《Photoshop CS4 大辞典》(The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Dictionary)(Philip Andrews)高清晰全彩[PDF]

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中文名Photoshop CS4 大辞典
原名The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Dictionary
出版社Focal Press

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Photoshop 推出了CS4,本书以词条的形式详尽介绍了CS4的每个功能,

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Now in its eleventh release Photoshop is undoubtedly the King
of photo-editing software and, considering the host of new and
revamped features included in the CS4 version of the program,
its position at the top of the heap is assured.
The software is so popular with photographers, designers and
illustrators that it is truly hard to recall a time when we didn’t
have Photoshop at the center of our creative endeavors. With
the massive upsurge of digital camera owners there is now a
host of new photographers who are just discovering the pure
editing and enhancement power afforded by the program.
Given the success of previous editions it would have been easy
for Adobe to sit back and bask in the refl ected glory of the
program’s popularity but instead Adobe has been hard at work
improving what was already a great product. The CS4 version,
just like the releases before it, is a state-of-the-art imageediting
program full of the features and functions that digital
photographers and desktop image makers desire the most.
In fact, the program has become so comprehensive that
producing an illustrated A–Z book like this one is not just
a nicety, but has become a necessity. The software covers
so many areas that Photoshop users needed a quick readyreference
guide to all the major tools and features. Peter
Bargh, in the fi rst few editions of this text, provided just such
a comprehensive guide to the program and here I add to his
excellent work. As was Peter’s approach, I haven’t stopped at
simply describing the tool or feature; I accompany the text with
illustrations of the software in action together with before and
after pictures of the applied changes.
All entries include shortcut keys, menu locations and are
cross-referenced to other Photoshop features that relate.
Many features also include step-by-step guides to their usage
and extended visual examples of the effects of using different
settings on your pictures and just as with the last edition I
have included a special techniques section that outlines key
techniques that you can use with your images.
Keep this ready reference handy for all those occasions when
you ask yourself ‘What does that do?’
But most of all keep enjoying your digital image making!


1 Introduction
2 How to use this book
3 A-Z Entries
4 Step-by-step techniques






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