《Topaz 10 plugins Collecttion》(Topaz Photoshop Bundle)[压缩包]

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中文名Topaz 10 plugins Collecttion
英文名Topaz Photoshop Bundle

IPB Image
Topaz Photoshop Bundle - a set of plug-known company Topaz Labs for Photoshop CS3 and CS4, as well as Photoshop Elements 6 and 7. Plug-ins designed to enhance regkulirovaniya software, simulate painting oils and watercolors, reduce noise, separation of object from the background and association with other images, sharpen, capture video frames, etc.

The set includes the following plugins:
Topaz Adjust HDR 3.4.0
Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, which regulates the expansion of software and makes manipulation of images to Photoshop.
Topaz Simplify 2.03 x86
Topaz Simplify plugin for Adobe Photoshop - simulates oil painting and watercolors.
Topaz DeNoise 3.01
Plug-in for Photoshop Topaz DeNoise - simply and effectively reduces noise in images without reducing the quality of parts. For inexperienced users especially have tab with ready screwing depending on the file format.
Topaz Detail 1.0.1
The emergence of the luminous halo - one of the main problems requiring post-processing after the creation of HDR images. Topaz Labs has developed embedded in many image editors, including Adobe Photoshop, plug-in Topaz Detail which will help resolve this problem. Topaz Detail is also ideally suited to increase or decrease the sharpness of the image, as well as to convert images to grayscale, with full control of tonal range.
Topaz Clean 2.1.0
In the plug-in Topaz Clean uses a unique structural filter for image enhancement, which also removes the noise and increases the sharpness of the edges, and creates sharp edges and reduces color blurring of contours.
Topaz ReMask 1.0.2
Topaz ReMask 1.0.2 - the plugin is designed to mask and decomposition of photos or simply separation of the object from the background in the photographs and smooth integration with other image.
Topaz DeJPEG 3.0.1
Plug-in for Photoshop, with which you can remove the squares and improve image clarity.
Topaz Vivacity v1.31
The plugin that increases image resolution, removes the distortion without losing detail, eliminating distortions in JPEG / JPEG 2000, improves the detail, sharpens edges and removes color unevenness, creates impressive effects.
Topaz Enhance v2.3
Topaz Enhance - is a powerful, professional package software plug-ins for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, which is used for elite improve the quality and video.
Topaz Moment 3.5 and Topaz Moment Production Edition 3.5
Topaz Moment PE allows you to capture video frames from files in most common formats such as AVI, MPG, QuickTime, mini-DV, RealMedia. Mmozhet capture frames directly from DVD, VCD and SVCD, and saves files in formats bmp, and jpeg.

Year: 2009
Developer: Topaz Labs
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Language: Russian/English
Tabletka: Present

已通过安装测试,系统版本Windows VISTA ULTIMATE SP2
杀毒引擎:Avvast 4.8 pro






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