hiding of an entire operating system inside the free space of another operating system.
Strong 256bit AES encryption
USB-Token authentication at pre-boot level

DriveCrypt Plus Pack provides true real-time "on the fly" 256-bit disk encryption. Providing advanced FDE (Full disk encryption) as opposed to VDE (Virtual disk encryption) or "container" encryption, DCPP is an important evolutionary step in the field of transparent data protection.

DCPP allows you to secure your disk(s) (including removable media) with a powerful and proven encryption algorithm (AES-256) at the sector level, ensuring that only authorized users may access it. The encryption algorithm used by DCPP is a trusted, validated algorithm chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and stated to be the cryptographic standard for years to come. AES-256 is a FIPS-approved symmetric encryption algorithm that may be used by U.S. Government organizations (and others) to protect sensitive information.

DCPP file encryption software is automatic and completely transparent to the user. Not only does this decrease user involvement and training requirements, but also it creates the foundation for enforceable security. The careful integration of boot protection and automatic encryption provides a high degree of security with minimal impact on users. Boot protection prevents subversion of the operating system (via floppy boot-up, for example) or the introduction of rogue programs while sector by sector encryption makes it impossible to copy individual files for brute force attacks. DCPP Windows encryption safeguards the operating system and the important system files (which often contain clues to passwords for Windows).

DCPP is the fastest and most feature-rich real-time full disk encryption system available, Special care has been taken to render all cryptographic parts as invisible & transparent as possible.

Features and Benefits

Some of the main features & benefits:

Boot protection
Pre-Boot authentication: Login before starting the operating system
Multiple OS boot support (Microsoft)
Invisible operating system (allows hiding the entire operating system
Full or partial hard disk encryption
Sector level protection
Complete "power off" protection i.e. unauthorised users are prohibited from starting up the PC
AES 256 bit encryption
No size limitation for encrypted disks
Manages an unlimited amount of encrypted disks simultaneously.
Allows steganography to hide data into pictures
Trojan and keyboard sniffer protection preventing passwords from being sniffed / captured (red screen modus).
Anti dictionary and brute-force attack mechanisms (due to the nature of DCPP, it is the most difficult system to attack compared to anything else available.)
Encrypts almost any kind of media (hard disks, floppy disks, ZIP, JAZ, etc...)
Administrator /user specific rights
USB-Token authentication at pre-boot level (Aladdin R2 and Rainbow USB-Token)
Facility to validate the integrity of the encryption method.
Recovery disk for "disaster recovery"
Easy to install, deploy and use.
Completely transparent to the user
Minimal administration and user training.

System Requierments:
DCPP currently works on Windows NT /2000 /2003 /XP/ Vista 32/64 bit/ Windows 7

          [D]igital [I]nsanity                                   b!
                  
                            
                               
                             
                              
                            
                                         
                                        
                                           
                                              
                                
                       We are the dreamers of dreams...                 
    Today's magic presented by the Digital Insanity heroes is:
                SecurStar DriveCrypt Plus Pack v3.97          
    Cracker [ Brainrain & DarkSide ]  Protection [ Keyfile               ]
   Supplier [ Digital Insanity ]    Release Date [ 22/03/2010            ]
   Packager [ Digital Insanity ]    Release Type [ Keyfilemaker + Patch  ]
     Tester [ Digital Insanity ]    Release Size [ 3x4.77mb              ]
      ³                        [ Description ]                          ³ 
      ְִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִ 
         DriveCrypt  Plus  Pack  provides  true real-time "on the fly"    
         256-bit  disk  encryption.  Providing advanced FDE (Full disk    
         encryption)  as  opposed  to VDE (Virtual disk encryption) or    
         "container"  encryption,  DCPP  is  an important evolutionary    
         step in the field of transparent data protection.                
         DCPP  allows  you to secure your disk(s) (including removable    
         media)  with  a  powerful  and  proven  encryption  algorithm    
         (AES-256)  at the sector level, ensuring that only authorized    
         users  may  access  it. The encryption algorithm used by DCPP    
         is  a  trusted,  validated  algorithm  chosen by the National    
         Institute  of  Standards  and Technology (NIST) and stated to    
         be  the  cryptographic standard for years to come. AES-256 is    
         a  FIPS-approved  symmetric  encryption algorithm that may be    
         used   by  U.S.  Government  organizations  (and  others)  to    
         protect sensitive information.                                   
         DCPP  file  encryption  software  is automatic and completely    
         transparent  to  the  user.  Not only does this decrease user    
         involvement  and  training  requirements, but also it creates    
         the    foundation   for  enforceable  security.  The  careful    
         integration  of  boot  protection  and  automatic  encryption    
         provides  a  high  degree  of security with minimal impact on    
         users.  Boot  protection prevents subversion of the operating    
         system  (via floppy boot-up, for example) or the introduction    
         of  rogue programs while sector by sector encryption makes it    
         impossible  to copy individual files for brute force attacks.    
         DCPP  Windows  encryption safeguards the operating system and    
         the  important  system  files  (which  often contain clues to    
         passwords for Windows).                                          
         DCPP  is  the  fastest  and  most feature-rich real-time full    
         disk  encryption  system  available,  Special  care  has been    
         taken  to  render  all  cryptographic  parts  as  invisible &    
         transparent as possible.                                         
         Pre-Boot Authentication                                          
         The    user    is    authenticated    by  means  of  pre-boot    
         authentication   (PBA)  before  the  system  is  started  and    
         therefore  before  the  operating system is booted. This kind    
         of   authentication  cannot  be  manipulated,  PBA  therefore    
         guarantees  maximum  security. Neither keys nor passwords are    
         stored  on  the  PC's  hard  disk.  All  of  the  information    
         required  to  boot  the  operating system is derived from the    
         password.   This  makes  the  use  of  hard  disk  tools  for    
         analysing  the  hard  disk  completely  ineffective.  PBA  in    
         provided  by  a system call BootAuth and is a fully graphical    
         login screen.                                                    
         Full disk Encryption                                             
         Automatic  &  transparent  Full  disk encryption (FDE) offers    
         several  key  advantages  relative  to  file  encryption. FDE    
         secures   the  system  and  temp  files  that  often  contain    
         sensitive  data  but  are  missed  by  file  encryption. Even    
         removing  the  drive  itself does not give access to any file    
         or  directory  structure.  FDE  is performed sector by sector    
         without  creating  temp  or  backup files. As a result, large    
         files  will  decrypt without delay whereas file encryption is    
         normally  much slower. Whole disk encryption also avoids such    
         time  consuming tasks as secure deletes of temp files or work    
         files  in  clear  text,  and  obviates  the need to do a full    
         delete on disks to be discarded.                                 
         How does it work?                                                
         As  data  is  read  from  the  hard  disk, DCPP automatically    
         decrypts  the data before it is loaded into memory. When data    
         is  written  back  to  the  hard  disk,  it  is automatically    
         re-encrypted.  This  process is completely transparent to the    
         user  or any application programs, the data is caught "on the    
         fly"  as  it  transfers  back and forth between the hard disk    
         and  memory.  Consequently,  users  don't need to remember to    
         decrypt  or  re-encrypt  their  data,  or  change  the normal    
         operation  of  their PC. In addition, only individual sectors    
         are  decrypted  at  any  one  time,  not the whole hard disk.    
         Other  products  that  claim  to  be  "on the fly" decrypt an    
         entire  file  and  load  it into memory, creating significant    
         security  risks.  DCPP  is smarter and more secure because it    
         decrypts  only  the  specific  sectors  of a file that are in    
         use.  Unprotected  data  never  resides  on  a DCPP encrypted    
         disk.                                                            
         Hidden Operating System:                                         
         DCPP  is the only disk encryption software on the market able    
         to  hide  an  entire  operating  system  inside the free disk    
         space  of  another  operating  system.  You  can  practically    
         define  two  passwords  for  your  DCPP  encrypted  disk: One    
         password  is  for the visible operating system, the other for    
         the  invisible  one.  The  first  "fake"  password  gives you    
         access  to  a  pre-configured  operating  system  (outer OS),    
         while  the  other  gives  you  access  to  your  real working    
         operating  system.  This functionality is extremely useful if    
         you  fear  that  someone  may  force  you to provide the DCPP    
         password;  in  this  case,  you  simply  give  away the first    
         (fake)  password  so  that your attacker will be able to boot    
         your  system,  but only see the prepared information that you    
         want  him  to  find. The attacker will not be able to see any    
         confidential  and  personal data and he will also not be able    
         to  understand  that  the  machine is storing one more hidden    
         operating  system.  On  the  other  hand,  if  you enter your    
         private  password  (for the invisible disk), your system will    
         boot  a  different  operating  system  (your  working system)    
         giving  you  the  access  to  all your confidential data. The    
         creation  of  a hidden operating system is not obligatory and    
         as  such, it is not possible for anyone who does not have the    
         hidden  OS password to know or find out if a hidden operating    
         system exists or not.                                            
         For more info,visit -> http://www.securstar.com                  
 ³                       [ Install notes ]                         ³
 ְִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִ    
    Install,   apply  patch  and  generate  a  keyfile  with  the
    keyfilemaker.                                              
    Machine Profile should be generated automatically and      
    properly according to our tests, but in case if it fails    
    or  wrong  Machine Profile is generated then type it manually
    in the following format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX                    
    Enjoy!;)                                                  
      ³    [ About the team and some thing what's worth to know... ]    ³ 
      ְִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִ 
         Some  people  met in a hidden place of the internet long time    
         ago.  They  realized  quickly that they are interested in the    
         same  things,  and  their  thinking  is  similar  too. A nice    
         friendship  started, and they were working on a lot of common    
         reversing   projects.   Later  this  friendship  wasn't  only    
         "virtual", they became friends in real life too. This is what    
         makes  us  a  REAL  team...  We  are  dedicated to do quality    
         keygens.  Don't  cry with stupid requests, nobody cares about    
         it,  because  we  are reversing for OUR entertainment and not    
         for  yours!  We  aren't a new team, just our name seems to be    
         new.  In  the years we got some friend, contact and "fan". An    
         important note to our "fans": We put a hidden trojan in every    
         release, so when you execute our keygen, it logs all activity    
         in  your  computer  and  sends  it  to the FBI. HAHA, DIE ALL    
         [内容被过滤,请注意论坛文明]IN  NOBODIES!  And  finally  a few thinks about legality,    
         copyright, etc: We give a shit on the users, we don't support    
         any  torrents,  DCs  and  other  gay  things.Our releases are    
         internal,  ONLY for the scene. It's not our business that the    
         scene  is full of shitbones who spread the releases to public    
         places.  It's  not our fault that idiots own this world...       
         "Coolin' out with style - like back in the days.                 
          Representin' the skills, puttin' suckers in their place..."     
 ³                        [ Greetings ]                            ³
 ְִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִ
                Greetings to all souls in hell...
      ³                         [ Contact ]                             ³ 
      ְִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִִ 
              If you are skilful enough, you may reach us...              
         [ NFO Created by b & Last Updated on 09/02/2007 ]








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