Trent Dabbs -《Your Side Now》[MP3]

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专辑英文名Your Side Now
歌手Trent Dabbs

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这是Trent Dabbs的第四张个人专辑,Grey's Anatomy S6E12选了Your side now做插曲,之前几季也都选过他的歌。整张专辑很流畅,很耐听。Trent Dabbs是Ten Out of Tenn(10位来自Nashville的音乐人合作的side project,发过专辑,Tour上也会请一些其他音乐人做嘉宾)的一员。09年他们也办了一些巡回,反响很不错。

Style:Folk rock/Acoustic/Pop rock

Praise to Trent Dabbs for not succumbing to the pressures of commercial pop and country that is so prevalent in the Nashville music scene. On his fourth solo album, Your Side Now, Dabbs continues his artistic quest for a more organic and earnest sound. With soulful vocals and skillful composition, Dabbs elevates himself to the forefront and remains ever a step ahead of his peers.

Notably, this album features some considerable contributions from his fellow Ten Out of Tenn band mates. For those who don't know: Ten out of Tenn is a side project comprised of ten like-minded Nashville area musicians. But given the charisma he exudes from his music, it's apparent why Dabbs is the de facto leader.

Particularly the song "Inside These Lines" is so genuine, one can't help but overlook the almost cliché subject matter of a fading love. This song serves as a warning against falling into a routine and (though it does not expressly say it) allowing one's self to be defined by artificial "lines." The title track "Your Side Now" is an equally beautiful song. The lyrics "don't hide/let me see it from your side now" are a good representation of a key theme in this album: opening up to the possibilities and vulnerabilities of love.

In terms of instrumentation there is liberal use of flowing strings, piano hooks and guitar strumming. Most of the tracks are fairly consistent in this, and while the form can be a little repetitive there is enough going on in the mix to keep any song from becoming monotonous. The drums and bass go long way in adding some distinction to individual tracks, and I was please to hear some slide guitar work on "Rain or Shine."

Yet the thing that plagues Your Side Now the most is the lack of climax; there are very few truly high points on the album. Each track on the disc is easy listening and easy-going, perhaps a little too much so. More accurately each song makes me feel like I am driving home after a double shift already half asleep, and after eight songs it's a bit much; I just want it to go somewhere.

I would even venture to say that a few of the tracks sound like a rehash of the same song. Very beautiful rehashes of the same song, but the same song none-the-less. And on such a short album, Dabbs doesn't have enough musical real estate to allow the listener to feel this way.

Overall, however, this is a solid album and anyone looking to get their pop fix should consider picking it up. 

Inside These Lines MV


01. Wake Up Call
02. Dear Jane
03. Your Side Now
04. Rain or Shine
05. Inside These Lines
06. Red Colored Roses
07. Nothing Left to Leave
08. Wishful Thinking
09. Look Back On






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