《Starry Night Pro 4.5》(Starry Night Pro 4.5 inSP1)4.5[ISO]

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中文名Starry Night Pro 4.5
英文名Starry Night Pro 4.5 inSP1

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Starry Night™ Pro Plus Version 4.5.2
- Advanced Software for the experienced astronomer!

Starry Night Pro Plus is the most comprehensive solution the experienced astronomer has for exploring the universe. It includes Starry Night Pro version 4.5.2, two PlusPak CD-ROMs of additional data and high-resolution images, and a bonus DVD with over two and a half hours of mini-documentaries and accurate visualizations of astronomical objects.

Hailed for its breathtaking realism, powerful suite of features, and intuitive ease of use, Starry Night Pro Plus lives up to its reputation as astronomy software's brightest star… night after night.

Enhance your stargazing adventures with great in-the-field features, LiveSky™ integrated online data, and improved performance and navigation. Updated features include:

Upgraded observation and planner logs

Equipment list stores your telescope and binocular field-of-view specifications

LiveSky integrated online panel with up-to-date images of sunspots, auroras and weather patterns around the globe

"Favorites" panel allows you to navigate and open your saved Starry Night files more easily

PlusPak integration highlights installed PlusPak data and images

Immediate searching for newly added planets, satellites, comets and asteroids

Starry Night Pro Plus version 4.5.2 Features:

Two PlusPak CD-ROMs, "Mars, Moon and Earth" and "Galaxies”, with additional data and high-resolution images that add richness and depth to the depiction of the night sky within your Starry Night software

Bonus DVD, Atlas of the Sky, includes more than 2 1/2 hours of video multimedia featuring dramatic, accurate visualizations of astronomical objects and phenomena and engaging guest experts to enrich your celestial explorations

Enhanced observation planner lets you create detailed lists of targets for an observing session

Observation logs allow you to store notes, times, sky conditions, equipment used and even images on targets

Equipment list allows you to store all scopes, eyepieces, binoculars and accessories and automatically creates custom field-of-view indicators to match your telescope eyepieces, binoculars or CCD

LiveSky™ panel lets you see up-to-date images of the Sun and Earth from ground and space-based observatories

Navigate and open your saved Starry Night files easily with the new "Favorites" panel

View from anywhere on Earth or select from a database of over 8,000 cities

See the sky from any location in the universe up to 700 million light years away

Travel in time from 99,999 BC to 99,999 AD

Create custom light conditions to simulate the glow from nearby cities or preserve night vision by reddening the display

Simulate your local landscape by adding 360-degree photo-realistic images of your backyard and favorite observing sites

Print personalized full sky (180 degree) star charts of any area in the sky

OpenGL® support renders high-end 3D graphics for stunning, realistic views of the sky

Create QuickTime™ movies, including 3D VR files of Starry Night scenes, and export images

Access dozens of celestial and deep sky databases, including but not limited to:

Tycho-2 and Hipparcos 3D star databases of over 2.5 million stars

13.5 million stars from the UNSO catalog

Online access to 500 million stars down to the 21st magnitude

Corrected NGC/IC catalogs with over 13,000 deep sky objects

PGC catalog with 70,000 galaxies

Tully database with 3-D positions of 28,000 galaxies

Observers Handbook Dark Nebula list and the Perek-Kohoutek catalog of planetary nebulae

Control most popular brands of computerized telescopes including Meade® LX-200 and AutoStar and the Celestron® Nexstar series (additional cable required).

It's all here to help you explore the night sky in the comfort of your home or outside under the canopy of stars.

To run Starry Night Pro Plus you need:

Windows™: PC with Pentium Processor 500 MHz or higher, color monitor, CD-ROM drive, and Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. Requires 64MB RAM, 400MB hard disk space. OpenGL requires a 32MB OpenGL capable graphics card.

Macintosh™: OS X 10.2 or higher, color monitor and CD-ROM drive. Requires 400MB hard disk space. Will not run on OS 9.x or earlier.

Requirements for Video DVD: Home DVD player and TV, or computer with DVD player.






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