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专辑英文名The Geist Cycles
艺术家Off The Sky
版本[playable ZIP]

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发行版本:Databloem (DB07017)
音乐类型:Abstract, IDM, Experimental, Ambient, Downtempo, Minimal


Off The Sky 这个名字对我们来说应该是很抽象,具体出处无从考究,具体负责人似乎是Jason Corder, 那我们就从音乐上着手说吧. 这张氛围作品比以前接触的那些作品要动听一些,更富有节奏感,不那么机械. 作曲者可能以前更多的接触了后摇音乐,所以在这张作品里明显有那样的一种味道,这个只要跟那几位纯粹的氛围大师的作品一比较就能发现.

近年来,这样类似的作品多了起来,也有很多的乐迷接受了这一类更多的以电子乐器共鸣的实验音乐,Downtempo,我以前就说,我们称之为氛围音乐,不光是因为它的实验性质,chill-out. 更多的,他们都着力于烘托环境,音乐中不出现人声,但我们总是能听出里边的人的存在.

The Geist Cycles began as a series of live collaborations acting out a certain transmutation, that of life into the afterlife. Despite the artists intentions, however, there are other equally prominent transitions happening here: Jason Corder’s shift from ambient post-rock to his own kind of poly-linguistic Babel, for one, a unified multiplicity comprised of crystalline, harmonious note showers and clanking digital transmissions.
The somewhat coarse, rocky surfaces are scoured with strings and vaguely ominous pulses, which flesh them out with more subtlety. Without the sense that someone is working the faders and knobs, and without the sense that the music has the earthly heaviness of limbs, the translucent pieces are able to glide, undergoing changes in musical mood, pace and structure, but always conveying the same sort of non-place.
Inasmuch as the sound is generally rather fluid, all whirling glint, fizzling static and distinctive hums merging and separating in an impersonal yet somewhat singular manner, the intermittent inclusion of strings, piano and appropriated female voices stir the air with nature’s hallucinagenics and lends these otherwise indistinct atmospheres a touch of pathos. The album isn’t exploratory but instinctive, and in that it remains poised and understated throughout, resulting in Corder’s most intimate and enveloping electronic environment yet. ~ by Max Schaefer, Cyclic Defrost

To extract CUE, LOG and covers from this file, rename the ending of it to ISO and open with WinRAR or emulate in Alcohol, Nero, etc.
For playback in separate tracks, make sure file ending is .wv and open it in foobar2000.

Format: WavPack (playable ZIP) - CUE, LOG, Covers embedded
Original Release by a-one

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01. Fallopian Silent Film (3:00)
02. Saturday Morning Indoctrination (6:26)
03. Mother's Milk Stain (4:52)
04. Feather In A Needle (3:32)
05. The Persistence Of Visions (6:04)
06. Of Acids And Angels (7:16)
07. Smoke Span (2:22)
08. At The Foot Of An Eastern Elevator (5:22)
09. Geist Taxi (4:44)
10. Waltzing The White Light (5:33)






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