Box Car Racer -《Box Car Racer》[MP3]

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专辑英文名Box Car Racer
歌手Box Car Racer

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音乐风格:pop punk



经历过90年代中期加洲punk-pop浪潮的乐迷,一定会认识,甚至热爱加洲乐队 Blink-182。甚至是本地年青乐迷初尝外国音乐必听的一队乐队,在此不多作 介绍。

Box car Racer 是美国的一只流行朋克团体,由Blink182的吉他手Tom Delonge(vocals, guitar, songwriting) 和鼓手Travis Barker(drums, arrangements) 跟另外两个人David Kennedy(guitar)、Anthony Celestino(bass)所组成,把原音和更旋律化的pop-punk 灌注而成的side-project。其中不乏作为单曲先行的“I Feel So”,New Found Glory主唱Jordan Pundik和Rancid主唱Tim Armstrong联手奉献的“Cat Like Thief”以及抒情热曲“There Is”等经典。值得广大Pop Punk乐迷们一听。


Tom Delonge sure does like a good side project. In between the release of the last two Blink-182 albums, Tom put out an album with his band Box Car Racer. The band consisted of David Kennedy, Anthony Celestino, and Travis Barker. Those of you who are familiar with Tom’s latest project, Angels and Airwaves, might be surprised to hear that this album is excellent. Basically, this is probably what Tom intended Angels and Airwaves to sound like. It’s obvious that what Tom did on this album influenced Blink-182’s self-titled album greatly. It’s very mature; quite the turnaround from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, which Blink released before this album dropped. Tom wanted to take his music in a new direction, and he did just that on this album. Although the music is certainly great, if the making of this record had something to do with Blink’s breakup, I don’t think it was worth it. Tom should have used the same formula for Angels and Airwaves that he used for this album (i.e., no ego and no pointless experimental stuff). It’s a shame that he got too cocky, because it’s obvious that he can make some good music on his own.
Listening to Tom’s side projects (both this and Angels and Airwaves) makes it obvious just how big of an impact Mark Hoppus had on Blink-182’s music. On his own, Tom certainly does make some mature music, but it lacks the element that was present in all of Blink-182’s records: fun. This could certainly be called a good thing, because it would be pointless for Tom to make a record that sounded exactly like or similar to Blink-182. But sometimes it seems that Tom tried a little too hard to make a serious album. A side project will always be judged by the quality of the original band, but it wouldn’t have hurt to put at least one fun and immature song on here. There is one song that’s immature, but not fun in any sense. "My First Punk Song" is one minute of pure annoyance. Tom yells out some incredibly terrible lyrics over some incredibly terrible music, excluding Travis’ drums, which are always good. The song is somewhat similar to Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’s “Happy Holidays, You Bastard,” in that it is a short song meant as a brief respite from the other songs on the album. Whereas “Happy Holidays” was one of the stronger songs on TOYPAJ, “My First Punk Song” is just unbearable to listen to. Fortunately, it’s the only outright bad song on the album.

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01. I Feel So 4:30
02. All Systems Go 3:15
03. Watch the World 3:54
04. Tiny Voices 3:30
05. Cat Like Thief 4:22
06. And I 3:14
07. Letters to God 3:18
08. My First Punk Song 1:06
09. Sorrow 3:29
10. There Is 3:19
11. The End With You 3:13
12. Elevator 2:47
13. Instrumental 1:59






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