Boney James -《Send One Your Love》[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Send One Your Love
歌手Boney James

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SAX手Boney James永远都是被人津津乐道的对象,他的形象,他的音乐都会给人以花花大少的感觉,成熟而性感的乐风更是倾倒无数以“小资”自居的年轻人。深受Grover Washington, Jr影响,Boney James是个纯熟的萨克芬管演奏者,风格偏于布鲁斯和流行爵士。他的大碟盛销不衰,并且他能够保证现场演出多姿多彩。他的生名是James Oppenheim,在纽约州的New Rochelle长大。即将成为Boney James的小伙子在他8岁的时候学习了单簧管,2年后改吹萨克斯管。15岁时他的家庭迁到洛杉矶,James很快在一个混合乐队中演奏。该乐队强到可以为Flora Purim和the Yellow jackets开场演奏。在伯克利大学读了一年之后,他转学到加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校来继续他在乐队的演奏。他在取得历史学学位后却在毕业以后成为一个全职乐手,兼演奏键盘。他在1985年继续演奏键盘,并使与他合作的Morris Day相信他应该改演奏萨克斯管。他与Day合作了十年,成为男高音,次高音,女高音和长笛乐曲大受欢迎的客串演奏者,与Randy Crawford, Sheena Easton, Isley Brothers,Bobby Caldwell等共同演出。与Crawford循环演出时他为自己起了这个昵称。但他跟一个键盘手提及自己没钱买食物了,那个乐手回答说如果他吃得更少,他就该被称为骨头James(Boney James)了。这个受欢迎的萨克斯乐手在1992年的Spindletop首次亮相,1994年他与华纳公司签约,在那里录制了Backbone, Seduction, Boney’s Funky Christmas, Sweet Thing, Shake It Up, Ride 和 Pure。by Scott Yanow Boney James以他在行进里将街头乡土音乐,R&B,以及当代爵士的精湛糅合成为世界听众的宠儿。这个会萨克斯管和键盘的多才多艺的制作人和作曲家创作和参与创作了这个十首歌的节目中的九首歌,其中的专辑标题歌曲便网罗了Marcus Miller这样的客串大腕才人和R&B歌手Jaheim。Ave Hollister唱诗般的街头风格在Something Inside一曲中得以展现。

A solid saxophonist whose style falls on the R&B-ish and pop side of jazz, Boney James (who is heavily influenced by Grover Washington, Jr.) is a consistent best-seller who can always be relied upon to put on a colorful live show. Born James Oppenheim, he grew up in New Rochelle, NY. The future Boney James studied clarinet when he was eight, switching to saxophone two years later. When he was 15, his family moved to Los Angeles. James was soon playing in a fusion band (Line One) which was strong enough to open for Flora Purim and the Yellowjackets. After a year attending U.C. Berkeley, he transferred to U.C.L.A. so he could continue playing with the band. He earned a degree in history but became a full-time musician after graduation, doubling on keyboards. James went on the road as a keyboardist with Morris Day in 1985 and eventually convinced Day that he should be playing saxophone instead. He spent four years with Day and became in-demand for guest spots on tenor, alto, soprano, and flute, playing with Randy Crawford, Sheena Easton, the Isley Brothers, Bobby Caldwell, and others. He picked up his nickname while on tour with Crawford. After mentioning to a keyboardist that he was running out of food money, the musician replied that if he ate any less, he would have to be called Boney James. The popular saxophonist made his debut as a leader with Trust in 1992 (Spindletop) and then in 1994 was signed by Warner Bros., where he recorded dates including Backbone, Seduction, Boney's Funky Christmas, Sweet Thing, Shake It Up, Ride, and Pure. In 2006, Boney made the move to Concord Records and released Shine. Send One Your Love followed in 2009.

Boney James, (born James Oppenheim, September 1, 1961 in Lowell, Massachusetts) is a saxophonist, songwriter and producer who popularized urban jazz (an updated version of contemporary jazz that contains elements of R&B and hip-hop). He is one of the most successful instrumental artists of our time, with sales totaling over 3 million records.Boney James is a three-time Grammy Award nominee (Best Pop Instrumental Album, 2001 and 2004, and Best Traditional R&B Performance, 2009 ) and a Soul Train Award winner (Best Jazz Album). He has also been honored with an NAACP Image Award nomination for Best Jazz Album. He has accumulated four RIAA certified Gold records. His current and twelfth CD,Send One Your Love, spent 8 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts.8 of James' albums have reached #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart and 2 have reached the top 10 on the R&B Albums Chart, a rare feat for an Instrumental Artist.In 2000 he collaborated with trumpeter Rick Braun on an album called Shake it Up. Their duets include "Grazin' in the Grass," which had been previously performed by the Friends of Distinction and Hugh Masekela. Other artists who have made guest appearances on Boney's records include Faith Evans, George Benson, Dwele, Al Jarreau, Philip Bailey, Anthony Hamilton, Jaheim, Eric Benet, Dave Hollister and Angie Stone.

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Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)


1. Wanna Show U Sumthin
2. Send One Your Love
3. Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
4. Touch
5. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
6. Hold On Tight
7. I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby
8. City Of Light
9. Butter
10. I'll Be Good To You
11. Summer Dress (Bonus Track)






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