原声大碟 -《鬼泣原声音乐收藏》(Devil May Cry Original SoundTrack Collection)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Devil May Cry Original SoundTrack Collection

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专辑中文名: 《鬼泣》原声音乐集
专辑英文名: Devil May Cry Original Soundtrack
别名: DMC OST 1
艺术家: Masami Ueda(上田 雅美) Misao Senbongi Masato Koda(甲田 雅人)
资源格式: FLAC
发行时间: 2004-10-15

Composed by:Masami Ueda, Misao Senbongi, Masato Koda
Catalog Number:CPCA-1096~7
Released:October 15, 2004

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Disc One

01.Let's Rock! (Title)
02.The theme of Sparda - Devil Sunday (Sparda's Theme)
03.EV-01 (Opening)
04.GM-01 (Mission Start)
05.ST-01 (Old Castle Stage)
06.Pubic Enemy (Regular Battle)
07.GM-02 (Continue)
08.EV-02 (Alastor Acquired)
09.GM-03 (Image of the God of Space-Time)
10.ST-02 (Cathedral)
11.EV-03 (Sin Scissors Appears)
12.ST-03 (Ocean Floor Stage)
13.Red-hot Juice (Phantom Appears)
14.Psycho Siren (Mid-Boss Battle)
15.EV-04 (Neo Angelo Appears)
16.Ultra Violet (Neo Angelo Battle)
17.EV-05 (Dante Cornered)
18.ST-04 (Beneath Old Castle Stage)
19.EV-06 (Beelzebub Appears)
20.EV-07 (Phantom Appears)
21.EV-08 (Traces of Sparda)
22.Lock&Load (Blade Appears- Regular Battle 2)
23.EV-09 (Ifrit Acquired)
24.Flock Off! (Griffon Appears- Battle)
25.EV-10 (Fetish Appears)
26.ST-05 (Green Garden)
27.EV-11 (Neo Angelo Appears- Battle Ver.2)
28.EV-12 (Ghost Ship- Setting Sail)
29.EV-13 (Griffon Appears - Battle Ver.2)
30.EV-14 (Ghost Ship- Sinking)
31.ST-06 (Underwater Stage)
32.ST-07 (Colosseum)
33.EV-15 (Griffon Appears - Battle Ver. 3)
34.EV-16 (Swearing On My Father's Name)
35.GM-04 (Mission Clear)

Disc Two

01.GM-05 (Mission Start)
02.Karnival (Nighttime Old Castle Stage - Plasma Appears)
03.Mental Machine (Nightmare Battle)
04.ST-08 (Nightmare Space)
05.Anarchy in the U.W. (Battle in Hell)
06.Super Ultra Violet (Neo Angelo Appears - Battle Ver. 3)
07.EV-17 (The Truth)
08.EV-18 (Magic Sword Sparda Acquired)
09.Evil Vaccuum (Hell)
10.EV-19 (Nobody Appears)
11.EV-20 (Magic Nightmare Barrier - Battle)
12.EV-21 (Betrayal)
13.The theme of Eva (Eva's Theme)
14.Final Penetration (Hell Stage)
15.ST-09 (Hell's Great Temple)
16.EV-22 (A Scheme)
17.EV-23 (Demon Emperor Mundus Appears)
18.EV-24 (A Mother's Revenge)
19.EV-25 (Awakening)
20.Legendary Battle (Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 1: In the Sky)
21.EV-26 (Dante Falls to the Earth)
22.Legendary Battle Ver.2 (Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 2: On the Ground)
23.EV-27 (Collapse of the Demon Emperor Mundus)
24.The theme of Trish (Trish?s Theme)
25.Bloody Bladder (Escape from Hell)
26.EV-28 (Demon Emperor Mundus Again)
27.ST-10 (Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 3: Underground)
28.EV-29 (Mother's Voice - Trish Appears)
29.EV-30 (Reunion - A Moment Before Death)
30.I'm Coming! (Escape)
31.Blue Orgasm (Blue Heavens)
32.Dante & Trish ~ Seeds of Love (Staff Roll)
33.Pillow Talk (Ranking Ver.1)
34.Pillow Talk Again (Ranking Ver.2)
35.GM-06 (Game Over)
36.Super Pubic Enemy (Sparda Battle 1)
37.S (Sparda Battle 2)
38.Lock & Load Original


专辑中文名: 《鬼泣2》原声音乐集
专辑英文名: Devil May Cry 2 Original Soundtrack
别名: DMC OST 2
艺术家: Masato Koda(甲田 雅人) Tetsuya Shibata(柴田 彻也) Satoshi Ise
资源格式: FLAC
发行时间: 2004-10-15

Composed by:Masato Koda, Tetsuya Shibata, Satoshi Ise
Catalog Number:CPCA-1098~9
Released:October 15, 2004

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Disc One

01.Dance with devils 1:34
02.Overture 1:49
03.Mission Start 1:31
04.Eye of the Wind (Lower Town) 2:08
05.Fire Away (Dante Battle 1) 1:16
06.Wings of the Guardian (Lucia Battle 1) 2:17
07.A prayer for Goddes (Lucia Battle 2) 1:39
08.Mission Clear 0:51
09.Old Lady 1:07
10.Underground (Catacomb) 2:09
11.Eternal (Clock Tower) 2:00
12.Cursed Giant (Orangguerra/Tartarussian Battle) 3:02
13.Continue 1:07
14.Game Over 0:19
15.Bust the Beast (Goatling/Phantom Battle) 2:50
16.New Factor 0:20
17.Parasitic Evil (Jokatgulm Battle) 2:38
18.Eye of the Wind (Uppertown) 3:23
19.Assault(Infested Chopper Battle) 2:20
20.Evil Tower (Nefasturris Battle) 3:57
21.Mad Factory (Factory) 1:54
22.Faithful Servant (Furiataurus Battle) 3:02
23.Realize, Regret...Resolution 1:53
24.Defective Truth 1:43
25.Blast Off! 1:19

Disc Two

01.Mysterious Ruins (Dante Ruins) 2:25
02.Unholy Relics (Lucia Ruins) 2:36
03.Shoot the Works (Dante Battle 2) 2:55
04.Demon's Paradise (Lucia Battle 2) 1:40
05.Uncanny Noise (Noctpteran/Trismagia Battle) 3:13
06.Encounter 0:57
07.Power of Will 0:39
08.Destructive Step (Lower Town, Hell Version) 1:39
09.Blasphemy (Uroboros Building) 2:12
10.A Praise of Evil 0:39
11.Cry for the Moon (Arius Battle) 3:46
12.Please Kill Me 1:01
13.Chaotic Gloria 0:37
14.Sacred Tears 1:32
15.Against the Fate 2:43
16.Darkness Instinct (Argosax the Chaos Battle) 4:30
17.Ragnarok (The Despair Embodied Battle) 4:02
18.Jackpot! 0:44
19.All the Way to Hell 0:15
20.Telling Sweet Lies 0:58
21.Heads or Tails (Staffroll) 3:51
22.Epilogue~ 0:49
23.Total Result 2:35
24.Mode Select 1:20
25.Show Time! (Trish Battle 1) 2:17
26.Spark it up!(Trish Battle 2) 2:38


专辑中文名: 《鬼泣4》原声音乐集
专辑英文名: Devil May Cry 4 Original Soundtrack
别名: DMC OST 4
艺术家: Tetsuya Shibata(柴田 彻也)
资源格式: FLAC
发行时间: 2008-02-27

Devil May Cry 4 Original Soundtrack
Catalogue Number CPCA-10192~4
Publisher Suleputer
First Printing February 27, 2008

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Disc 1

01 Devil May Cry 4 Title
02 Out of Darkness
03 Genocide
04 Mission Start 1
05 The Red Man -With Gun and Sword-
06 Blackened Angel
07 The Red Man -Right Arm of the Devil-
08 The Red Man -The Look-Alike-
09 The Red Man -A Mystery Left-
10 Mission Clear
11 The Hell Gate -Devilish Invasion-
12 Stage I
13 The Time Has Come
14 Stage II
15 Stage III
16 Stage IV
17 The idol of the "Time and Space"
18 Stage V
19 Berial Appears
20 Sworn Through Swords
21 Game Over
22 Berial Withdraws
23 Stage VI
24 The Voluptuous Gloria
25 Stage VII
26 Baroque and Beats
27 Bianco Angelo Collapses
28 Secret Mission
29 Snowstorm Dance
30 Temptation
31 Bael Appears
32 Frozen Frog
33 Bael Knocked Down

Disc 2

01 The Return of the King
02 Stage VIII
03 Sword of the Devil 1
04 Irregularity Attacks
05 Sword of the Devil 2 -awaken-
06 To The Forest
07 Conspiracy
08 Stage IX
09 Chimera Seeds Appear ~ Battle
10 Imminence
11 Echidna Appears
12 The Viper
13 Echidna Withdraws
14 Assault Appears ~ Battle
15 Stage X
16 Loyal Credo
17 Swipe of Sword
18 Credo Knocked Down ~ Kyrie Suffers
19 Alto Angelos Appear ~ Battle
20 Stage XI
21 Agnus, Again
22 Science will never die
23 Just Out Of Reach
24 Fausts Appear ~ Battle
25 Dante's Party Crashing
26 Forza del Destino
27 The Dying Wish
28 Stage XII
29 Confronting the Cardinal 1
30 Chorus in the Darkness
31 End

Disc 3

01 Nero and Kyrie
02 God Rises ~ Death with High Pride
03 Lock and Load -Blackened angel mix-
04 The Gate is Opened
05 Mission Start 2
06 Mega Scarecrows Appear ~ Battle
07 Time Attack
08 Destruction of the Religious Headquarters
09 The Beginning -Lady's Request-
10 Echidna, Again ~ Battle
11 Echidna Knocked Down ~ Steel Shock, Gilgamesh
12 Dagon Appears ~ Battle
13 Dagon Knocked Down ~ Weapon of Disaster, Pandora
14 Basilisks Appear ~ Battle
15 Berial, Again ~ Battle
16 Berial Knocked Down ~ Inexhaustible Lucifer
17 Stage XIII
18 Agnus Three Times 1 ~ Battle
19 Agnus Three Times 2 -And the rest is silence-
20 Recapture of the Devil Sword
21 Destruction of the Hell Gate
22 The One Who Disregards God
23 Power of Destroyer
24 Divine Power
25 Power of Destroyer -Limit Break mix-
26 The Penetrating Voice
27 Send in the New Star
28 To the Stairs of Trial
29 Stage XIV
30 The Recital
31 Confronting the Cardinal 2
32 The Vicious Flames
33 Sparda's Will ~ Kyrie Rescued
34 To the Last Battle
35 The Last Blow
36 The Real Reason -What This Right Arm is For-
37 La Vita Nuova -A New Life-
38 Shall Never Surrender
39 Standard Daytime -Everyday-
40 Total Result






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