《海运之鼓软音源》(Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition)1.0[光盘镜像]

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英文名Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition

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已通过测试平台:Windows 7(32bit)+ Cubase 5 + Kontakt 4.0.3

Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition

world class sampled drum kit
The Ocean Way Drums crossgrade offers $100 off the regular price of this excellent drum collection. People who own any one of these music software programs qualifies for the discount: •Cubase 4, Studio, SX, and SL (except LE, SE or Essentials) •Nuendo - all version numbers •Logic Pro - all version numbers (except Express) •Pro Tools LE, HD, and M-Powered - all version numbers •Ableton Live - all version numbers (except Lite, LE) •Samplitude Pro - all version numbers (except Home Studio) •Digital Performer - all version numbers •Sonar Producer and Studio- all version numbers (except Home Studio)

Ocean Way Drums is the brainchild of Ocean Way Studios owner Allen Sides, one of the audio industry's most esteemed figures. The concept behind it is simple—make the sound of Ocean Way, the world's most awarded studio complex, available to artists who are serious about their music.

An enormous sample library of killer sounds is available via the 19 kits, each with 12 presets in both snare on and snare off versions. These presets instantly provide shocking impact and spatial depth. For those who want to experiment, adjustments to the individual instrument faders and stereo sub mixes offer unlimited possibilities. It's like booking time in one of the world's most revered rooms, using the top-notch sounding drums, and then having multi-platinum engineer/producers record and balance your session. Ocean Way Drums can help your music sound like a million bucks.

Creating The Ultimate Expressive Drum Kit</STRONG
Allen Sides and Steven Miller chose to collaborate with Sonic Reality because they demand the very best. Ten years ago, Sonic Reality created the first high-end drum kit sample library that incorporated expressive performance articulations of the drum hits across the keyboard. Sonic Reality's proprietary I-Map technique revolutionized drum mapping. For Ocean Way Drums, an additional state-of-the-art map was created just for Roland V-Drum users. With expert programming in formats such as Native Instruments' KONTAKT 2, Ocean Way Drums incorporates natural room ambience, high-resolution audiofile sound, and extended flexibility to make it a sample drum kit like no other.

I-MAP is a proprietary MIDI note mapping/drum kit layout scheme developed by Sonic Reality that facilitates improved live performance of drum kits via MIDI keyboard input. I-MAP places drums in their most flexible and intuitive position, allowing each of the fingers on both hands independent and coordinated control over the loaded kit. With very little practice, it is possible to lay down complete drum grooves in a single take that have incredible feel and groove. Having Ocean Way Drums mapped over the I-MAP gives the user an amazing amount of versatility and creativity having dedicated keys for rolls, ghost notes, cymbal swells, and alt hits just to name a few.

The V-Drum Instruments and Multis have been carefully programmed to work with Roland's electronic V-Drum drum kit.

All the drum kits have been designed with a four tom set in mind. Just like a real kit, you have center, edge, and rim hits all programmed with a multitude of samples for great dynamic range and playability. The only difference between the IMAP and V-Drum kits is that no extra hits or rolls have been added to the V-Drum patches virtually keeping the characteristics of a real drum kit.

Snare On and Snare Off
When first seeing Snare On or Snare Off, you may think that the only difference between the two is that the snare drum simply has snares on or snares turned off. This is not the case. All of the snares in Ocean Way Drums have the snares turned on. The difference between, say "Kit 1 Snare On" and "Kit 1 Snare Off" is the kick and toms. Snare On means that the kick and toms also have the snare rumble of the snare drum picked up the recording of the kick and toms.

The Multis Folder
The multis folder contains four sub folders, "IMAP Snare On", "IMAP Snare Off", "V-Drum Snare On," and "V-Drum Snare Off." Inside each of these folders you have two Multis for each kit for a total of 38 Multis per folder. The only difference between the two Multis per kit is the snare configuration changing from the 57 to C12A preset.

The Instruments Folder
Like the Multis folder, the Instrument folder also contains two sub folders—IMAP and V-Drum. Inside those sub folders you have an individual folder for each actual instrument (Kick, Snare, Hat, etc.) Just inside these folders you will find all the individual split-out instruments per kit. Each of these virtual instruments can be opened individually or brought in to replace an instrument inside a preexisting Multi.
Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition Crossgrade Features:

·19 drum kits, each with a snare on and snare off configuration
·40GB of samples, 24-bit/48Khz
·I-Map and V-Drum mapping
·Over 65,000 individual samples
·Each instrument contains 6 custom presets recorded by Allen Sides and Steven Miller
·Each instrument has discrete microphone mixing control deeper
·Snares contains over 15 different microphones options, including multiple stereo directs and more
·2 types of patches included in Ocean Way Drums, Instruments and Multis:
·Instruments are individual drums (Kick, Snare, Hat, etc.)
·Multis are combinations of instruments specially picked and made into full drum kits
Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums Gold Edition Crossgrade Specifications:

System Requirements
·To use Ocean Way Drums you will need a computer with at least these specifications:
·Mac OS 10.4.x, G4 1.4GHz or higher, 1GB RAM, or
·Windows 2000/XP SP2, 1.4GHz or higher, 1GB RAM
·DVD drive, at least 40GB of available hard drive space.

To get the most out of Ocean Way Drums, a faster processor will be beneficial, and more RAM (preferably 1.5GB or more) will give you much better results. Ocean Way Drums also uses disk-streaming technology so faster hard drives will also give you better performance.

1) Unrar and mount or burn and use serial:84717-45393-05773-09389-91701
2) PC: Use precracked Ocean Way Drums Gold-AiR
Installer.exe from Crack/PC dir to install (NOT the install from DVD)
3) MAC: Use Ocean Way Drums Installer.app from DVD and replace cracked files from Crack/MAC dir
4) Enjoy this fine Team AiRISO release !!!

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