Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter -(Two Worlds One)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Two Worlds One

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《Two Worlds One》是 New Earth Records 唱片公司于09年2月3日发行的专辑,是由两位国际公认的竖琴艺术家 Lisa Lynne 和 Aryeh Frankfurter 一起合作推出的。竖琴女王 Lisa Lynne 是世界民族音乐类别里的先驱者之一,至今已售出超过50万张唱片,她的音乐较之一般的凯尔特更有一种浓浓的暖意,犹如照亮圣诞夜的烛火。Aryeh Frankfurter 也是一位资深的音乐家和凯尔特竖琴演奏家。他早期在旧金山发展,并自己发行过多张唱片,在全球各地拥有很多的观众。今次他们一起带来独特的传统民俗和原创音乐,植根于世界民俗传统,通过凯尔特竖琴、曼陀林、中提琴和 Bouzouki 等种类丰富的原声乐器,创造了一个优美而永恒的音乐世界,为这寒冷的冬日注入了一股轻灵曼妙的祥和感。


2009 Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter are acclaimed New Age/world musicians. She's a master of the Celtic harp, and her instrument's mournful tonality perfectly matches Frankfurter's subdued and work on the Swedish nyckelharpa, (a 16-string instrument that's been a Swedish musical mainstay for 600 years). Some touches of flute, tin whistle, and synthesizer add effect, but overall this is just a simple, beautiful study in acoustic string instruments: two harps in an interwoven harmony that straddles the boundary between Celtic and classical. Just the sort of thing to hear while running down castle stairs in flowing white robes, Two Worlds One has courtly elegance and regal pomp to temper its moments of adventurous spirit and enough heart and hope to lighten the occasional wanderings into melancholy, while still reaching right into your heart to melt the ice around the jewels therein. You may not even have thought there was ice in there, but this pair of entrained harpists w! ill find it, and they'll melt it with a few small melodic movements.

Two Worlds One will enchant the listener from the first cut to the last. Commencing with the richly evocative 'Aran Boat Song,' romantically beautiful and lush in its Celtic tonalities, these two artists compliment each other beautifully on Celtic folk harp and Swedish nyckelharpa, with appearances of 6- and 12-string guitar, mandolin, bandoura, fiddle, viola, cello, cittern, recorders, and whistle. Nicely articulated harp work is always evident. The simple and gentle tune of 'Morning Star,' sweetly melodic and joyous in sound will linger with the listener, and 'Reverie' is a feast for those fans of the Celtic sounds we associate with the legends of that part of the world. A joy to review.

Luna De Amor



01. Aran Boat Song
02. Gone Away
03. Mary Magdalena
04. Lauda
05. The Selkie
06. Morning Star
07. Luna De Amor
08. Circle of Joy
09. Waltz for Kuisma
10. Spirit Dance
11. Reverie
12. Walk With Me






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