《古代埃及人》(Ancient Egyptians)[DVDRip]

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英文名Ancient Egyptians
制作发行Channel 4

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【英文介绍】 Ancient Egyptians is a vivid realisation of life in the land of the Pharaohs at the time of the great dynasties. This stunning ?5.65 million production, strikingly dramatized with state-of-the-art computer generated visual effects was three years in the making. Filmed on location in Egypt and Morocco, these four one-hour films tell the true stories of real people who lived in ancient Egypt. The stories have survived for thousands of years, scattered in the fragile pages of papyrus court records, letters and inscriptions. Ancient Egyptians takes us into a world of class conflict, corruption, heroism, family feuds and tragedy. These are compelling human tales, told through the words and deeds of real people: a poor quarryman arrested for tomb robbing, a inexperienced Pharaoh facing a threat to his kingdom, a family caught up in a violent feud, destitute twin girls struggling to survive in an unforgiving world. Their stories, which span 1,500 years, unfold against the backdrop of great events in the kingdom’s history and paint intimate and dramatic portraits of a rich and fascinating society. In recreating these ancient stories, wherever possible the characters’ real words and thoughts are used, in the ancient Egyptian language. Costume and design are based on meticulous research into the wealth of real material that has survived from ancient Egypt at different periods. Computer-generated visual effects play an important part in recreating the scale and visual richness of the ancient Egyptian’s world, whether it’s a working day in a temple, or an army on the march.

Contains all four episodes:
• Episode One: The Battle of Megiddo - The struggle that gave birth to an empire.
• Episode Two: The Tomb Robber’s Tale - The great tomb robbing scandal of the 20th dynasty.
• Episode Three: Murder in the Temple - The greatest tragedy of Egypt’s Renaissance.
• Episode Four: The Twins’ Tale - Murder, betrayal and decadence in Egypt’s dying days.

• Warriors and Thieves 勇士和小偷
• Digital Egypt 数字埃及
• Reinventing Ancient Egypt 重现古埃及
• Priests and Dreamers 神父和梦想者
• Speaking in Hieroglyphs 象形文字
• Pharaonic Fashions 法老的时尚
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Part 1: The Battle of Megiddo
A young and inexperienced Pharaoh faces a Syrian rebellion that threatens to end his reign. Despite being outnumbered, he sets out to nip the rebellion in its bud.

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Part 2: The Tomb Robbers Tale
Corrupt pyramid workers are on the take, robbing the very people who employed them. Will the Nubian police force be able to capture the gang when even their own boss seems to be on their bankroll?

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Part 3: Murder in the Temple
With Egyptian power on the wane, the priests of Amun seek to form a political marriage with the Pharaoh regardless of the consequences

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Part 4: The Twins Tale
: In Memphis, two twin girls are left destitute by their mother who has taken their share of the inheritance - with nowhere left to go, they seek refuge in the Serapeum temple.

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Video Aspect Ratio: 1:76
Video Resolution: 704 x 400
Audio Codec: (Dolby AC3)
Audio Bitrate: 192 kb/s 48000Hz
Run-Time: 49mins
Framerate: 25FPS
Number of Parts: 4
Part Size: 700mbs
Ripped by artistharry
Subtitles: English
Source: DVD
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