Sophie Zelmani -《I'm the Rain》[MP3]

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专辑英文名I'm the Rain

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从1995年开始,来自瑞典这个北方国度的甜美清新邻家女孩Sophie Zelmani苏菲珊曼妮,便以生活化、发自内心真诚的诗意词句,简单干净透澈却能直接触摸隐藏在心灵深处纤纤情感的音乐,而征服了瑞典、欧陆甚至亚洲的广大歌迷.Sophie的音乐之所以能像她的人一样,情感纤细、纯净亲切而动人,那是因为她的歌直接纪录了她的成长心路历程.最新作品「Sing And Dance舞唱人生」,仿佛用音乐来回忆着过去那些在情感正要愈合,然而一旦触碰到还是会带来疼痛的伤口,那沁凉萧瑟绝美的意境,就是这么让人愈听愈沉醉其中而难以自拔。

Zelmani开始了在欧洲的宣传演唱会,随后又去了美国。Precious Burden于1998年发行,赢得了非常好的口碑。前两张专辑由Halapi录音并且负责制作和演奏大部分乐器。但是后来,她组了一个乐队,仍旧由 Halapi负责制作,她还参与创作了其中的一首歌。直到1999年Time to Kill发行。

从1995年以一曲“Always You”开始,来自瑞典这个北方国度的甜美清新邻家女孩Sophie Zelmani,便以其生活化、发自内心真诚的诗意词句,简单干净透澈却能直接触摸隐藏在心灵深处纤纤情感的音乐,而征服了瑞典、欧陆乃至亚洲的广大歌迷。Sophie Zelmani的音乐之所以能像她的人一样,情感纤细、纯净亲切而动人,那是因为她的歌直接纪录了她的成长心路历程。

从收录“Always You”、“A Thousand Times”等单曲,甜美羞涩的首张同名专辑,到走红之后面对漫长的巡回演出与数不尽的访谈而感到痛苦,继而使其创作呈现出苦涩与深沉黑暗气氛的第二张专辑《Precious Burden》,再到即将迎向曙光、向伤感告别的第三张专辑《Time To Kill》,以及如今的最新作品“Sing And Dance”-仿佛用音乐来回忆着过去那个在情感或生理上正要愈合,然而一旦触碰到还是会带来疼痛的伤口-Sophie Zelmani就像个挚友般分享着她的情感与心情变化,唯一不变的是她的音乐表现方式,依然是清脆的吉他合弦衬托着她温暖甜美的歌声,恰如其分不喧宾夺主的鼓与贝斯,陪衬上彷如远方传来的萨克司风及逐渐贴近的长笛或小提琴悠扬旋律,传递出仿佛在冷飕飕的秋天夜晚漫步走在瑞典已然结霜的路上,脚底还不时传出嘎吱细碎声响,那沁凉萧瑟绝美的意境,让人愈听愈沉醉其中难以自拔。

In 1994 Swedish vocalist Sophie Zelmani and producer/guitarist Lars Halapi began a collaboration that 16 years later must be labeled the most persistent, and certainly one of the most successful in Swedish pop history. Apart from consistent platinum sales in her native country Sweden, Zelmani had also reached out in countries such as Germany, Japan, Austria and Switzerland.

“I’m the Rain” is the eighth full-length album result of the unique interjunction between Zelmani’s low-voiced songs and the calm Halapi soundscapes.

The expressions on the album are undeniably “Zelmanic”. But the songs are nevertheless the results of an at times new way of working together.

The forerunner of “I’m the Rain”, the 2007 album “The Ocean and Me”, was at parts recorded as a session effort “live in the studio.” When Zelmani’s faithful mix engineer Pontus Olsson –who she had worked with since her debut in 1994 – passed away to cancer in the spring of 2009 Zelmani & Halapi chose to proceed on the path the trio were on before his death.

Zelmani today recalls her thoughts on the sad news about Olsson:
“To me it could, after that news, end up more or less a set of demo sessions. Simple, straight on, nu fuzz. Everything was so different when our beloved engineer was gone. I couldn’t even consider a full-blown recording set-up.”

Halapi says about the recordings in his countryside studio in southernmost Sweden through spring and summer 2009:
“Sophie would play me a short outline of a song. I returned some thoughts on pace, the number of verses, the key, or just general encouragement. After that I left, did some gardening and let her work on her own. After a couple of hours she called for me and it was time to work. We decided on the format of the song and its final key, I arranged the mics, then we recorded with just our guitars.”

Sophie adds:
“In the end the band flew down from Stockholm and joined us on some of the songs. At that stage that was very nice and inspiring!”

The current Zelmani band includes new keyboard player Rickard Nilsson but also the familiar names of Peter Korhonen (drums) and Thomas Axelsson (bass). Zelmani and Halapi recorded through three October days the title song as well as “If I Could”, “Ready to Be Forgiven” and “Interior Design”. The latter is an improvisation, both musically and lyrically. Zelmani and Halapi only had two chords and some key phrases. The vision was to create a meditation over the feeling “the dream house” and all the longings associated to that ideal scenario. The band was solely presented the key to the song.

Sophie Zelmani muses on the title “I’m The Rain” as a follow up to an album called “The Ocean and Me”:
“One could wonder about my obsession with water. I’m actually afraid of water! But it’s also something that deeply fascinates me…”

Swedish mix guru Ronny Lahti was picked to the somewhat difficult task of replacing Pontus Olsson. Halapi pays tribute:
“With a newly plastered foot Ronny did a magnificent job through five days in a Copenhagen studio.”

“I’m The Rain” is a very tight album even by Zelmani standards. The songs fuse to a consistent melancholic mantra. It’s music as a reliable friend, it’s music that works as a healer. It’s Sophie Zelmani music.


01. If I Could
02. The Years
03. You Can Always Long for May
04. Ready
05. Interior Design
06. Not With You
07. I'm the Rain
08. Our Man
09. It Knows
10. To be Forgiven
11. Song of the Night
12. To Know You(Alt. Version)[bonus track]






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