《网站流量检测软件》(Monitor Wolf)v2.00/含破解补丁[压缩包]

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英文名Monitor Wolf
制作发行Lone Wolf Software

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应用平台:Windows XP/Vista/7
问题反馈: support@lonewolf-software.com

软件简介: LoneWolf Monitor Wolf是一款网站流量检测软件。


Monitor Wolf ™
Web Site Monitoring Software

Monitors the status and analyzes the performance of multiple websites.

Why do you need Monitor Wolf ?
The fact is that most Web Hosting companies never bother to notify you when your web site is not responding. If your website is down or responding slowly it can quickly cost you revenue! Monitor Wolf closely monitors any website address and will contact you immediately by email or sound an alarm when a problem occurs so you know what is happening in "real time".

Website performance is an important and critical indicator of a websites success. Monitor Wolf measures and analyzes multiple parameters to determine how well a website responds to browser requests. Measurements are made according to the test frequency you select to check ping response, HTTP visibility and DNS resolution. Response speed, slow response percentage, failure rate and other parameters are recorded. Performance statistics are analyzed and plotted in real time so you can watch and review the website response.

* Website Monitoring Software that's Easy to Use
Just enter your website URL addresses and let Monitor Wolf watch your websites for you! Monitor Wolf was designed to be easy to use and keep you informed on the status of any website and measure its performance.
* Tests Ping Response to let you know the server is responding
When a website address is pinged the Web Host Internet Provider (IP) sends a response code. Monitor Wolf will actively ping the IP address and automatically interpret and measure the response, analyze the results, and plot response trends over time so you can track the performance of the website. Ping response is analyzed instantaneously. All results are compared and analyzed as they occur so you can monitor the website response in "real time".
* Tests HTTP Visibility to insure the website is visible to the public
Downloads and checks the actual HTML code on the homepage to verify that it's visible to browser requests. If the code is not visible to the internet then the website cannot be accessed.
* Tests DNS Resolution to verify that the IP address is resolving correctly
Checks the DNS and lets you know if the domain name is resolving correctly to the servers IP address. If the DNS fails nobody will find the website.
* Plots Test Results so you can watch and review the website performance in real time.
The results graph illustrates response trends so you can see how the site has been performing at a glance.
* Internet Connection Testing
Periodically checks your internet connection to insure the test results being measured are accurate and not skewed by a poor internet connection. If a connection problem occurs, testing is automatically paused until the connection returns to normal.
* Failure Notification
Setup email notifications and alarms to be alerted immediately when a website is not responding. Site "Down Time" is measured automatically so you know when and how long the website failed.
* Background Option to run from the System Tray
Monitor the websites in the backgound while you do other things on your computer. The Monitor Wolf tray icon constantly indicates the status of any websites being monitored and will alert you when a problem occurs.
* Measures Website Overall performance (WOP) - ( response speed, slow response rate, failure rate and more)
If your website is periodically failing, responding slowly or simply performing poorly you will ultimately be the loser not the web hosting company. Most people are not aware of the frequency or multitude of problems that can occur which effect website response. The WOP is a great indicator of total performance.

Watch response trends displayed graphically:
Monitor Wolf compiles data from each ping response and plots the results to illustrate trends. You will see graphically when your website is down, responding slowly, or performing flawlessly. Track a web site or Host IP for days, weeks, or months to accurately reveal "true" performance. The graph is useful to illustrate response trends. A slow response is easily distinguishable as a peak in the graph. An occasional slow response (peak) is normal and insignificant, but a response graph with a substantial amount of peaks is an indicator of a website that has a tendency to respond slowly to browser requests which can be a concern for losing visitors.

Example of poor response results from a monitored web site. This site will often respond slowly to browser requests.

Example of Good response data : This site will respond quickly and consistently to browser requests.

Accurately measure your Website performance:
Ever wondered if your Web Hosting company is performing up to acceptable standards ? Many Web Hosts "promise" a 99.9% UpTime but few actually deliver. Monitor Wolf measures important response parameters from any website including "average response time", " min/max response time", "slow response percentage", "Up-Time percentage" and much more. Now you have a way to decide for yourself if you should keep your current Hosting company or consider switching to a better performer

Monitor your websites in the background :
Monitor Wolf includes an option to allow you to monitor your websites in "Background Mode" from the System Tray. This saves system resources and lets you monitor your websites 24/7 while you work on other things. The Monitor Wolf tray icon will change from Green to Red and sound an alarm if a monitored website fails so you can react immediately if a problem occurs.

  Lone Wolf Software Monitor Wolf v2.00                  
                                                                     
                 ²  ²  PROTECTION...: Serial        ²  ²              
                       RELEASE TYPE.: Crack                          
                     RELEASE DATE.: 21/02/2010                    
                      RELEASE SIZE.: 02x5.00MB                       
            ²°                                           °        
               ±²                                             ²±            
               ²             * RELEASE NOTES *             ²            
               ²                                           ²            
                Website Monitoring Software is a                   
                software that can monitor several                  
                websites at the same time. Tests and               
                monitors 3 critical factors to insure              
                a website is responding and                        
                functional. Tracks server response                 
                using Active Ping technology,                      
                verifies DNS resolution and monitors               
                HTTP visibility.                                   
                                                                   
                Watch response trends displayed                    
                graphically and be notified                        
                immediately by email or alarm if your              
                site fails or responds slowly. If                  
                your web site goes down wouldn't you               
                like to know about it ?                            
                                                                   
                The fact is that most Web Hosting                  
                companies never bother to notify you               
                when your web site is not responding.              
                If your website is down or responding              
                slowly that can quickly cost you                   
                revenue! Monitor Wolf can contact you              
                immediately when a problem occurs so               
                you know what is happening in "real                
                time".                                             
                                                                   
                Accurately measure any web sites                   
                performance. Ever wondered if your                 
                Web Hosting Company is performing up               
                to acceptable standards? Many Web                  
                Hosts "promise" a 99.9% Up-Time but                
                few actually deliver.                              
                                                                   
                Monitor Wolf measures important                    
                response parameters from any website               
                including "average response time", "               
                min/max response time", "slow                      
                response percentage", "Up-Time                     
                percentage" and much more. Now you                 
                have a way to decide for yourself if               
                you should keep your current Hosting               
                Company or consider switching to a                 
                better performer. Server response is               
                measured and monitored using Active                
                Ping Technology.                                   
                                                                   
                DNS monitoring insures that your                   
                domain name is resolving correctly to              
                your IP address so that your web site              
                can be found. HTTP monitoring                      
                verifies that the HTML code on your                
                web page can be downloaded so that                 
                your web site is visible to browser                
                requests.                                          
                                                                   
                Watch response trends displayed                    
                graphically: Data is compiled from                 
                each ping response and the results                 
                plotted to illustrate trends. You                  
                will see graphically when your web                 
                site is down, responding slowly, or                
                performing flawlessly.                             
                                                                   
                                                                   
                URL: http://www.lonewolf-software.com              
                                                                   
                                                                   
                                                                   
                           * iNSTALL NOTES *                       
                                                                   
                1.) Unpack and install                             
                2.) Copy cracked file(s) over                      
                    original(s)                                    
                3.) Enjoy!                                         
                                                                   
                If you can't understand how to install             
                or use this then please don't waste our            
                or anyone else time whining about bad              
                installation instructions.                         
                                                                   
                Instead of blaming us for delivering               
                poor package try to read developer's               
                FAQ or program's manual.                           








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