Various Artists -《本色爱尔兰民谣 》(The Rough Guide To Irish Folk)2CDs[MP3]

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专辑英文名The Rough Guide To Irish Folk
艺术家Various Artists

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音乐类别: Folk, Celtic, World
唱片公司: World Music Network
压缩码率: Lame 3.97 VBR V2
资源出处: Internet


  这张专辑是爱尔兰民谣双碟,乡土气息浓郁,予人餐风露雨的感觉,有时甚至令人觉得有些狂野,不受约束,也就是所谓的草根性,但其中流露出的是自由的天性,和淳朴民风,World Music今夏出品,也可说是爱尔兰民谣入门的唱片。The Rough Guide To Irish Folk或许译为“本土爱尔兰民谣(入门)”比较贴切;呵呵,笔者欣赏过本辑音乐得了点感性的东东,稍微润色便成“本色爱尔兰民谣”了,才疏学浅不当之处敬请方家不吝指正为荷!

  CD1为爱尔兰群星传统器乐演奏和歌曲演唱等部分,人声有大家熟悉的Cara Dillon,名风琴手Sharon Shannon,提一下“Four Men and a dog”,名字很有个性,演奏也是相当的出色;入选的多为传统民谣领域有一定建树的本土艺人,岛国情韵浓郁。CD2为爱尔兰传统民谣乐队Solas主唱Karan Casey带来的十首歌。Karan Casey甘醇的嗓音即便是清唱也是很动听,是极富Celtic根性的民谣女声。透露一下,早几年笔者曾特别收集过Karan Casey的3~4个个人专辑,不瞒诸位最初听到的时候,我以为是Cara Dillon呢!后来一查才知道是Solas老主唱Karan Casey ~~

I've barely touched on the Rough Guides this year, but it's worth noticing that World Music Network has started packaging them with bonus albums. “Our favourite source CD from among the top artists featured on this collection,” they say. The first edition of Rough Guide to Irish Folk came out in 1996, the label's early days. Today its repertoire sounds limited. In this new edition, their favorite source CD is Karan Casey's 2008 disc, Ships in the Forest. Casey used to sing with the American Irish group Solas before she shifted to a solo career in the 1990s. Ships in the Forest features her sweet tweet accompanied by a guitar and a few other instruments. The instruments are deliberately minimal. On one of the tracks she sings alone and her voice shoots out like flocks of butterflies.

Ships is pretty, but after listening to the compilation I wished they had given us something else. Specifically, I wished they'd given us Con Ó Drisceoil's The Spoons Murder and Other Mysteries. “The Spoons Murder”, included here, is a humourous poem, half-spoken half-sung, dealing with a musician's righteous strangling of a man who interrupts his group's session by playing spoons. As I listened to it, it occurred to me that what I was hearing was a modern version of the bardic glam dicenn, or satire, the bringing down of curses on the poet’s enemies, in this case unmusical people who barge into pub sessions and make nuisances of themselves.

There's nothing else on the compilation like it. In fact there's nothing on the compilation that's completely like anything else on the compilation. Each track adds a new idea to the pile: an instance of flash accordion, (Martin Tourish in “Tripin'”), a pair of slip jigs on flute and guitar (“Elizabeth Kelly's Favourite / Follow Me Down to Limerick” with Catherine McEvoy on flute and Steve Cooney on guitar), a bolting, roaring singalong from South Tipperary's Rattle the Boards (“St Patrick Was a Gentleman”), and a singalong in a more sentimental key from Robbie O’Connell. O’Connell is nephew to all three members of The Clancy Brothers, a mid-century group whose albums formed part of a wave of Irish trad nostalgia that floated across the US and other parts of the Anglo world during the 1960s and onward into the ‘70s, ‘80s’ and ‘90s, which was when my expat neighbours liked to get howling maudlin drunk to “When You And I Were Young Maggie” at three in the morning four times a week. O'Connell follows the guiding star of his uncles and sings “The Flower of Kilkenney” in a malty shamrock voice.

Then there are polkas, fiddlers, the larklike Gaelic of Roisin Elsafty (whose album I also would have taken over Karan Casey's), a song about “the Irish battalion that fought for the Mexicans during the 1846 war with the US”, an example of “Davy Spillane’s atmospheric whistle”, a guest appearance by Scotland's Julie Fowlis (lending a hand to Gaelic-singing friends across the water), and other interesting things. The musicians are studio-bound. Niamh Parsons might be singing about something that happened in 1846, and “Beauty Deas An Oileáin” “recounts a boat race in 1880”, but none of the recordings are more than a few years old. And they sound new, cleanly done. The older style of O’Connell's song throws this into relief. Put a different accent on Cara Dillon and her “Jimmy Mo Mhile Stór” could be an American country music track recorded yesterday. With this Rough Guide Geoff Willis, the compiler, must have been aiming to put together a concise round-up of living musicians who show their own fidelity to established styles. This comes off pretty well. He keeps his hands on the past and the present. The past isn't over-sentimentalised and the present isn't too Enya-sanitised, just polished enough that the yawl of Rattle the Boards doing “St Patrick Was a Gentleman” is welcome when it arrives. Willis' playlist moves around as if he had no distinct plan, as if he sat down and shuffled the order until he sensed, by musical instinct, that the tracks felt natural together. It's an organic arrangement that never gets in the way of the listener. A tidy piece of work.

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♪♬♪♬ 试听:CD1: 01# Seamie O'dowd - Crooked Jack(男声)♪♬♪♬


♪♬♪♬ 试听:CD1: 02# Róisín Elsafty - Pota Mór Fataí(女声)♪♬♪♬


♪♬♪♬ 试听:CD1: 08# Four Men and a dog - Dan Murphy's Tom Barrett's Tarmon's Cross Upperchurch Polka(演奏)♪♬♪♬


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♪♬♪♬ 试听:CD2: 01# Karan Casey - Love Is Pleasing(女声)♪♬♪♬


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CD 1
01. Seamie O'dowd - Crooked Jack 03:58
02. Róisín Elsafty - Pota Mór Fataí 02:57
03. Nollaig Casey, Arty McGlynn, Chris Newman and Maire ni Chathasaigh - The Yellow Barber, Gold Rush 03:17
04. Patrick Street - Rich Irish Lady 05:07
05. Martin Tourish and Luke Ward - Tripin' 04:55
06. Karan Casey - Town of Athlone 02:50
07. Robbie O'Connell - Flower of Kilkenny 03:55
08. Four Men and a dog - Dan Murphy's Tom Barrett's Tarmon's Cross Upperchurch Polka 04:14
09. Eamon Doorley Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh Julie Fowlis Ross Martin - Beauty Deas an Oileain 04:08
10. Con Ó Drisceoil - The Spoons Murder 05:12
11. Cara Dillon - Jimmy Mó Mhíle Stór 03:57
12. Catherine McEvoy And Steve Cooney - Elizabeth Kelly's Favourite Follow Me Down to Limerick (Slip Jigs) 04:15
13. Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunne - The Men That God Made Mad L'Entrada de l'Angustura 03:58
14. Brendan Mulholland Brendan Hendry and Paul McSherry - High Road to Linton The Humours of Newcastle 03:00
15. Rattle the Boards - St Patrick Was a Gentleman 03:27
16. Sharon Shannon Frankie Gavin, Michael McGoldrick and jim Murray - The Lochaber Badge 04:35
17. Sean Tyrrell - Rising of the Moon 03:33

CD 2
01. Karan Casey - Love Is Pleasing 04:59
02. Karan Casey - Dunlavin Green 04:35
03. Karan Casey - Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye 04:23
04. Karan Casey - Black Is the Colour 05:03
05. Karan Casey - Town of Athlone 02:52
06. Karan Casey - Maidin Luan Chincíse 04:22
07. Karan Casey - The Fiddle and the Drum 04:39
08. Karan Casey - Erin's Lovely Home 05:39
09. Karan Casey - Ae Fond Kiss 04:07
10. Karan Casey - I Once Loved a Lass 05:21







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