Ta'Raach -《EL-O-VEE: A Sound Collage》[MP3]

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专辑英文名EL-O-VEE: A Sound Collage

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唱片公司:Earth Angel Records


底特律地下嘻哈老牌MC和beat制作人Ta'Raach(又名Lacks,真名Terrell McMathis)。

A veteran MC and beatsmith of Detroit's hip-hop underground, Ta'Raach (aka Lacks) put in a lot of work over the course of the '90s and early 2000s, producing and performing on countless tracks that have become rare niceties because of industry politics in his hometown. Although he was born in Erie, PA, Ta'Raach (real name Terrell McMathis) grew up on Detroit's west side together with neo-soul singer Dwele and fellow MC Big Tone. He loved music but couldn't afford to amass large record collections like many producers do, and so he got them from others in his neighborhood. He later wound up moving to Lansing, MI, and took a few courses at Michigan State University in 1996. There, he linked up with the student radio station, adopting his first pseudonym, Lacksi-Daisy-Cal. He turned into somewhat of a point man for the town's local hip-hop scene, hosting freestyle nights at a local café. Inspired by the experience, he returned to Detroit, but attempts at releasing an album with friend Big Tone were thwarted.In 1999, things began to look up when he met entrepreneur RJ Rice and Detroit techno luminary Carl Craig. They lent the producing pupil his first MPC and SP-1200 samplers, which he quickly grasped how to use. McMathis soaked in a lot from Craig, especially when he joined his Innerzone Orchestra tour throughout Europe. Craig's consummate ability to meld jazz and hip-hop with techno made an indelible impression on him, informing his own skills and craft from there on. When he came back to the U.S., McMathis helped put together the Breakfast Club, a collective that would support struggling Detroit artists and included Big Tone, Dwele, and MC Elzhi (who later joined Slum Village). As most of the music he made before, however, the group's recordings were scrapped. With prospects seeming bleak and too many promises broken, he was forced to move to Atlanta. Changing his name to Lacks, he founded his own label, Earth Angel Records, and released the 2003 mix Re: Lacks, Vol. 1: With the World, which contained a lot of his shelved material from the past. At that point, he had close ties with Detroit's pioneering producer Jay Dee (whom he met around the time of Craig and Rice), contributing vocals to his Welcome 2 Detroit solo debut, and another Detroit upstart, Waajeed. In 2004, McMathis moved out to Pasadena, CA, to be closer to Los Angeles, where opportunities just seemed to keep rolling in. The following two years he diligently worked on his first proper solo album, The Fevers, which saw release in early 2007 under the Ta'Raach moniker. ~ Cyril Cordor, All Music Guide



1. 6/4
2. Baaaby
3. Millie
4. Get A Life
5. Make It
6. U Can Fly
7. Brazilian
8. Copacouple
9. Sanctuary
10. Bitemarks
11. Girlz?!?
12. Rah Rah
13. Rer A
14. Impulse
15. Hold Up
16. Rush Hour
17. Superchocolate
18. Hey!!






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