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英文名Raxco PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer

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问题反馈: CustomerService@perfectdisk.com
网站链接: http://www.perfectdisk.com/products/home-perfectspeed/learn-more


你的电脑慢? 您的隐私保护?PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer 这一强大的工具使你的电脑更快,更清洁,而且能更好地保护-PerfectSpeed的微软认证的碎片整理引擎是最快和最有效的方法来优化您的PC ,因此性能提升高达300 % 。 干净的注册表是确保您的高性能标准。 PerfectSpeed的SafeClean采取的安全技术和战术的方法,您可以有信心地清理和修复您的注册表。喜欢还是不喜欢,你留下的痕迹所有网站,图像,视频,上传和下载和日常活动,如个人网站浏览和网上银行,是潜在的暴露你尴尬或易受伤害的情况。更重要的是,档案杂乱,从不必要的cookies和Internet文件缓存,也留下了历史上的您的Internet活动。手动删除这些文件,并清除您浏览器的历史,是远远不够的, PerfectSpeed自动清除这些痕迹永远以确保您的隐私受到保护。您还可以军事实力的文件粉碎机永久删除文件,以便罪犯不能恢复数据,即使他们用法医数据恢复工具。

Is your PC slow? Is your privacy protected? This powerful suite of tools makes your PC faster, cleaner, and better protected — from the most trusted name in Microsoft® Certified disk defragmentation technology, PerfectDisk®.
● All-in-one Defrag, Registry, Duplicate File and Privacy Protection
● Completely automated using AutoPilot Scheduling™
● Proven safe and effective from a brand you trust
● Perfect for novice users as well as PC experts
Automatically Optimize Your PC Fast And Efficiently

Windows creates fragmentation – that’s a fact. The more fragmentation your PC has, the slower it performs. PerfectSpeed’s Microsoft Certified defrag engine is the fastest and most efficient method to optimize your PC, resulting in performance gains of up to 300%.

You determine exactly when you want the defrag process to start. Daily, weekly, screen saver mode, the process is completely customizable. Or let StealthPatrol™ take over by automatically running only when your PC is idle.

Defragmentation 101
Automatically Clean Your Registry The Safe Way

A clean registry is essential for a trouble free PC and ensures that your high performance standards are maintained. The registry holds key information about your PC and as you install and remove programs, it collects redundant and unwanted debris that degrades performance and leaves it vulnerable to malware designed to infiltrate a computer.

Unlike conventional registry cleaners, that can cause system instability by taking an overaggressive approach, PerfectSpeed’s SafeClean technology takes the safe and tactical approach. Finally, you can clean and repair your registry with confidence.

Registry Cleaning 101
Automatically Erase Traces To Protect Your Privacy

Right now, your PC is storing private information that malicious eyes can see. Like it or not, you’re leaving a trail of all websites, images, videos, uploads and downloads and routine activities, such as personal website browsing and online banking, is exposing you to potentially embarrassing or vulnerable situations. What’s more, file clutter, from unwanted cookies and internet file caches, are also leaving a history of your internet activity. Manually deleting these files, and clearing your browsers history, isn’t nearly enough to fully protect your privacy.

PerfectSpeed automatically erases these traces forever to ensure your privacy is protected. Don’t waste time using multiple programs that you have to remember to manually run.

You also get a military-strength file shredder that permanently deletes files so snoops and criminals can’t recover the data, even if they have forensic data recovery tools.
Find And Remove Your Duplicate and Temp Files

By removing unwanted duplicate and temp files, you are ensuring that every last drop of disk space is being put to good use so you don’t run out of valuable disk space. These unwanted files are the biggest waste of disk space and only accelerate the time that you will eventually run out of it and need to purchase more. PerfectSpeed finds and removes all duplicate and temp files, especially those space-consuming music, video, and picture files. PerfectSpeed goes way beyond just emptying the recycle bin and deleting temp files.
Customize To Your Preferences

Your PC activity is unique. Enable or Disable some of the most common PC tweaks available in the following areas:

● Performance (Menu speeds and Window animation)
● Security (ActiveX and Browser Extensions)
● Appearance (Balloon Tips and Error Beeping)

                             C.R.U.D.E                           
               °    P.R.O.U.D.L.Y   P.R.E.S.E.N.T.S    °²            
                ²                                     ²            
                                                            
                  Raxco PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer v2.0.0.114                
                                                                     
                 ²  ²  PROTECTION...: Serial        ²  ²              
                       RELEASE TYPE.: Keygen                         
                     RELEASE DATE.: 07/12/2009                    
                      RELEASE SIZE.: 08x5.00MB                       
            ²°                                           °        

               ²             * RELEASE NOTES *             ²            
               ²                                           ²            
                Is your PC slow? Is your privacy                   
                protected? This powerful suite of                  
                tools makes your PC faster, cleaner,               
                and better protected - from the most               
                trusted name in Microsoft Certified                
                disk defragmentation technology,                   
                PerfectDisk.                                       
                                                                   
                PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer is a                     
                state-of-the-art suite of tools that               
                provide a comprehensive solution for               
                improving your computer's health by                
                optimizing your drive using                        
                PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer's patented               
                SMARTPlacement technology,                         
                SafeCleaning your computer's                       
                registry, reclaiming disk space by                 
                deleting temporary files/duplicate                 
                files, erasing traces of personal                  
                information, and tweaking Windows for              
                faster performance and better security.            
                                                                   
                                                                   
                URL: http://www.perfectdisk.com                    
                                                                   
                                                                   
                                                                   
                           * iNSTALL NOTES *                       
                                                                   
                1.) Unpack and install                             
                2.) Use our keygen to register                     
                3.) Enjoy!                                         
                                                                   
                If you can't understand how to install             
                or use this then please don't waste our            
                or anyone else time whining about bad              
                installation instructions.                         
                                                                   
                Instead of blaming us for delivering               
                poor package try to read developer's               
                FAQ or program's manual.                           









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