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英文名Chaos Software Chaos Intellect
制作发行Chaos Software

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Chaos Intellect: Business email software and CRM contact management done right!

If you haven't heard of Chaos Intellect before now, you've missed out! We have years of experience making great contact management CRM software, as featured in our award winning contact manager called Time & Chaos. Chaos Intellect combines this powerful contact manager experience with a great email client that hits the sweet spot for users like you!

Why choose to use Chaos Intellect instead of better known email client software competitors? We have two ways to answer that for you: on the left, you can view our features, organized by whether you are a Casual User, Business User or Advanced Power User. On the right, we let other users provide their own testimonials of how Intellect has worked for them. Keep reading for more details and screen shots!

Once you see enough to convince you to try it, keep in mind we have a fully-functional trial version you can download with no missing features and no hassles. We want you to see it work in the real world without any guessing!

What makes Intellect different?

1. Intellect shows you which email messages come from people you know!

In your inbox, look for the messages with a business card icon in the first column. These are the messages coming from people in your contact list, easy to pick out from the rest of the noise!

2. Intellect has email histories for contacts!

Open a contact and go to the E-Mail tab at the top to see ALL of the messages you have received from or sent to this contact's email addresses!

3. For that matter, Intellect has appointment and task histories of everything else you have done for a contact, too!

While in the contact details, there are also tabs for Appointments and Tasks to show your chronological history, including any notes you took on those days about those events.

4. Want your prospects and clients to feel you are in constant contact with them?

Intellect offers e-mail merges with message templates you create making it easy to be personal without all the work! Even create a complete series of messages to be delivered at a scheduled interval.

Intellect can do merges with Word templates, too, if you are still sending out letters the old-fashioned way!

5. Intellect has a REDIRECT button !!!

Who knows why most email programs are missing this useful feature, but who hasn't been frustrated by the way forwarding email works? You pass along a message to the right person at your office to answer the email, and then they reply ---- to you! How did you get stuck in the middle? Because the forwarded message came from you!

If you redirect the message instead of forwarding, the person who receives it will be replying back to the original sender, leaving you out of the middle!

6. Share your data on a network, even in real time or simultaneous use!

You can share just part of the data, like a common contact list, or share everything, even the email (perfect for things like info@, support@, or sales@ your company email domain).

No special or expensive server software is required. Its all built into our program ready to use shared folders on your network.

7. You can put Intellect AND your data on a memory stick / flash drive to take with you when you leave your main computer!

You can take your flash drive to a guest computer and access data without leaving any apparent tracks on the guest system. This even includes sending and receiving email messages!

The version you run from the flash drive can then be synchronized with your main computer so that any changes and updates you make to your data in one place can be shared with both!

8. Intellect is made and supported by friendly people!

While not a feature of the product itself, per se, can you remember last time you called a company for help, didn't get put on hold for forever, got a real person on the other end of the line, and that person actually knew the program you were calling about?

We like our software and we are happy to assist, especially if you are new and getting started!


³‏‏                        ¯ RELEASE iNFORMATiON ®                         ‏‏³
³°³ SOFTWARE NAME : Chaos Intellect v3.0.4.2                                
³°³ PROTECTiON    : SERiAL             ³  CRACKER       : TEAM Z.W.T        
³°³ RELEASE TYPE  : KEYGEN             ³  SUPPLiER      : TEAM Z.W.T        
³°³ RELEASE DATE  : 2010-01-24         ³  PACKER        : TEAM Z.W.T        
³°³ LANGUAGE      : English            ³  SiZE          : 02 x 5.00MB
³°³ FORMAT        : ZIP/RAR            ³  ZiP NAME      : zci3042*.zip      
³‏‏                          ¯ ADDiTiONAL NOTES ®                          ‏‏³
³°³ COMPANY       : Chaos Software Group, Inc.                              
³°³ PLATFORM      : WiNALL                                                  
³°³ SOFTWARE TYPE : UTiLiTY                                                  
³°³ URL           : http://www.chaossoftware.com/                            
³‏‏                           ¯ RELEASE NOTES ®                            ‏‏³

  Chaos Intellect is our next generation contact manager and time management  
  tool featuring full email capabilities integrated with a contact address    
  book, appointment schedule, task management and memos. Works well for        
  individuals or shared workgroups on networks.                                

³‏‏                           ¯ iNSTALL NOTES ®                            ‏‏³

  Unpack and install. Use our keymaker to register it.                        

  MD5(keygen.exe) = 2bd0a51879f8f412e7c8540538fb83d1









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