《历史地图册》(Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd)

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英文名Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd

IPB Image

Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd

Shepherd, William. Historical Atlas. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1911.
Use the index to locate place names within the atlas.

Cover, Contents and Title Page

Front Cover (315K)
Front Cover Pastedown (137K)
Front Free Endpaper Recto (122K)
Front Free Endpaper Verso (103K)
Flyleaf with Amercian Historical Series Credits (204K)
Title Page (120K)

Flyleaf with Printer's Credits (148K)
Acknowledgement(348K) [iii]
Acknowledgement (362K) [iv]
Acknowledgement (156K) [v]
Contents (251K) [vi]
Contents (280K) [vii]

Contents (282K) [viii]
Contents (277K) [ix]
Contents (272K) [x]
Contents (143K) [xi]

Physical Map of Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa (830K) [p.2-3]

Mycenean Greece and the Orient about 1450 B.C. (332K) [p.4]
Inset: Reference Map of the Nile Delta.

The Assyrian Empire and the Region about the Eastern Mediterranean, 750-625 B.C. (342K) [p.5]

Reference Map of Ancient Palestine (827K) [p.6-7]
Insets: Plan of Jerusalem. Dominions of David and Solomon (1025-953 B.C.). Palestine under the later Kings (953-722 B.C.). Palestine under Joshua and the Judges (1250-1125 B.C.).

The Oriental Empires about 600 B.C. (463K) [p.8]

The Beginnings of Historic Greece 700 B.C.-600 B.C. (463K) [p.8]

Vicinity of Troy. The Shores of the Propontis. Plan of Olympia (240K) [p.9]

Reference Map of Ancient Greece. Northern Part (1MB) [p.10-11]

Greek and Phoenician Settlements in the Mediterranean Basin, about 550 B.C. (366K) [p.12]

Greece at the Time of the War with Persia, 500-479 B.C. The Athenian Empire at its Height (about 450 B.C.) (508K) [p.13]

Reference Map of Ancient Greece, Southern Part (825K) [p.14-15]
Inset: Crete.

Reference Map of Attica. Plan of Thermopylae, 480 B.C. (322K) [p.16]

Inset: Harbors of Athens

Greece at the Beginning of the Peloponnesian War (431 B.C.). Greece under Theban Headship (362 B.C.) (488K) [p.17]

The Macedonian Empire, 336-323 B.C. (916K) [p.18-19]
Insets: The Ætolian and Achaian Leagues. Plan of Tyre.

Kingdoms of the Diadochi (916K) [p.18-19]
After the Battle of Ipsus (301 B.C.). At the Beginning of the Struggle with Rome (about 200 B.C.).

Reference Map of Asia Minor under the Greeks and Romans (472K) [p.20]

Plan of Imperial Rome (1.04MB) [p.22-23]

Plan of Athens (1.04MB) [p.23]
Inset: Plan of the Acropolis of Athens.
Plan of Republican Rome (1.04MBK) [p.23]

Plan of the Roman Forum and its Vicinity at the Time of the Republic (321K) [p.24]

Plan of the Imperial Forums and their Vicinity (321K) [p.24]

Reference Map of Ancient Italy, Northern Part (831K) [p.26-27]

The Growth of Roman Power in Italy (337K) [p.29]

Reference Map of Ancient Italy, Southern Part (629K) [p.30-31]
Insets: Vicinity of Naples. Plan of Syracuse.

Rome and Carthage at the Beginning of the Second Punic War, 218 B.C. (191K) [p.32]

The Growth of Roman Power in Asia Minor (359K) [p.33]
I, after the Treaty of Apamea, 188 B.C.; II, before the outbreak of the Mithradatic Wars, 90 B.C.; III, as organized by Pompey, 63 B.C.

Territorial Expansion of Rome (988K) [p.34-35]
Insets: Plan of Carthage. Vicinity of Rome. Plan of Alexandria.

Reference Map of the European Provinces of the Roman Empire (910K) [p.38-39]

Insets: Gaul in the Time of Caesar. The Rhine Country in Roman Times. Country about the Lower Danube in Roman Times.

The Roman Empire about 395 (684K) [p.42-43]

Germanic Migrations and Conquests, 150-1066 (465K) [p.45]

Development of Christianity to 1300 (717K) [p.46-47]

The Roman and Hunnic Empires about 450 (325K) [p.48]

Physical Map of the British Isles (416K) [p.49]

The Germanic Kingdoms and the East Roman Empire in 486 (770K) [p.50]

Roman Britain About 410 (770K) [p.51]

Settlements of Angles, Saxons and Jutes in Britain about 600 (770K) [p.51]

The Germanic Kingdoms and the East Roman Empire in 526 (391K) [p.52]

Europe and the East Roman Empire, 533-600 (391K) [p.52]

The Califate in 750 (393K) [p.53]

Growth of Frankish Power, 481-814 (393K) [p.53]

The Carolingian and Byzantine Empires and the Califate about 814 (674K) [p.54-55]
Inset: Northern Austrasia about 814.

Disruption of the Carolingian Empire, 843-888 (360K) [p.56]

The Peoples of Europe about 900 (337K) [p.57]

Europe and the Byzantine Empire about 1000 (689K) [p.58-59]

The British Isles about 802 (332K) [p.60]

England after 886 (332K) [p.60]

The Shires of England in the Tenth Century (332K) [p.60]

France about 1035 (329K) [p.61]

Central Europe, 919-1125 (843K) [p.62-63]

Italy about 1050 (314K) [p.64]
Inset: The Patrimony of St. Peter.

Dominions of Cnut, 1014-1035 (314K) [p.64]

Dominions of William the Conqueror about 1087 (273K) [p.65]

Europe and the Mediterranean Lands about 1097 (712K) [p.66-67]
Inset: Europe and the Mediterranean Lands by Religions about 1097.

Asia Minor and the States of the Crusaders in Syria, about 1140 (349K) [p.68]
Insets: Palestine. Plan of Jerusalem about 1187.

France, 1154-1184 (497K) [p.69]
Inset: Domain, Fiefs and Suzerains of the Count of Champagne in the Twelfth Century.

Europe and the Mediterranean Lands about 1190 (1.03MB) [p.70-71]
Inset: Guelf, Hohenstaufen and Ascanian Domains in Germany about 1176.

The Holy Roman Empire under the Hohenstaufen, 1138-1254 (428K) [p.72]

The Mediterranean Lands after 1204 (365K) [p.73]

The British Isles about 1300 (687K) [p.74]

Plan of London about 1300 (687K) [p.75]

Vicinity of London, 1200-1600 (687K) [p.75]

France in 1328 (446K) [p.76]
Inset: The Chief Wool-raising Districts of England and Wool-manufacturing Towns of Flanders, Artois and Brabant.

Europe in 1360 (424K) [p.77]

Central Europe in 1378 (810K) [p.78-79]
Inset: Dominions of Ottocar of Bohemia.

Spread of German Settlements to the Eastward, 800-1400 (304K) [p.80]
Inset: The March of Lusatia.

The Great Schism, 1378-1417 (344K) [p.81]

France in 1453 (344K) [p.81]

Spain, 910-1492 (832K) [p.82-83]

Spain in 910. Spain in 1037. Spain in 1150. Spain 1212-1492.
England and France, 1455-1494 (440K) [p.84]

Decline of the March of Brandenburg under the Houses of Wittelsbach and Luxemburg, 1320-1415 (324K) [p.85] [1926 ed.]

The Wettin Lands, 1221-1485 (324K) [p.85]
Inset: Temporary break-up of the Wettin Lands about 1300.

Central Europe about 1477 (807K) [p.86-87]

Decline of German Power in the Baltic Region, 1380-1560 (354K) [p.88]

The Byzantine Empire in 1265 (390K) [p.89]
The Byzantine Empire, 1265-1355. The Byzantine Empire in 1265.

The Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Turks in 1355 (390K) [p.89]
The Byzantine Empire, 1265-1355. The Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Turks in 1355.

Italy about 1494 (917K) [p.90]
Insets: The Milanese under the Visconti, 1339-1402. The Republic of Florence, 1300-1494.

The Swiss Confederation, 1291-1513 (917K) [p.91]
The Mongol Dominions, 1300-1405 (393K) [p.92]

IPB Image

The Ottoman Empire, 1451-1481 and Constantinople (339K) [p.93]

Ecclesiastical Map of Western Europe in the Middle Ages (1.05MB) [p.94-95]
Inset: Vicinity of Naples.

Plan of Rome in the Middle Ages (282K) [p.96]

The Roman Suburbicarian (Cardinal) Bishoprics about the 12th Century (282K) [p.96]

Ecclesiastical Map of the British Isles in the Middle Ages (417K) [p.97]

Mediaeval Commerce (Europe) (762K) [p.98-99]

IPB Image

Insets: England. Hanseatic League in Northern Germany.

Rural Deaneries (364K) [p.100]
Part of the bishopric of Winchester showing rural deaneries and religious houses during the Middle Ages.

Mediaeval Universities (364K) [p.100]

Ground Plan of a Monastery (St.Gall, Switzerland) (303K) [p.101]

Mediaeval Commerce (Asia) (793K) [p.102-103]
Inset: India.

Plan of a Mediaeval Manor (339K) [p.104]

The West Indies and Central America, 1492-1525 (359K) [p.105]
Inset: Watling's Island.

The Conquest of Mexico, 1519 - 1521 (196K) [p.106]

The Age of Discovery 1340-1600 (1.40MB) [p.107-108]

The Conquest of Peru, 1531 - 1533 (328K) [p.111]

The Portuguese Colonial Dominions in India and the Malay Archipelago, 1498-1580 (294K) [p.112]

The Imperial Circles about 1512 (272K) [p.113]

Central Europe about 1547 (879K) [p.114-115]
Insets: Principality of Orange. Wettin Lands, 1485-1554.

The Religious Situation in Europe about 1560 (434K) [p.116]
The Religious Situation in Central Europe about 1560. The Religious Situation in Europe about 1560.

The Netherlands 1559-1609 (342K) [p.117]

Europe about 1560 (752K) [p.118-119]

The Religious Situation in Central Europe about 1618 (451K) [p.120]

Sweden about 1658 (344K) [p.120]

Principal Seats of War in Europe, I. 1618-1660 (898K) [p.121]

Treaty of the Pyrenees 1659 (898K) [p.121]
Treaty Adjustments, 1648-1660. Treaty of Pyrenees, 1659; Peace of Roeskilde-Oliva, 1658, 1660

Treaty of Westphalia 1648 (898K) [p.121]
Treaty Adjustments, 1648-1660. Treaty of Westphalia 1648.

Central Europe about 1648 (898K) [p.122-123]

The Ottoman Empire, 1481-1683 (274K) [p.124]

Principal Seats of War in Europe, II. 1672-1699 (325K) [p.125]

Treaty Adjustments, 1668-1699 (325K) [p.125]
Treaties of Aix-la-Chapelle, Nimwegen, St. Germain, Ryswick, Carlowitz.

Extension of the French Frontiers, 1601-1766 (904K) [p.126]

The British Isles, 1603-1688 (904K) [p.127]

The Spread of Colonization, 1600-1700 (407K) [p.128]

Insetsartition of Guiana and the West Indies. India. The Establishment of Dutch Power in the Malay Archipelago, 1602-1641. Guinea Coast.

Principal Seats of War in Europe, III. 1700-1721 (295K) [p.129]

Europe about 1740 (953K) [p.130-131]
Inset: The Growth of Savoy, 1418-1748.

Principal Seats of War, IV. 1740-1763 (314K) [p.132]
Insets: Spain. West Africa. West Indies. Canada. India.

Treaty Adjustments, 1713-1763 (314K) [p.133]
Treaties of Utrecht, Rastatt, Baden, Stockholm, Frederiksborg, Nystad, Passarowitz, Vienna, Belgrade, Breslau, Dresden, Aix-la-Chapelle, Paris, Hubertusburg. Insets: Acadia and Newfoundland. Eastern North America.

Central Europe about 1786 (891K) [p.134-135]

The Struggle for Colonial Dominion, 1700-1763 (381K) [p.136]
Insets: The West Indies, 1700-1763. Cook's Voyages in the Southern Pacific.

India, 1700-1792 (361K) [p.137]

The Growth of Russia in Europe, 1300-1796 (752K) [p.138-139]

Typical German States Before and since the French Revolution: I. Baden (920K) [p.142]
Insets: The County of Sponheim. Lordship of Gravenstein. Baden since 1801.

Typical German States Before and since the French Revolution: II. Wurtemberg (920K) [p.143]

Insets: County of Horburg and Lordship of Reichenweier. Principality-County of Montbeliard. Wurtemberg since 1495.

France in 1789:
France in 1789. The "Gouvernements", The Generalities or Intendancies, The Salt Tax, and Laws and Courts(852K) [p.146-147]

Ecclesiastical Map of France, 1789 and 1802 (425K) [p.148]

France in 1791 (425K) [p.148]

Plans of Plans of Versailles and Paris in 1789 (383K) [p.149]

Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt, 1798 (842K) [p.150]

Northern Italy, 1796 (for the campaigns of 1796-1805) (842K) [p.150]

Germany and Italy in 1803; Germany and Italy in 1806 (842K) [p.151]

Treaty Adjustments, 1801-1812 (339K) [p.152]
Insets: India. Cape Colony.

Principal Seats of War, V. 1788-1815 (339K) [p.153]
Insets: India. Egypt. Napoleon's Campaign in Russia, 1812.

Napoleon's Campaign in Russia, 1812 (339K) [p.153]

Central Europe in 1812 (786K) [p.154-155]
Inset: Europe in 1812.

Plan of the Battle of Waterloo (370K) [p.156]

Plan of the Waterloo Campaign, June 16-18, 1815 (370K) [p.156]

Treaty adjustments, 1814,1815 (366K) [p.157]
Inset: Fortresses along the French Frontier.

Central Europe, 1815-1866 (863K) [p.158-159]

The Unification of Germany, 1815-1871 (298K) [p.160]
I. Rise of the German "Zollverein" (Customs-Union) up to 1834.
II. The German "Zollverein" (Customs-Union) after 1834.

The Unification of Germany, 1815-1871 (334K) [p.161]
III. The North German Federation and the German Empire 1866-1871.

The Unification of Italy, 1815-1870 (334K) [p.161]

Industrial England since 1750 (1.01MB) [p.162]

England and Wales in 1832 (1.10MB) [p.163]

Dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire since 1683 (363K) [p.164]
Insets: Southwestern Crimea, 1854. Plan of Sevastopol, 1854-1855.

Distibution of Races in the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor (335K) [p.165]

Europe at the Present Time (737K) [p.166-167]

Distribution of Races in Austria-Hungary (371K) [p.168]

The Growth of European and Japanese Dominions in Asia since 1801 (877K) [p.170-171]
Inset: Vicinity of Peking.

Australia and New Zealand since 1788 (370K) [p.172]

The Partition of Africa (760K) [p.174-175]
Insets: The Suez Canal and Lower Egypt. The Boer Republics till 1902.

Distribution of the Principal European Languages (332K) [p.176]

Distribution of Europeans, Chinese, Japanese and Negroes (312K) [p.177]

Colonies, Dependencies and Trade Routes (1.59MB) [p.179-182]

Localities in Western Europe connected with American History (306K) [p.184]

Localities in England connected with American History (296K) [p.185]

Physical Map of North America (728K) [p.186-187]

The Indians in the United States (443K) [p.188]

Reference Map of the New England Colonies, 1607-1760 (463K) [p.189]
Insets: Rhode Island. Vicinity of Boston. Vicinity of New York.

European Exploration and Settlement in the United States, 1513-1776 (881K) [p.190-191]
Inset: Principal English Grants, 1606-1665.

Reference Map of the Middle Colonies, 1607-1760 (480K) [p.192]
Inset: Settlements on the Delaware River.

Reference Map of the Southern Colonies, 1607-1760 (440K) [p.193]
Insets: Settlements on the James River. The Georgian Coast.

The British Colonies in North America, 1763-1775 (387K) [p.194]
Inset: Middle Colonies.

Campaigns of the American Revolution, 1775-1781 (436K) [p.195]
Insethe West and South, 1778-1781.

The United States, 1783-1803 (421K) [p.196]

Insets: The State of Franklin, 1784-1788. Early distribution of the Public Lands (Ohio).

Territorial Expansion of the United States since 1803 (878K) [p.198-199]
Insets: Alaska. Hawaii. Guam. Samoa Islands. Wake Island. Midway Island. Porto Rico. The Philippine Islands.

Campaigns of the War of 1812 (367K) [p.200]
Campaigns of the War of 1812. The Southwest. Vicinity of Washington in 1814.

Campaigns of the Mexican War, 1846-1847 (277K) [p.201]
Inset: Route from Vera Cruz to Mexico.

The Organization of Territories in the United States since 1803 (872K) [p.202-203]
I.1803-1810, II.1810-1835, III.1835-1855, IV.Since 1855.

Slavery and the Staple Agricultural Products in the Southern States, 1790-1860 (330K) [p.204]

Slavery and Emancipation in the United States, 1777-1865 (1.24MB) [p.206-207]
Inset: The Region South of the Great Lakes.

Seat of the Civil War, 1861-1865 (446K) [p.208]
Inset: Vicinity of Gettysburg.

Westward Development of the United States (886K) [p.210-211]

Canada and Newfoundland (500K) [p.212]

Inset: The Arbitration Boundary between Canada and Alaska.

Mexico, Central America and the West Indies (406K) [p.213]
Inset: Central Mexico.

South America (732K) [p.214-215]
Inset: South America about 1790.

The Panama Canal (372K) [p.216]
The Canal Zone. Profile of the Canal.






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