Barbra Streisand -《世纪双演唱会》(Live In Concert)[720P]

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专辑英文名Live In Concert

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  名列唱片史上最高销售女艺人,荣获奥斯卡、金球奖、艾美奖、东尼奖以及葛莱美奖终身成就奖、美国电影学院终身成就奖的乐坛天后—芭芭拉史翠珊,2006年首度举行10年来的首度全美巡迴演唱会,演唱会由史翠珊以及制作过法兰克辛纳屈、乔许等制作大师Jay Landers共同操刀,不仅票房营收高达9245万美金,更刷新多项演唱会销售的历史纪录。

  在这张千载难逢的跨世纪演唱会中,3张DVD中分别收录她於2006年10月於北美巡迴演唱会罗德岱堡现场,以及她於94年於南加州安纳罕市,一共两场被喻为她个人最具历史意义之破纪录演出,再加上史翠珊从未曝光的精彩幕后花絮,史上首度完整珍藏在这套DVD之中。演唱会中她不仅带来「往日情怀」主题曲"The Way We Were"、百老匯名曲"Funny Girl"、"Don’t Rain On My Parade"等多首经典名曲,也与声乐男子组合-美声男伶(IL DIVO)共同合唱了百老匯「西城故事」名曲"Somewhere",「歌剧魅影」主题曲"The Music Of The Night",以及电影「星梦泪痕」名曲" Evergreen"等多首名曲。这套长达5小时的精彩内容,绝对是芭芭拉史翠珊旷世经典的演唱纪录,绝对值得您珍藏。Barbra
  Streisand is world renowned for thrilling audiences with her magical performances, her supreme vocal talent and setting box office records. Now fans can get front row seats to the best of Barbra Streisand captured in Streisand The Concerts, a new 3-disc DVD showcasing some of her most memorable concerts, special exclusives including 17 songs never-before released on DVD and behind-the-scenes moments with one of the most beloved artists of all time. This highly anticipated triple-DVD set will be released in the U.S. on April 28 through Hip-O/Universal Music Enterprises arriving just in time to be shared with loved ones on Mother’s Day.

  Streisand The Concerts shot to the top of the UK charts to become the #1 selling music DVD just days after its release on March 16. In celebration of its U.S. release, STREISAND: LIVE IN CONCERT will air as a one-hour special on CBS, Saturday, April 25 (8:00-9:00 pm ET/PT) to bring fans one of Barbra’s most celebrated concerts on her 2006 North American tour.

“Streisand has never sounded better! She’s astounding!” – The New York Times

“The blend of intimacy and showiness in Streisand’s voice turns her performances into portraits of the heart and mind in self-discovery…she was simply amazing” – LA Times

“Once or twice a generation there comes a personality that just fills the room. Sinatra was like that, so was Elvis and so is Barbra Streisand.” – Journal Sentinel

“Her singing glows with a tone so luxurious and a texture so rich, you nearly want to burst into song yourself.” – New York Daily News

“Sensational! A brilliant show! A major musical triumph!” – Rolling Stone


1. Funny Girl Overture (Original Broadway Version)
2. Starting Here, Starting Now
3. Down With Love
4.The Way We Were
5. Ma Premiere Chanson
6. Evergreen (w/ Il Divo)
7. My Way (Il Divo)
8. Come Rain or Come Shine
9. Funny Girl
10. The Music That Makes Me Dance
11. My Man
12. People
13. The Music Of The Night (w/ Il Divo)
14. Jason Theme
15. Carefully Taught/Children Will Listen
16. Unusual Way
17. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
18. Q&A Stoney End
19. Happy Days Are Here Again
20. (Have I Stayed) Too Long At The Fair?
21. The Time Of Your Life
22. A Cockeyed Optimist
23. Somewhere (w/ Il Divo)
24. My Shining Hour
25. Don't Rain On My Parade
26. Smile






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