《警犬队 新西兰版 第一季》(Dog Squad NZ Season 1)更新至第10集[PDTV][TVRip]

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中文名警犬队 新西兰版 第一季
英文名Dog Squad NZ Season 1

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Dog Squad Is An Exciting New Series, Following Integral Roles That Working Dogs And Their Handlers Play On The Frontline Protecting Our Streets, Prisons, Mountains, Airports And Borders.

We're Right In With The Action Following The Real Scenarios That Unfold As A Result Of These Dedicated Hardworking Dogs, In The Correction Service, Police, Aviation Security, Customs, MAF And Search And Rescue.

While Examining The Relationship Between These Loyal Canines And Their Handlers, We Get An Intimate Insight Of How They Mutually Perform Their Jobs. We Explore The Bond Each Duo Have Together And Watch Each Dog's Unique Style Of Operating.

The Fruits Of These Trusty Canines Hard Work And The Results Of The Hours And Hours Of Training They've Undergone, Are When We See Them Sniff Out Drugs, Track Down Criminals, Locate Animal Or Vegetable Matter That Could Have Devastating Effect On New Zealand's Wildlife And Growing Industries, All For The Reward Of Some Encouraging Positive Words From Their Handlers, And Maybe A Rolled Up Tee-towel Or Toy To Play With.

Some Of The Top Dogs Staring In Dog Squad Include -

Ted, An Appealing 4 Year Old German Short Haired Pointer Who Works Alongside Waikeria Corrections Officer Maurice. Ted's Sensitive Nose Has The Ability To Pick Up On Even The Residual Smell Of Cannabis, Which He Locates When He And His Maurice Conduct Car Park Searches Of Prison Visitors. When Maurice Runs Ted Through The Prison Mailroom, Or On A Cell Search, If Drugs Are Present Ted Will Indicate Within In A Matter Of Seconds.

Miller Is A Drug Dog Who Works For Customs. Miller Was Picked Up Off Death Row At The Pound When Customs Saw His Potential. Handler Maranga Vows That Miller Is Never Wrong, If He Indicates The Presence Of Drugs Then There Will Definitely Be Drugs.

Archie Is A Sprightly Border Collie How Works Along Side His Aviation Security Handler Andy. More Than 360 Hours And Thousands Of Dollars Have Gone Into Training Archie To Sniff Out Explosives That Could Pose Local Terrorism Threats.

MAF Dog Griff Has Been Detecting Meat, Fruit And Vegetables In The Airport Arrivals Hall For 8 Years And Still Hasn't Lost His Knack. We See Griff Working Right Up To His Last Days Before He Retires.

Police Dogs Tank, Quake And Ila Are All Experts At Tracking Criminals, And When They Catch Someone On The Run, Having The White Teeth Of Any Of These Dogs In Their Face Makes Even The Most Hardened Of Criminals Do Exactly As They're Told.

Dog Squad, Starting Soon On ONE, Will Give New Zealanders A Remarkable Insight Into The Working Lives Of These Dedicated Dogs And Their Handlers.






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